Reconexi n Gracias a Connor Lev y Risa y a las repercusiones de su revuelta en la Cosechadora de Happy Jack la poblaci n ya no puede seguir mirando para otro lado Tal vez la desconexi n sirva para librar a la

  • Title: Reconexión
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • ISBN: 9788467842012
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Tapa blanda con solapas
  • Gracias a Connor, Lev y Risa, y a las repercusiones de su revuelta en la Cosechadora de Happy Jack, la poblaci n ya no puede seguir mirando para otro lado Tal vez la desconexi n sirva para librar a la sociedad de j venes problem ticos y, al mismo tiempo, para surtirla de rganos muy necesarios para los trasplantes, pero su inmoralidad ha saltado por fin a la palestra.ConnGracias a Connor, Lev y Risa, y a las repercusiones de su revuelta en la Cosechadora de Happy Jack, la poblaci n ya no puede seguir mirando para otro lado Tal vez la desconexi n sirva para librar a la sociedad de j venes problem ticos y, al mismo tiempo, para surtirla de rganos muy necesarios para los trasplantes, pero su inmoralidad ha saltado por fin a la palestra.Connor no da abasto dirigiendo el Cementerio, un refugio para los ASP, chicos que, como l, han huido de la desconexi n Risa, paralizada de cintura para abajo como consecuencia del atentado en la Cosechadora, teme resultar m s una carga que una ayuda para l Y Lev se ve envuelto en un movimiento clandestino que pretende rescatar diezmos, y en el cual se le venera como si fuera un dios.Uno de ellos ser traicionado Otro se escapar Y el tercero se encontrar con el misterioso Cam, alguien que no existe, y har un sorprendente descubrimiento sobre lo que se esconde detr s de la desconexi n.

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    1. 3/20/16:Finished re-reading this! And I think I loved it even more the second time. For some reason, I'd kind of forgotten everything that happens in this one (I think I read it too fast the first time), so I'm glad I took the time to read it again––and this time I went through it a bit more slowly/carefully.For once, I feel like my original review is pretty solid and covers almost everything I have to say about this book. I'm always blown away by Shusterman's writing, world-building, and ch [...]

    2. Getting this out of the way first: Neal Shusterman, I swear, if you make me wait five years for the next book, I will die. Like, actually die.My expectations were high, high, high for this one, considering how spectacular the first one was. Well, this did not disappoint in the least. Hot. Damn.Damn it. DAMN IT. Neal Shusterman is an absolute master at two things: introducing a bunch of new characters, more than you'd think you'd be able to handle and it makes you want to groan and just think oh [...]

    3. WHOA. I was always hoping there would be a sequel to Unwind (that ending was just too open-ended!!), but now that it's confirmed that there *will be* one. . . Oh my goodness, I'm so excited, and I know nothing about the plot (more twists, turns, and suspense, of course), the timeframe (taking place a few months or YEARS after the first book?), or the characters (same cast or not?). That is definitely the mark of a GREAT first book if I'm wondering about the sequel even YEARS before it may see pr [...]

    4. I felt about UnWholly the way I felt about this season of True Blood.I kid (and shamelessly take advantage of any opportunity to use an Alexander Skarsgard gif). But for the majority of the season, I was banging my head against the wall and yelling, "Stop trying to make Arlene happen!" And I'm pretty sure ifrit is Arabic for "waste of fucking time." But then just when I'm ready to wipe my hands of the show, it finally wraps up the extraneous storylines and gives me what I really care about -- Er [...]

    5. “Words don't hurt you." Which is one of the hugest criminal lies perpetrated by adults against children in this world. Because words hurt more than any physical pain.”Not as perfect as the first book in the series but still pretty good for a follow-up if you ask me. Shusterman did justice to the characters, new and old ones alike. So the book picks up from where it left in book one when Connor was left in charge of the Whollies. The book kicks it off with a new character, Starkey, who I'm su [...]

    6. Actually, I really like the title :), makes me think of Lev:)I don't know whether to rejoice or start crying that there's a sequel to 'the best book ever- no I mean it this time dude', Unwind. Some authors and series should quit while they're ahead *coughMaximumRidecough*. But I'm sure it will be excellent. The ending was very open and that's how I liked it. It allowed hope and optimism. The only thing I'm dreading is a Risa/Connor sex scene :P.

    7. Buddy Read/reread with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesShusterman is one of my favorite YA writers. He writes in such an engaging and imaginative way. The alternating PoVs each have a different voice and the glimpses into the minds of even the 'bad' characters gives immense insight into their motivations. I liked this just as much the second time through and it still holds strong as my favorite YA series to date. Well done Mr. Shusterman, well done.Even if you aren't a fan of YA or only giv [...]

    8. *4.5 Stars*This document I sign of my own free will.I sign of my own free will. own free will.Okay, so, I wasn't going to write a review for this. I finished last night and I was likeh. I'll leave it alone. I know I'm going to read the third and I know that I love Connor and Risa and Lev, people don't want to hear me grumble on repeatedly. Well, I wasn't guna! I didn't have as deep a reaction as the first and I didn't want to write a mundane second review where my heart wasn't in it. But then s [...]

    9. HOLY!!!!!!!No way! No WAY! I can't even type right now, I'm so shocked. Keep having to backspace. I can't believe it. Just when I thought my obsessive waiting for a sequel was over (Been waiting for Mockingjay and read it after almost a year of waiting). I wonder if it'll be the same characters, or if we get new ones.But wait. I have to wait till 2012! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOooooooo (Trails of indefinitly)Edit Dec 20, 2011: YEA!!!! It's going to be a triology!!!! Yea, yea, yea, yea!!!!Only 280 more days [...]

    10. This book made me worry! I worried about the main characters, because there were sections from the antagonists' POV and they showed what they were thinking and plotting. Then there's Cam, created from hundreds of unwinds - super creepy! And I wasn't sure how Shusterman would get the ending to work out, but then he did! And as most of you know, I'm very critical of endings but this one left me a bit breathless! I will definitely be reading the next in the series, UnSouled (I think). Although I'm [...]

    11. Imagine a world where body part harvesting is not taboo, but commonplace. Imagine someone else getting to make the decision for you to give your body parts to someone else. Imagine walking around and seeing people on the street who are proudly sporting new limbs, eyes, and other various body parts. Would you want to live in that world? I sure as hell wouldn't. But it sure makes for damn good reading material, as long as you take care not to think too hard about how it's virtually impossible for [...]

    12. BBB Buddy ReadBOOM, FIVE STARS!!!!I need the next one soon! I need answersI have questions and I want more CAM. I wonder what he's going to do and I need to know NOW!!!!

    13. Unwinding is a big business. The setbacks of the destruction of the Happy Jack Harvest Camp, the clapper who wouldn't clap, and subsequent law changes have led to a new ad campaign in favor of unwinding and encouraging adults to sell their bodies to unwinding to care for their families. It also led to something more unique and unusual than anyone would fathom a rewound teenager. Camus Camprix or Cam for short was created using all the best parts of unwound teens for unknown reasons by the corpor [...]

    14. Buddies Books & Baubles group read 15May15!Took me an hour to fall asleep last night because for as exhausted as I was, the ending of this book just made me want to dash upstairs and grab UnSouled. ENERGIZER BUNNEH. BRAIN WOULD NOT TURN OFF. Yes, thank you, I'm now reduced to Camspeak. This book brings back all our favorite players from UnWind and, like any sequel, introduces new people with their own problems and agendas. I disliked Starkey right off the bat, I still love Trace, and I have [...]

    15. Argh. I LOVED Unwind. It is one of the most haunting YA reads I've ever encountered, and I was prepared to love Unwholly just as much. Well, nuts to that.I feel like Shusterman had some serious scope-creep going on here. Like he started out going in one direction, then just had a whole bunch of other ideas that he couldn't quite flesh out enough within the length of this book. The plot spins in a multitude of different directions. I read and read and readbut nothing ever really managed to happen [...]

    16. I guess I'm not really feeling this series anymore. I really enjoyed the first one. This seemed like just a continuation of book one, same formula, and it didn't seem like a whole lot happened. I really didn't like any of the new characters, except maybe Cam. I HATED STARKEY. I hate him so much.I didn't like Miracolina, although she finally ended up having some growth and growing a brain. Connor was annoying and angsty, Risa was annoying and angsty (although she does get an interesting twist abo [...]

    17. This book was perfectly perfect and everything I wanted it to be. When I read this I pretend Lev is older, because if I don't I feel like a pedophile. He

    18. This sequel to "Unwind" certainly took things to a whole new level! I really enjoyed the way Neal Shusterman dug deep to the creepy core of humanity and took the original premise of UNWIND, where teens could be salvaged for scrap body parts once they turned thirteen, and in this second installment, tried to come up with every sick "what if" scenario to keep the game fresh. Just a really eerie dystopian scenario that was an exciting read.And of course, I loved catching up with our old friends Con [...]

    19. Whoa, this was an absolutely mind blowing second book!!! As always, I'm very impressed by the variety of characters and how complex and cunning they all are. Super grateful about the way POC's and people with different religions are represented in this series. Can't wait to see where the story goes from here *-*

    20. Ulasan lengkap: bibliough/2016/Hal menyebalkan terjadi ketika kau susah mendapatkan waktu untuk menyelesaikan kisah semenegangkan buku ini. Hingga kau mendapatkannya, kau merasa amat sangat bersyukur atas hal itu.Buku ini membahagiakan--dalam arti yang salah. Berakhir dengan letup-letup harapan, para remaja di bawah umur--nggak habis pikir sih kalau kondisi mereka pada buku ini benar-benar terjadi--ini harus melawan para orang dewasa yang paranoid terhadap mereka.Perkembangan karakternya sungguh [...]

    21. I don't have much time to write a review because my fingers are itching to start the next book in the series. But I'll keep it short and sweet: This book is badass. This series in general is. I've read quite a few dystopias but none of them had this kind of a solid worldbuilding, which is partly as solid as it is because the issue the book is dealing with is scary, just like the future the book plays in but only because it seems like something that is possible. And not only is the book badass bu [...]

    22. I heard Neal Shusterman a few weeks ago. He said in this book he will take it to a new level with something called organ printing. He told us to look it up. I did, and here is what I found. abcnews.go/Technology/stor I can't wait to see where he goes with this. For all who did not want a sequel, he did not plan one at first, but his mind starting going in this new direction, and he must write!

    23. A few years ago I read my first dystopian book (Unwind) and it really blew my mind.The world settling, the characters, the storyline, everything was perfect and in that moment I wished for the book to be part of a series.My wish came true: a sequel (for one of the most emotional stories) finally found its way to my door and I was able to enjoy once more the terrifying world of unwinding.Truthfully, I don’t think this story needed a sequel, but of course I did enjoy every single wordE GOOD* The [...]

    24. Ich wurde zerstückelt und teilweise wieder zusammen gebaut. War schon ein ziemlich krasses Buch und muss mich erst wieder sammeln. Mal überlegen, wenn ich den letzten Teil packe habe mega Angst vor dem Ende *oh oh*

    25. So I have to admit that reviewing Unwholly feels nearly impossible in some ways much happens and from so many perspectives, that putting it all together in a review feels impossible, not to mention I don't want to inadvertently insert any spoilers! Reviews of this book are probably better left to the extremely talented reviewers on here, rather than my very amateur self haha, so that being said, I will just give a brief review of how I felt about this book and what I loved about it :).Unwholly c [...]

    26. UNWHOLLY is a book I’ve been waiting for since 2008 when I finished UNWIND. Neal Shusterman really set the bar high with UNWIND and I was hoping he could keep up the momentum with the next book in the trilogy. Well, he didn’t let me down.UNWHOLLY picks up where UNWIND left off. Shusterman does a great job catching up the reader so you don’t feel lost. However, I still recommend reading UNWIND before diving into this book. Since it doesn’t come out until August you have time to read it no [...]

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