A Whisper Of Eternity

A Whisper Of Eternity In Amanda Ashley s compelling lushly sensual novels vampires exist alongside humans but their desires are not relegated to the shadows Now a timeless passion is shattered by dangerous immortal ambi

  • Title: A Whisper Of Eternity
  • Author: Amanda Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781420135190
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
  • In Amanda Ashley s compelling, lushly sensual novels, vampires exist alongside humans but their desires are not relegated to the shadows Now, a timeless passion is shattered by dangerous immortal ambition unless an eternal kiss can hold back the darkness of true death He Will Not Lose Her AgainWhen artist Tracy Warner purchases the rambling seaside house built abovIn Amanda Ashley s compelling, lushly sensual novels, vampires exist alongside humans but their desires are not relegated to the shadows Now, a timeless passion is shattered by dangerous immortal ambition unless an eternal kiss can hold back the darkness of true death He Will Not Lose Her AgainWhen artist Tracy Warner purchases the rambling seaside house built above Dominic St John s hidden lair, he recognizes in her spirit the woman he has loved countless times over the centuries Drawing her into the fascinating, seductive world of the vampire, he aches to believe that this time she will not refuse his Dark Gift But when Dominic s ancient rival appears in Sea Cliff, hungry for territory and power, Tracy becomes a pawn in a deadly game To save her and the passion that burns between them Dominic must offer.A Whisper Of Eternity.

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    1. This book was VERY formulaic. Amanda Ashley has produced some enjoyable books, but this was the third one in a row that I will be sending to the used book store. If one were playing the Vampire Romance Drinking Game (yes, it exists) while reading this book, they would die of blood alcahol poisoning. Dominic: Hello, I am the studly vampire for this book. Tracey: Wow, you are good looking and handsome. I just met you, but I think I'm in love. I am not sure, though. Dominic: It's you! The woman I l [...]

    2. I didn't have any expectations when I started this book. It was just something my husband randomly picked up for me. Now that I'm finished, I just want to dive back in and read it again. The love story was beautiful. The flashbacks to her past lives and his search for her was wonderful. I loved it.

    3. This was the first Amanda Ashley book I read. I've been hooked ever since. She is one of my top five paranormal authors. I know if she is the author I will not be disappointed.

    4. This novel is enchantingly romantic, as are all of Ashley’s books. In no time at all, the reader is pulled into the story, gliding through the author’s beautifully detailed dream…The book’s cover hauntingly depicts the general tone of the novel; we see a house on a cliff, with the sea nearby, while the young female protagonist quietly stares at the scene. This presents a definitely Gothic, romantic, scenario. The very first two sentences in the book bear this out: “Nightingale House pe [...]

    5. A Whisper of Eternity, another wonderful vampire novel by Amanda Ashley.Tracy Warner, buys a home near the ocean and slowly discovers her new romantic interest, Dominic St. John a sultry and sexy vampire, have been down this journey of love, adventure, and desire more than once only to end in sorrow, but maybe not this time.No, I'm not going to give away the plot, you'll have to read it yourself and enjoy the journey this time around.A good variety of characters, events, and plot are quite good! [...]

    6. I liked this one. I enjoyed that Ms. Ashley used past lives and flitted back and forth between present day and the characters reliving their old lives. I liked that the town was a vampire haven and that the female character was a painter living in a rambling old house.I really loved how the vampire called her, "my best beloved one" and the attention to detail she placed into this book. One of her better present day stories, I think. However, the reason I am only giving it three stars are these1) [...]

    7. Great book to read if you have some down time. The story went fast and was pretty entertaining. One thing I didn't go for was the stereotypical vampire lore. I was hoping the author would have a different interpretation or at least add to all that's been written about vampires. That kind of made the book a little boring. However, the characters were great and it was a joy to read.

    8. This novel is so awesome.I fell in love with vampires :)I like Amanda's way in reflecting the image and her detailed desciptive way.

    9. I truly enjoyed reading A WHISPER OF ETERNITY. Dominic St. John has been a vampire for over 2,000 years and once he met ‘Tracy Warner’ he spent those years searching and finding her, after watching her die in his arms, in which ever life she was living. Reincarnation has kept them apart, but when current life Tracy finds him, he’s not going to lose her again. I don’t have a bone to pick either way with the idea of reincarnation, so for me, this was a great love story about a man who neve [...]

    10. A story about a man looking for his soulmate over the centuries is never a bad thing and this was a good story. The premise is simple, an artist moves into an old house and meets a man on the beach. What she doesn't know is that this man is a vampire and she's already lived many lives with him, each time with a tragic ending where she has died in his arms after refusing to allow him to turn her into a vampire.It's amazing the similarities that I got with Twilight at times even though the storyli [...]

    11. I cannot recall ever reading an Amanda Ashley novel before, but it wasn't a bad book!More of a contemporary romance/preternatual/paranormal kind of deal. There wasn't much to the plot, but the story was good. I thought Tracy was a wonderful character; strong, independent, doing what she wants to do. The way she falls for Dominic, without wanting to; understanding things she didn't want to know about - that didn't exist - it was great to see what her mind thought.Dominic is a vampire, one who str [...]

    12. I'm still on the fence about this book. I liked it and yetI didn't like it. I usually give a book 100 pages to see if I want to keep reading -unless it's absolutely horrible, which this book wasn't. At 100 pages I was still somewhat intrigued and decided that I'd finish the book. No regrets over that, it's a cute story. Not something that I would want to read again. It was too formulaic for me. The entire relationship between Tracy and Dominic seemed to be on fast forward. It didn't seem believa [...]

    13. MEH. I just found this book just kind of generic. Its like somebody had a Make Your Own Vampire Romance kit and barely filled it out. That's not entirely fair. There are some elements that I hadn't seen before: past lives, Dominic turning into mist (admittedly pretty cool) and someird thing. The biggest problem I had was there weren't anything noteworthy about it. It was competently written for a book directed to teenagers. Actually at times it made me feel like I was a "Sweet Valley" or "Babysi [...]

    14. Tracy is a painter who just bought a house giving view on a beautiful beach. One day along a walk, she meets Dominic. He's a vampire who's been long waiting for her return; searching for her soul through century but always denying the Dark Gift. He won't wait any longer for her soul to be reborn again in another life. She'll meet a man named Bryan. When she decide to defy him, he takes some steps to bring her back to him, at all cost.This book is a romance between a vampire and a mortal which he [...]

    15. I quite liked this! Ok, it's not the most riveting book I have ever read, but I kept the pages turning, finishing it in a couple of days. I think that whether you bought into Dominic loving Tracey through the centuries depends on whether you believe in true soul mates or not. I had no trouble buying into that! I did cringe when it was revealed who Bryan really was - clumsy, silly and really not necessary to the plot. But all in all, a good read and I'll definitely be tracking down more by this a [...]

    16. While I really enjoyed the romance and storyline of this book, it just really didn't stand out. I felt that the reincarnation idea in the story was great and something that isn't seen very often, but the vampires were generic. The love and devotion that Dominic had for Tracy throughout her lives was extremely romantic. The most annoying part of this whole story was that you were made to believe that there is going to be a big fight that never really happens and remind you of Twilight which I rea [...]

    17. this should have been a great book. I adore vampire books. i adore yearning through the lifetimes (Hell I am obsessed with Feehan's Dark Series on those two qualifiers alone). Plus through in a sexy broody vampire.But this one was just I dont know the lead female was wishy washy at best, though the flashbacks of her were bettere "human" 3rd party offered no real competition.Kitana and Petrina made for interesting villians, well Petrina was a villian, kitana almost seemed bored.

    18. The first two-thirds of the story were hard to wade through and if I read the word "preternatural" one more time I thought I would scream. The last third improved and I zipped right through it. Tracy's indecision , Dominic's controlling and Bryan's whining all managed to annoy and irritate me. I don't think I'll be rushing out for more of Ashley's booksokcrossing/journal/2

    19. I read several reviews where ladies said "She should be so mad at Dominic," "Oh, I'd be so upset with Dominic".I think he did the right thing! He would have been caught in that same vicious cycle forever and Tracy was just perfect for him. This was a good read that I really enjoyed. I could have used a little more steam and a little more conflict between Tracy and Dom in the beginning but overall I felt the back story was plenty interesting. I also wouldn't mind a sequel! ;)

    20. I watched twilight series after I've read this e-book. It is like the vampire in this book has been illustrated in the twilight movie. But just in a different way. So, I guess it is typical of vampire with their passionate love? But then, I wonder is real man, I mean REAL man with the same passion towards their lover like vampire ever exist? now?

    21. pretty good kinda confusing at first but it picked up.*SPOILERS* grri got really mad at her b/c she was so stubborn about becoming a vampire and Dominic almost destoryed himself b/c he thought she didn't love him enough to become a vampire when she was dying! Made me mad!!! Good thing it was a happy ending and she became a vampire!!! yay! happily ever after!

    22. This read like a novel about Stockholm Syndrome and then at the end it finished off with all loose ends tied up in a neat little bow. I didn't even care what happened with the characters I was just too annoyed by them. I'm still annoyed I bothered reading it but her other books were just so good. I don't know how she went so wrong with this one.

    23. Amanda Ashley did it again!Amanda's books are always written in a way that allows the reader to truly feel the love between her couples. Once again she didn't disappoint. Great book.

    24. this story was very stereo typical and not very exciting. the characters and plot line and conflict are all very similar to another Amanda Ashley book I read recently. reading it once is okay but reading it multiple times gets very old very fast.

    25. I really liked this book. It is about a vampire recognizing his past loves spirit in a human women who moves in a house above his den in a cave by the sea. He falls in love with her hoping this time she will accept his dark gift of being a vampire and choose to join him for eternity.

    26. I've read a lot of vampire/paranormal romance novels. This was entirely too cliche and silly for me. There is just way too many in the genre that are better written and plotted for me to give this more than a two star rating.

    27. I was okay. not the best but by far not the worst. I feel like it was missing something. Like there was supposed to be some big scene and it just didnt happen. But it was okay

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