What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 2

What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume In this second installment of Fumi Yoshinaga s deliciously charming slice of gay life we delve into the beginnings of Shiro and Kenji s relationship Shiro continues to expand his culinary creativity

  • Title: What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 2
  • Author: Fumi Yoshinaga
  • ISBN: 9781939130396
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this second installment of Fumi Yoshinaga s deliciously charming slice of gay life, we delve into the beginnings of Shiro and Kenji s relationship.Shiro continues to expand his culinary creativity while dealing with problomatic clients and his well meaning but misguided mother, who comes to rely on him when a health scare hits close to home.

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    1. I don't know if it's just the translation I'm reading but Shiro can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. Other than that, I love this manga because of all the recipes in it, and I can't wait to try vegan adaptions of some of them.

    2. Much like the first volume of the series, What Did You Eat Yesterday? volume 2 meanders a bit from chapter to chapter, with a loose theme and a focus on Shiro's cooking. The loose theme in this volume is relationships. First we're treated to how Shiro and Kenji first met. We also get to see other past relationships that Shiro has been through (including one where he was rather taken advantage of), uneven friendship's of Kenji's, the relationships of divorced couples (and their new partners), and [...]

    3. All my issues and praise from the first volume remain in this one. It's a sweet, though mostly completely weightless piece of fluff with little to no story. One problem, that I've seen others point to as well, is I'm increasingly not sure why the two characters are together. Their relationship seems to have serious communication problems, they seem to have little in common, and honestly aren't even very affectionate with each other. I am curious as to whether or not this is purposeful on the man [...]

    4. This manga series is my perfect place to hide from the world. I buy a volume whenever I feel I deserve a treat or accomplished a big thing.I loved the recipes in this volume and would like to try a few of them. In this case, I was introduced to Nikujaga (肉じゃが) and I want to have this dish ASAP. It sounds like the ultimate comfort dish for the coming fall nights.I also enjoyed learning more about how Shiro and Kenji met and how they came to live together.

    5. This got a little more boring with the second installation. A lot of cooking! (I am surprised that I found cooking boring in manga form.)

    6. Yeah, this one is a bit of a lull. It's starting to show Shiro a little more, and he's kind of a butt sometimes. Looking forward to more development of his character.

    7. I hate cooking so I really don't know why I like these but I really do. they're so good! if you like cooking you should definitely give them a try.

    8. I really liked the first volume of this series, but man, this one was hard to get through. There's very little actual story here, but SO MUCH COOKING. At least in the last book there were still some times where the food Shiro makes connected to what was going on in the story, and that does happen here, but much, much less, and the stories concerned are much less interesting. Also, I began to like Shiro a lot less in this volume; I find I don't really want to be in his head anymore, because it se [...]

    9. Volume 2 continues to delight and entertain, though I enjoyed the first one a bit more. Maybe it was the initial novelty of it. I'm glad the humorous and/or informative asides are back, as well as the cooking sounds. Who knew just reading the sounds that food makes could bring on a hunger attack? Again the recipes tantalize, but I don't enjoy cooking enough to seek out the ingredients and give them a try. I'm content to just read about them, and appreciate the food artwork.In this volume, we gai [...]

    10. Yeah, Kakei is way too unlikeable for me. He doesn't care about his boyfriend or his father; he seems completely heartless. The only kind thing he did was offer to look after a client's ex-wife, which was a story that was never addressed again. I found myself skimming the lengthy explanations of how to cook the current meal and at that point it left very little of the actual book to read. I'm disappointed so I'm definitely not going to continue.

    11. The recipes make me quite hungry and I wish I had someone like Shiro to cook for me. Not sure where I see the relationship between Shiro and Kenji going, though starting with the end chapters involving Shiro's parents things seem less superficial between them.Borrowed this and volume 2 from another library system, not feeling them calling me to own them.

    12. I enjoyed this volume, but it is less focused than volume 1. Only negative is that Shiro doesn't come across as being very nice, and all the jokes of him being a narcissist from vol 1 are starting to ring true I mean he's totally ambivalent about his father's surgery, and seems to get more stressed out by old celery

    13. Sometimes you need something as beautiful as Kinou Nani Tabeta to remind you of the simpler things in life that makes living meaningful: the act of deliberation, reflection, and enjoyment of food and company.

    14. god the food in this manga is amazing. *___* seriously, who but fumi yoshinaga could make could make chapters that are 80% illustrated recipes a gripping story. i want to buy this and spend a month just cooking recipes shiro does. 4 stars

    15. Part recipe book, part slice-of-life, Fumi Yoshinaga enchants me with her gentle humor and beautifully simple stories. You you are familiar with Yoshinaga's Antique Bakery, you'll find much of the same atmosphere in this current title. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next volume.

    16. I finished the second book of this series within an hour or so. Our narrator tells how he met his partner, and deals with a family crisis. And there's more foodof course!

    17. I adore this manga. Slice-of-life series about a 40-something who cooks tasty food at home for his boyfriend and himself.

    18. Still really liked hanging out in Shiro and Kakei's worldbut this volume had more recipes then ever so I lost interest a bit.

    19. Kakei was very funny in this volume, and he made a lot of interesting dinners. It would be fun to try some of his dishes, but I don't think it would be easy to find all of those ingredients.

    20. It's really odd, but I feel that the recipes were tastier in this volume. I have to get used to the sporadic storytelling style, but it's nice glimpses into their pasts.

    21. The second volume of the cooking-themed slice of life manga continues as the first one started: lot's of food, and some bits of the character's relationships and life.

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