Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild Dear Reader Get yourself ready for Mary Lisa Beverly a soap opera phenom who s just won her third Daytime Emmy for her role as Sunday Cavendish on Born to Be Wild She s fun and lovable and has lots of

  • Title: Born To Be Wild
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780515142396
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Reader Get yourself ready for Mary Lisa Beverly a soap opera phenom who s just won her third Daytime Emmy for her role as Sunday Cavendish on Born to Be Wild She s fun and lovable and has lots of crazy friends, most of whom hang out at her house in the Colony, the famous gated community in Malibu Unfortunately, there is one bad thing to poleax her champagne life sDear Reader Get yourself ready for Mary Lisa Beverly a soap opera phenom who s just won her third Daytime Emmy for her role as Sunday Cavendish on Born to Be Wild She s fun and lovable and has lots of crazy friends, most of whom hang out at her house in the Colony, the famous gated community in Malibu Unfortunately, there is one bad thing to poleax her champagne life someone is trying to kill her.You ll meet Mary Lisa s family in Goddard Bay, Oregon She s blessed with her father, cursed with her mother, and betwixt and between with her two nutzoid sisters.And how about guys There aren t any hotties in L.A of interest to Mary Lisa, but in Goddard Bay there are District Attorney John Goddard and Chief of Police Jack Wolf And guess what Even in the boondocks, bad stuff can happen.Mary Lisa s best friends, Lou Lou Bollinger_and Elizabeth Fargas, become embroiled in the baffling attempts on Mary Lisa s life in L.A with unexpected results.I hope you laugh a lot with Born to Be Wild, root for Mary Lisa in all of her roles, and all in all, have a fine time with this book.

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    1. It was not entertaining and I wished it would be over.This was my first Catherine Coulter book and will probably be my last. Two stories were happening throughout the book. One was about the actress Mary who had a stalker. The other was what was happening within the tv soap opera with Mary's character. I skipped over most of the soap opera parts due to disinterest. While reading the rest, I was wishing it would be over. I was angry at the author for leaving certain unanswered questions within th [...]

    2. This book was really long.The characters were fun and the storyline stayed interesting enough. I really liked Mary Lisa and the mix of Soap Opera story with the real characters kept things interesting. Although I am curious what happened with Sunday's father I really liked the tidbits about Soap Operas and different actors that got their start on them.As for the ending. That was anti-climatic to be honest. I really didn't like how one character was caught and it was considered all over, but then [...]

    3. This story is about the filming of a soap opera and the lives of the actors and how they cope with an alter ego. When Mary Lisa Beverly won her third Emmy she thought everything was going to be great but nothing is as it seems when someone deliberately tries to run her down with an old car. Needing a break, Mary Lisa goes home to Goddard Bay, Oregon. This is a great story about Mary Lisa and her friends from a Malibu who try to help her find the guy who is determined to kill her. It is also abou [...]

    4. Born to be wild. (Contemporary romantic thriller book 4).This is a great day todayThis is a great story for romantic thrillers.I did enjoy it.I love everything Catherine Coulted has written.I am Very addicted to all of her FBI series.They are the Greatest thrillers of all time.But I will continue reading Her Romantic thrillers until she has published another or more FBI novels.Mrs Coulter's is Great in creating plots and characters for all of her stories.All the conclusions have great endings wi [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book, way out of Coulter's usual style. Each chapter started with a snippet of information about soaps and the actors who worked them. Every other chapter was the main character's ongoing story on the soap she starred in, so the book was essentially two stories in one. Very snappy dialogue, good plot, lovable characters. What more could one ask for? Oh, maybe a more tied up ending.

    6. I found the characters kind of shallow for their ages and responsibilities. typical intense male and ditzy female, although incredibly successful, rich and smart. nice little filler of a book.

    7. So so for Coulter. Ran on and on with her soap opera story but could have ended her Goddard Bay story with a few more details and closure.

    8. Mary Lisa is a three time Emmy winner for Born To Be Wild daytime soap opera. Someone is trying to kill her. She makes a trip home and we get to meet her horrible family and her new love interest. The first half of the book had momentum and was interesting. The last half fell flat. The more characters that were introduced the slower and predictable the story became.

    9. I sometimes wonder if I expect too much from books. The problem is that when I finished this one, I didn't feel anything. Nothing. No regret that there wasn't more, no sigh of contentment because it was a fulfilling ride, not even a sigh of relief that the whole thing was over. It had no impact on me whatsoever. Catherine Coulter seems to equate quirkiness with actual character development and she likes to bring in characters that have absolutely nothing to do but take up space. I don't believe [...]

    10. Had me laughing within the first 5 minutes. It was interesting to have essentially 3 story lines running in the book (Malibu, Goddard Bay, and Born to Be Wild). For MaryLisa, her life in Malibu and the life she left behind in Goddard Bay are nearly completely separate from one another. That is, until she is run down and prompted to take a long weekend away from Malibu. I very much enjoyed watching the characters interacting with each other. They all had their own very distinct personalities and [...]

    11. I absolutely love Catherine Coulterbut I was somewhat disappointed with Born to be Wild. The story starts with an attempted murder, or so it seems. Because there was one credible witness and the target was a famous soap opera star, it becomes a high priority case. The thing is, there isn't much of a stalker story to it. Other than the attempted hit and run, there is a threatening phone call and nothing else from the 'stalker' until the end when the 'stalker' is revealed. There is a lot of talk a [...]

    12. 2.5 STARS"Get yourself ready for Mary Lisa Beverly - a soap-opera phenom who's just won her third Daytime Emmy for her role as Sunday Cavendish on Born to Be Wild. She's fun and lovable and has lots of crazy friends, most of whom hang out at her house in the Colony, the famous gated community in Malibu. Unfortunately, there is one bad thing to poleax her champagne life - someone is trying to kill her.You'll meet Mary Lisa's family in Goddard Bay, Oregon. She's blessed with her father, cursed wit [...]

    13. Sunday Cavendish is the woman everyone loves to hate. Independent, outspoken and brazenly sexy, she's clearly the star of the popular soap opera, Born To Be Wild, despite her character's machinations. But Mary Lisa Beverly isn't Sunday - except in front of the cameras. So when a car practically runs her over in idyllic Malibu, she realizes she needs some time off to escape. Returning home to Oregon, quickly reminds her why she left three years ago. Her ex-fiancé and the sister she found in bed [...]

    14. While I wasn't overly impressed with this book, I would be lying if I said it was a BAD read. I actually enjoyed it - it was a nice, light read. I got this book from a co-worker of mine, so it was a decent hand-me-down. I love getting hand-me-downs, especially books because I have read/found a few great books this way. I kept it at work so I always had something to read during lunches and breaks, and it was a great way to keep myself amused.The plot is fairly entertaining, with this soap-opera s [...]

    15. I did not care for how the book ended. Mary Lisa Beverly is a soap opera mega star beauty who is on top of her game after she won her 3rd daytime emmy in a row she comes from the small town of Goddard Bay, Oregan She is the middle child her older sister stole Mary Lisa's fiancee 3 years before, her younger sister her just staring to be ugly yo her like her oldet sister and mother. Her father seems to be the only family who seems to care for her. Mary Lisa after a car try to run her down the 1 of [...]

    16. I had to downgrade this book from three stars to two; the ending was weak. There was a lose end that really bothered me and would have been interesting had it been explored. There was a conflict between Mary Lisa, the main female character and her mother. The reason was finally alluded to near the end as well as some kind of resolution, but there was never any final scene with her mother that would have added nicely to the story. The romance came on rather awkwardly and too quick, making it a li [...]

    17. I thought Mary Lisa and her friends were pretty funny, would have liked to see Elizabeth more, also they stressed Lou Lou wasn't her real name, but didn't elaborate what it was or why she changed it. The soap opera bits made the book interesting, although the soap opera itself sounded boring. They basically just stare at each other and talk and say nasty things. But maybe that's normal, I don't watch soaps. I don't understand what happened between Jack and Mary Lisa. They clearly hate each other [...]

    18. Chick-lit. Stalker. Murder most foul. Life imitating art and vice versa. Coulter's breezy story features a soap opera star, the queen of bitch on the screen, being stalked first by a paparazzo nicknamed Puker, a brush with death when the car tries to run her down, a trip to her home town where she meets up with the hunky chief of police who once threw her in jail. Add a hunky attorney, several actors in the soap opera which give the novel its title, a filthy-rich surfer/neighbor in her Malibu Co [...]

    19. Just going by the blurb on the book, I did not expect to connect with Mary Lisa, or even like her for that matter. I can't honestly say I've read a book with a female soap star as a lead. I fully expected to hear annoying rich people problems every other page but I couldn't have been more wrong. Mary Lisa was a well thought out down to earth character, very believable and strong. I really liked the interactions between her and Lou Lou and Elizabeth and the fact that she goes out and gets a conce [...]

    20. There's a lot going on in this book - three separate (well, semi-separate) story lines. First of all, in Malibu, California, someone is trying to kill Mary Lisa Beverly. Secondly, in her home town (Goodard, Oregon), her mother's best friends son-in-law has been murdered and police chief Jack Wolf is investigating. (Jack is her old nemesis.) And lastly, Mary Lisa is an actress and the soap opera she stars in plays an important role with the whole stalker thing. Her two best friends, makeup artist [...]

    21. A light, fun read about a soap opera star that someone is trying to kill. Is it a deranged fan? a paparazzi stalker? a jilted lover? She returns to her home in Oregon to get out of the line of fire and recuperate from her injuries, and to spend time with her hypercritical mother, the Politician younger sister who slept with and later married her former fiancee, the boy crazy baby sister. The soap star meets 2 men, in Oregon, each of whom her youngest sister has dated or wants to date, but the se [...]

    22. Cute, Cute, Cute. One of Catherine Coulters better books that I have read so far. A good mystery/crime book that had me second guessing my predictions throughout. In addition to being a good mystery book, Coulter did a great job with the character portrayal. I was very invested in the characters and did not mind that the character portion of the plot was more predictable.Wish this was part of a series - or that all her books were this good!!!!

    23. I really liked the beginning of the book but by the end, wondered how many more twists and for how much longer the story could be stretched outMary Lisa is a soap opera star with a complicated family history and an even more complicated TV role. She's a sweet character and real, but often has these temper flares where she is anything but pretty. The mystery comes in when someone tries to kill her--repeatedly. Favorite quote: Her father hugged her close. "I gave up long ago trying to figure out w [...]

    24. This probably wasn't the Catherine Coulter book that I have liked best. There was a little too much romance, and not enough of the suspense or fast moving plot. Mary Lisa Beverly had rather an overdone name, and that wasn't because she was a soap opera star--that was the name she was born with--or given when she was born. Two sisters with their romantic problems, and all the colleagues, plus the author had to bring Chief Jack Wolf down from the hometown in what apparently was Oregon, for no part [...]

    25. So it is fun to read a "Beach" book. This one is part romance and part detective and part family and centers around Mary Lisa who is a daytime Soap star whose life is threatened by an unknown person. Mary Lisa is fun and lovable with lots of friends who hang out around her. This in spite of the fact that her character on the Soap is a nasty scheming woman who is "Born to be Wild". The love interest is her home town police chief from Oregon. She paid a visit to her family and met him again--the f [...]

    26. Honestly wasn't able to finish this. I read it until around chapter 2. It has taken me a long time to even get to a new page because every time I start to read, I fall asleep. Now, if that happens often surely I get the message. It didn't hold my attention, thus for me, it's not worth reading. I was kind of disappointed because I like the other books Or maybe mostly because this is a different genre compared to the one that I'm used to reading from the author? Oh well, off to the next one.

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