Born in Blood

Born in Blood In a stunning new paranormal romance series even edgier than her bestselling Guardians of Eternity books New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy lures readers into the dark seductive world of

  • Title: Born in Blood
  • Author: Alexandra Ivy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a stunning new paranormal romance series even edgier than her bestselling Guardians of Eternity books New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy lures readers into the dark, seductive world of the Sentinels humans outcast by their hidden abilities, treading the line between life and death, good and evil, pleasure and pain Born In BloodSergeant Duncan O Conner hasIn a stunning new paranormal romance series even edgier than her bestselling Guardians of Eternity books New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy lures readers into the dark, seductive world of the Sentinels humans outcast by their hidden abilities, treading the line between life and death, good and evil, pleasure and pain Born In BloodSergeant Duncan O Conner has seen it all before A beautiful erotic dancer is found murdered in her home no suspect, no motive But there s one clue she s missing her heart It s enough to make the hard bitten Kansas City cop enlist the help of a necro one of the dead channeling freaks who live in the domed city of nearby Valhalla It s a long shot, but desperate crimes call for desperate measures Unlike the other high bloods in Valhalla, Callie Brown considers her abilities a gift, not a curse But when she reads the dancer s final thoughts, she senses a powerful presence blocking her vision This is no ordinary homicide This is the work of a legendary necromancer who controls souls A ravenous force that will put Callie s skills to the test, O Conner s career at risk, and both their hearts on the line literally.

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    1. When we meet Duncan O'Conner, he's stinking of "cheap whiskey and even cheaper cigars". He's your classic hardboiled detective--cranky, cynical, and arrogant. I could see him in a dark office, blinds drawn, a nearly-drained tumbler on the desk and his gun in a shoulder strap. Our femme-not-so-fatale is Callie Brown, a high-blood with the ability to see the last moments and thoughts of the recently deceased. Soft-hearted and vulnerable, she's a sweet character. Contracted by the Kansas City PD, s [...]

    2. Hello Alexandra Ivy! Welcome to my list of yes books! Finding new series that have a sense of family and connection can be hard. Honestly it’s not at all what I expected to find here. But lo and behold I did! I was reminded a bit of the BDB series, which is always a nice comparison in my opinion. It’s a story of mortals and Sentinels. Sentinels are humans that were born with special abilities or powers. Freaks, to the more narrow minded. They live in a cloaked city called Valhalla, but from [...]

    3. I'm fairly new to the Alexandra Ivy bandwagon having only tried her in On the Hunt. It was however enough of a taste that I have the Oliver Twist syndrome "May I please have some more". So, with great delight I jumped into the series to see if my first nibble was worth it.My answerr the most part yes. I really enjoyed Duncan and Callie. He's human and she's a high-blood. They are pulled together working on a murder case where the victim is missing her heart. No big deal until you find out no tra [...]

    4. Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookI can not believe that this is the very first Alexander Ivy book I have read! I know, I know I am way behind the pack on this one. But at least I started with a great book and the first in what is looking to be an incredibly exciting series. There have been some changes in the world we know. The high-bloods have come out of hiding. Of course that just means that they are no longer being burned at the stake people are still afraid of those who are different fr [...]

    5. Mild spoilers ahead.Born in Blood was an interesting story with a lot of potential, but it just fell flat to me.I liked the beginning, and wanted to find out what will happen next, but then the bad guy started having too much air time, Duncan and Callie jumped in bed, and everything seemed to go downhill so fastThe relationship between the leads made no sense to me. At first Callie avoids Duncan for the longest time, then suddenly they are all over each other, and he‘s talking about introducin [...]

    6. This was a really great read!! The first book in a new series (The Sentinels) by Alexandra Ivy. The story centers around homicide Detective Duncan O'Connor and Necromancer Callie Brown. Duncan & Callie work together at murder crime scenes. Duncan has been secretly obsessed with Callie since the first time he saw her. At times Callie too has been known to undress the sexy cop in her mind. Their worlds are very differentCallie, known as a "freak" by the "norms"(humans)ough Duncan holds a secre [...]

    7. 4 stars**** Warning, this review is a bit spoilerish****This was a very good story. I really liked Callie and Duncan and was rooting for them from the beginning. I accidentally stumbled on Alexandra Ivy when I picked up Predatory for the Immortal Guardians #3.5 story and ended up also reading Sentinels 0.5 which I really enjoyed. Because of this, I decided to buy Sentinels #1 when it came out. I'm glad I did and will be looking forward to more in the series.Callie is a "High Blood" which is a ge [...]

    8. Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind RoamBorn in Blood is the first in a new series by Alexandra Ivy, in a world where “high bloods” people with special powers are out but separate. They prefer to stay in their own closed off city called Valhalla. Occasionally the regular humans need assistance of the high bloods such as Callie. Callie is a powerful Necro, she can get into the mind of the recently deceased and see their final moments. When she is called in to consult on this new case, she has [...]

    9. Seri baru dari salah satu penulis PNR faveku? Tentang para sentinel seksi pelindung manusia super? Cover marron yang mencolok mata? Wow dong Trus kenapa ratingnya gitu? Please Ivy's fans, biarkan aku menjelaskan alasanku sebelum menimpukku dengan bitterballen.- Storyline cerita ini super lempeng dari awal sampai akhir. Mana kisah penuh intrik? Mana petualangan penuh aksi? Mana romance sepanas kompor? Zero. Untuk penulis sekaliber Ivy, aku yakin dia bisa meramu kisah yang lebih menggetarkan. Aku [...]

    10. Born in Blood is a great start to a new series. This story reminds me of a good B-movie. It is fun, fast, snarky, corny, and a bit over-the-top. It entertains and I found myself laughing out loud. A large part of the humor comes from the hero's snarkiness. He's jaded, tough, cynical, good at his job and way in love with the heroine. He reminds me a little of the Bruce Willis' character, John Hallenbeck, from the movie The Last Boyscout - less suave, more rumpled, all charm: "Even with his short, [...]

    11. Alexandra Ivy is one of my favorite authors. I had the chance to meet her once and got her autograph on my favorite book of her Guardians of Eternity series. When I heard she had a new series coming out I jumped at the chance to read and review it. I have not found a book of hers so far that I did not like and this was no exception.Many times the first book in the series spends a lot of time on world building and there is not as much spent on the action or romance part of the story. This book wh [...]

    12. As a beginning to a new series there was certainly a lot of world building, with new types of beings described, associations introduced and prejudices expressed. I will say that I am sad to see the portrayal of a good bit of the "norms" in the story as being so hypocritical and bigoted, but I am certainly not surprised, as many of the people I personally know would more than likely take a similar view. Duncan and Callie’s story is one that I enjoyed on many levels. Seeing them kick the butt of [...]

    13. Born in Blood is the first book in Alexandra Ivy's new series, The Sentinels. The world building was incredible (Valhalla and characters with mystical abilities? Oh. Hell. Yes.), a couple of the secondary characters have me beyond intrigued, and the overall plot was good. That being said, there were a couple of things that didn't work for me.First of all I severely dislike the name Duncan so I had to make my way around a super smexy hero with a name I couldn't stand. Wasn't easy. I liked the nec [...]

    14. This book was really good. I really thought that Ms. Alexandra Ivy did much better with full novel. I read her rapture series and had review how her short story was much better longer and I still stood my ground and insisted that she wrote better like this.SpoilersThe first book to the Sentinels series started with great promise. I loved the whole concept of it. It was nothing unique but it was quite different than my usual vampire-werewolf read. We have high-bloods which consisted many kinds of [...]

    15. Buddy read with Aly & AngeThis is the first book I've read by Alexandra Ivy, I've heard great things about her Guardians of Eternity series though so when I saw this Born in Blood, the first book in her new Sentinels series, available for review on Netgalley I jumped at the chance of reading it. I have to say I enjoyed the world set up, you have normal humans and then you have the high bloods who all have various different psychic abilities. The high bloods tend to keep themselves to themsel [...]

    16. ** I received a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased and honest review**Review: 5 starsGeneral: Born in Blood is an absolutely heart pounding, sexy, wonderfully original start to a new series by Alexandra Ivy. I am a long time reader of her work and couldn't wait to get my hands on something new and I absolutely devoured it.The world building alone sucked me so far from the first page I couldn't put the book down. Every little detail was thought out that I could think of. From where High [...]

    17. New series featuring enhanced paranormal beings, urban fantasy, occult, and yes ZOMBIES. Duncan O’Conner, Kansas City law enforcement, is the go to guy when victims fall under the scope of paranormal/unexplained crime. When the latest homicide, a young woman without any outside trauma, is found missing her heart the "high bloods" are contacted to send a 'necro' reader to the scene. Callie Brown, a diviner, is called in to use her special skills to "see" the last few moments of the dead girls l [...]

    18. Alexandra Ivy brings out her brilliantly dark side again with this series opener, Born in blood. Mythology, Valhalla, mystery, murder and people empowered with unique and supernatural gifts, and oh my, don’t forget the romantic tension, it’s all here in a fast-paced and very detailed tale that sets the standard for the rest of the series. Callie has been called in to consult on a case that the rather arrogant Duncan is working on. Why would this uber-masculine male request help? Callie has a [...]

    19. Alexandra Ivy has created a dark, edgy, new series called The Sentinels. Born in Blood is the first wonderfully original installment in this must follow world of Ivy's imagination. The “high-bloods” are people with extraordinary and special abilities. Faced with public ridicule and hatred, they have banded together over the centuries to create a safe haven. Sometimes the line between the high-bloods and the normal people clash and specially trained high-bloods are called in to help. Born in [...]

    20. Born in Blood is the first book in the new Sentinels series by Alexandra Ivy. Firstly I have to say that the cover bugged me because in the book Callie is described as having “short, spiky hair that was so dark red it shimmered like fire in the sunlight”. This description immediately pulled me out of the story because on the cover of the book Callie is shown with long, red hair. Additionally, Duncan is described as having short, pale blond hair. Normally I don’t pay much attention to a cov [...]

    21. This was a great start to a series. It’s about high bloods from Valhalla interacting with humans.Duncan O’Conner is a human cop, cocky, gorgeous who came from a loud, nosy, but loving family. He was sent to investigate a homicide at a rich neighborhood. The murder was highly unusual due to the fact that the female’s heart was missing without signs of her body being cut open. Enter Callie Brown, a Necromancer from Valhalla who taps into dead people’s memories before their death. When she [...]

    22. Callie is a high-blood living in the very real Valhalla. She is a necromancer, which within this world simply means being able to see into the minds of the very recently dead. Duncan is a detective with the Kansas City Police Department and has run into Callie numerous times over the years. She ignites a fire for him that he just can't see past. As they work together to find and attempt to stop the powerful necromancer behind the killing, they grow closer, despite the feelings of those around th [...]

    23. I am really surprised at how long it took me to finish this book. Normally I can finish a book this size in less than 2 days. I started Born in Blood and while I did find it interesting I also found it a bit difficult to get into. I ended up putting it down for a week; finishing 7 books before picking it back up again. This is not like me at all especially with a book that is written by an author I love. Now I will admit I am not into the whole zombie/ raising the dead back to life without their [...]

    24. 3.5 starsI'm already a casual fan of Alexandra Ivy's first series so I was happy to see another series pop up from her. I really liked the cover and the blurb is what really got me to read the book. So going in, I had high hopes. Not all of those hopes were met because the hero came off as such an overbearing , trigger happy cop that pulled his gun at the slightest sound. He was overly aggressive and treated the heroine as if she were a delicate flower to the point that she couldn't do anything [...]

    25. ***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***When a body of a young, beautiful woman is found naked in her house, with no apparent struggle signs, and missing a heart, Sergeant Duncan O'Conner knows it's the case for high-bloods. Enter his little obsession, Callie Brown, a diviner able to glimpse into the minds of the dead, searching for their last memory.What, or better yet, who she sees seems to be connected to her on a yet-unknown level, and will put the police department and Valhalla in [...]

    26. 3,5 starsBorn in Blood is the first installment of new series by Alexandra Ivy, the Sentinels. Lucky for me, I had known Ms Ivy's books long time ago, because Indonesian publisher, kindly translate and published Guardian books. So, her writing is not new for me, and I appraise her to not using vampire, werewolf, anything that go bumps in the night. Boring, thank you! Instead, The Sentinels is like X-Men in paranormal romancelandia. Unique yet still have some paranormal romance clique.People divi [...]

    27. Originally posted at smexybooks/2014/01/review-Callie Brown is a high blood. An orphan whose parents left her at Valhalla, this gifted necromancer who is often called in to read a murder victim’s last thoughts. When she is called to a crime scene of a young woman whose death speaks of the paranormal, Callie finds her powers blocked and receives a message from a man who’s similar powers out shine hers.Duncan O’Conner, a human cop, has seen this type of kill before and looks forward to seein [...]

    28. I absolutely love the Guardians of Eternity series so I was thrilled when the author started up a new series that is like a paranormal X-Men type world. I didn't get a chance to jump on it when it was brand spanking new, but was no less eager when I sat down to finally read the first book. I read the prequel earlier and decided that it was one of those that probably would have worked better after reading this book. I was very right. The prequel is Niko's story and he is a side character in this [...]

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