Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise Welcome to sunny Cancun The only problem is Morgan Rose would rather be sitting at home than hanging out with her best friend s parents in an exotic vacation resort full of couples on romantic getaway

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  • Title: Finding Paradise
  • Author: Michele Ashman Bell
  • ISBN: 9781591565024
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to sunny Cancun The only problem is Morgan Rose would rather be sitting at home than hanging out with her best friend s parents in an exotic vacation resort full of couples on romantic getaways She s decided to perform her Maid of Honor duties at Samantha s wedding and catch the next flight back to her predictable life Then she meets Justin, the groom s best manWelcome to sunny Cancun The only problem is Morgan Rose would rather be sitting at home than hanging out with her best friend s parents in an exotic vacation resort full of couples on romantic getaways She s decided to perform her Maid of Honor duties at Samantha s wedding and catch the next flight back to her predictable life Then she meets Justin, the groom s best man At first she finds him annoying cute, but annoying But soon she realizes that there is much to this good looking man than his fun loving exterior suggests When their brief time together ends, they promise to keep in touch and, importantly, to meet again six months later to see if their attraction has any lasting possibilities But time has a way of complicating even the most beautiful beginnings, and Morgan will soon be forced to make a difficult decision that could change the course of her life.Best selling author Michele Ashman Bell has done it again with Finding Paradise, a touching story about the importance of following your heart a book that will keep readers engaged from the first page to the last satisfying line.

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    1. Finding ParadiseMichele Ashman BellThis book is a romance kind of book. It is about a girl who's name is Morgan Rose. Morgan wasn't thinking about boys being in her life. When she finds out her friend is getting married in Cancun, She meets a boy named Justin there and falls in love with him. Morgan's friend calls Morgan up and tells her that they haven't been spending as much time together as she thought they were going to. They come up with a decision to get a divorce. When Morgan returns home [...]

    2. I really enjoy her writing. This is about a librarian Morgan who goes out of her box to Cancun to her best friend's beach wedding and how her life completely changes because of it! She hangs out with the groom's best man and he helps her do things she was too scared to try. The largest part of the book is her trying to figure out if it's really love or if she should just go for the guy who's there (her on-off boyfriend). Because the other guy, yes she felt a connection but they hadn't seen in ea [...]

    3. Morgan goes to Cancun for her best friend's wedding, but she'd rather be at home than in this beach paradise. But then she meets Justin, one of the groomsmen in the wedding. Justin seems annoying at first, but then she realizes there's much more to him than appears at first glance. She finds her world turned around, in more ways than one, as a result of meeting him.This book is well written with a interesting main character and plot. I find part of the ending a little annoying, but otherwise it' [...]

    4. Librarian/artist wannabe Morgan Rose has reluctantly gone to a Cancun resort to be maid of honor to her friend. She's surprised to find out the best man, Justin Connery is a convert returned missionary and they're seriously attracted. The next six months are difficult with Justin in Brazil and strong pushing from her parents to marry another - Manny. Finally, two weeks before her wedding, she realizes WHY she's having a stupor of thought. Fun book although she almost blew it. The Manny thing wen [...]

    5. The story starts in Cancun, where Morgan is attending her best friend, Sam's wedding. Although Morgan would much rather be at work Sam encourages her to have fun. After the wedding she meets Justin, one of the grooms friends. Justin teaches her to become more laidback and to have fun outside of her comfort zone. Morgan becomes quite charmed with Justin and they start to spend more time together, but then her vacation ends and they both have to go back to work on seperate sides of the world! Find [...]

    6. I enjoy her books. I did have a few issues with this book though. Her short term time lines were either misleading or confused. Her main character seemed to fight an obvious answer for just too long, in order to bring the book to a climax. Her main character had two older brothers who were mentioned to begin with, but were not present, ever. Even in situations where you'd think siblings and family members would be present and participating. I enjoyed the book. It was a good story, but not great [...]

    7. I liked this book. I was hoping for a little more interaction between the two main characters before the end chapter six months later. Looks at all sides of a relationship. I like how it examines reasons for getting married. I agree that you should choose wisely and carefully beforehand, but also like the marriage between the main character's best friend that shows that any relationship can work if the couple is willing to put forth the effort. Too many couples today throw away relationships sol [...]

    8. I really liked the first half of the book, the Cancun part of the book (perhaps 3.5 stars). Then second half of the book was taken up with Morgan being so obtuse that it was frustrating and painful to read the story. After the halfway point, my rating of the book began falling. I did finish so that is an automatic two stars.

    9. Well, this one was rather lame. Most of the characters were one-sided and seemed typecast to fit a certain expectation. I liked the first part of the book, but then when Morgan returns home things went from good to bad to worse real quick. She was so clueless about her own emotions that it drove me nuts.

    10. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I love how Justin works in Brasil. That makes it even better. Love how it talks about scuba diving. The way the character is changed and finds herself - sometimes I feel like that. And the whole description of the vacation makes me believe that I'm there too (which is AWESOME since I'm too poor to travel now. ha ha) It may be cheesy - but that's my style!

    11. This is another one of my favorite books of Michele's! She definitely has a way of making you feel like you are right where your characters are! This is a story of unexpected love on a warm tropical island where you also learn a little about the value of making wise choices in your selection of a marriage companion and why values and respect for yourself matter!

    12. Gag! I liked this book, and like a lot of Michele Ashman Bell books, but this is just your typical Mormon romance. You know right from the beginning how it's going to end. However, it is just one of those books that I like to use my Mom's quote, "escape books." You just can't wait to sit down and read what's going to happen next in this romance novel.

    13. This was a pretty cute book, kind of the typical girl-meets-boy, but a bit more interesting. It was a fairly light read overall (I finished it in a week on the bus) with some interesting twists. I wish I would have found out what happened with a few of the characters, but overall it was a pleasant book.

    14. I had listened to this before when I was younger, but couldn't quite remember the whole story. I really like this author, but most of her books are romances, which is ok. Some of the things the characters say though are really out there, like nobody would really say that. I.E. "I would swim through shark infested waters to get to you." Yeah right just my opinion though.

    15. I find it interesting how much a person grows when we find the courage to step out of our comfort zones. I'm not sure I would ever try scuba diving, but snorkeling would be fun to try. I was proud of Megan. Justin is just too good to be true!

    16. This book made me want to go to Cancun and see the ruins and jump in the ice cold cavern lake and on and on and on. Happy fluffy read that makes you just go Awe There were some annoying character flaws but overall a fun read.

    17. I love a good clean romance and that just what this book was. And how sometimes you have to trust your heart when the right person comes along no matter what those around you think. Especially when you have God on your side.

    18. This is a total love-story! This book has the ability to just take you away to the location of the story and it's hard to bring you back to reality. Nothing educational, just an easy heartfelt read. Great for a vacation!

    19. This is one of my favorite books to read when I need a break from real life. It is fun, has issues, but everything comes together in the end. Plus, I love to feel transported to Mexico when it is raining and yucky outside.

    20. A pretty predictable LDS romance novel. That being said I did enjoy the premise of the story. Very descriptive and set in tropical Mexico for half the book. And I LOVE Mexico. All in all I enjoyed the escape from reality for a while.

    21. I liked this book. Choosing a spouse is such an important endeavor. This book explores the struggle many go through in listening to their own inner voice or listening the voices of family and friends on the issue. It also explores the hardships of long distance relationships.

    22. i loved this book. it was so cute and sometimes it could make you frustrated. i know i did, just ask britt. but i really liked it and it also had a couple breath taking parts. but it was a good book.

    23. Although most of the book was your typical mormon romance, I have to admit she did have me going a little bit about the decision the main character had to make at the end.

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