The Crown

The Crown Five months after arriving on Verindon Sarah s coronation is rapidly approaching An unknown enemy seems determined to kill her before she can be crowned With assassins all around her Keridan and his

  • Title: The Crown
  • Author: Lynne Stringer
  • ISBN: 9781921632679
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five months after arriving on Verindon, Sarah s coronation is rapidly approaching An unknown enemy seems determined to kill her before she can be crowned With assassins all around her, Keridan and his squad of agents hide her to keep her safe But will the danger follow her The Crown is the second book in the Verindon Trilogy

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    1. Sarah has now been on Verindon for 5 months and is soon to be crowned Overlord. First she must pick a husband from prospective suitors presented to her. Sarah finds this a daunting task as her thoughts and love are only for Keridan however they are from different races and interracial marriage is against the law.The Crown is a fast paced YA Sci Fi novel suitable for the younger side of YA. There is plenty of action and danger as we learn about the world of Verindon and its people. The two races, [...]

    2. So refreshing to read a clean YA novel without brutal bits. There was nothing to make me wince for the characters or make me dread turning the page. Instead the SF plot was interesting, the writing was easy to read and the overall tone was light. The I love you/I love you too illegal romance between Keridan and Sarah continues. They get to spend a lot of (supervised) time together in the forest in this book, but I for one welcomed the arrival of Ardon and his humorous put-downs (why does Sarah d [...]

    3. Every now and again I read a book I enjoy so much that I’m apprehensive about reading the next book from the author, especially when it’s a sequel. I often find the second book in a series doesn’t measure up to the first. I thoroughly enjoyed Lynne Stringer’s debut YA novel, The Heir, and I was anxiously waiting for my copy of The Crown to see what was next in the adventures of Sarah and Dan.But when I got my copy, I found I was reluctant to read it. What if it wasn’t as good? I had no [...]

    4. Lynne's Stringer's The Crown continues Sarah's story as she takes up her new position and responsibilities on the planet Verindon. She must learn about her new home - its language, customs and politics while dealing with the emotions and challenges of her forbidden love for Dan. All of which would be hard enough without the concerted attempts against her life that drive her into hiding. Even more than The Heir, I enjoyed The Crown for its fast pace, plot twists, climax and world building. Sarah [...]

    5. (Four and a half stars)‘The Crown’ picks up Sarah’s story five months after her return to Verindon. With elements of back story keeping the pace moderate at the start, it soon it picks up, and is probably my favourite book in this trilogy (though all three are worth reading). Sarah is nearing her coronation, but there is danger afoot. Because of repeated assassination threats, she is forced into hiding. Escorted by a handpicked band of agent protectors, led by her beloved Keridan, she find [...]

    6. Four reviews from our CALEB reviewers:(1) The Crown is author Lynne Stringer’s second book in the Verindon Trilogy. It follows the first book in the series - The Heir - and takes the reader deeper into the world of speculative fiction. Sarah and her earth school friends, Dan and Jillian, are still with her on the planet Verindon as Sarah tries to come to terms with who she really is. The Crown is a fast moving novel with romance, intrigue, thrills and violence on almost every page. Again it ho [...]

    7. I was lucky to win this on Givaways late 2013. When I started this book I was a little unsure as this was the second in the series and I hoped I could understand the characters and story without reading The Heir first. Although I had missed a big bit of background Stringer had the exact amount of information there for me to piece together.The story is about Sarah, who is the true Overlord of Verindon, she has returned to the planet after many years after being abducted. Unfortunately her enemy [...]

    8. Again, I wish there were half stars available, because it really is worth more than 4 stars. Here is my non-spoiler review.I loved that it grabbed me right from the beginning. The first book was slower to begin, so people who struggled with that shouldn't have that issue with this one. I love the nick names she comes up with because she can't remember names. I do that, too, so I can relate to it.I like that we get just enough answers to make me content, but just enough is left open that I am sti [...]

    9. I found this one a bit slow to get into, but enjoyed it very much after getting through the first third. A lot of setting the scene, that sort of thing, at the beginning, and I struggled with the voice of the protagonist as she moved from thinking and being a teenager to taking on her rightful role as World Leader. But like I said, once the story really got going, I enjoyed it.

    10. In a lot of ways The Crown is the complete opposite to The Heir. Where The Heir focuses heavily on character development, The Crown is all about the action. The Heir took its time, where The Crown picks up the pace. The familiarity of Earth has been traded in for a distinctly alien environment. High School drama has turned into high stakes politics. And Sarah’s feelings of grief and misunderstanding have made way for frustration and rebellion. It took me a while to formulate a cohesive opinion [...]

    11. Having completed her education on Earth, Sarah returns to her home planet of Verindon where she is about to be crowned as Overlord, but there are unknown assassins desperate to kill her before the day of the coronation ceremony. After several attempts on her life, Sarah’s trusted agent and forbidden love, Keridan, whisks her off to a secure hiding place in the forest to keep her protected by his own squad of loyal agents. But the forest has its own dangers! Will Sarah fall victim to one of the [...]

    12. I mostly enjoyed The Crown, which I would give 3.5 stars, if I could. It is the second book in my good friend Lynne Stringer's YA sci-fi series, The Verindon Trilogy, and hopefully Lynne will understand that I'm feeling a bit torn about the events at the end of the book right now. While I expected there to be hardship and a bit of angst from Sarah as she adjusts to her new life on an alien planet--a planet she finds out she is next in line to rule in the first book--I was not expecting the roman [...]

    13. Actual rating would be a 4.5 stars (would love to see the books get cover makeovers: something similar to the Divergent series).A fantastic continuation from the first book in the trilogy, The Heir. Fast-paced action, assassination attempts, political tensions, intriguing schemes, the pace of The Crown really picks up from the first book, which works really well (The Heir laid a great foundation). I read this book shortly after reading the first, and I recommend others do the same (it helps to k [...]

    14. I won a copy of this book. I hadn't read the first in the trilogy but found that it didn't matter. There was enough back story that I could still understand everything that was going on. It was an enjoyable read with a bit of a cliff hanger ending that has me wanting to read the next book.

    15. I loved this book. It continues the story of Sarah and Kerdidan with intrigue and adventure and surprises along the way! And of course it leaves you wanting more

    16. I won this book through Good Reads First Reads promotion and just received it today and can not wait to start reading it!!!

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