Death Sentence

Death Sentence SEX SUPERPOWERS AND SIX MONTHS TO LIVE Verity frustrated artist Weasel struggling guitarist Monty rogue media icon Three people infected with the G virus which grants them incredible powers but whic

  • Title: Death Sentence
  • Author: Monty Nero Mike Dowling
  • ISBN: 9781782760085
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • SEX, SUPERPOWERS AND SIX MONTHS TO LIVE Verity frustrated artist Weasel struggling guitarist Monty rogue media icon Three people infected with the G virus, which grants them incredible powers but which will kill them in six months Will they fade away or go out in a blaze of glory From the streets of London to the North Atlantic, from muses lost to futures throwSEX, SUPERPOWERS AND SIX MONTHS TO LIVE Verity frustrated artist Weasel struggling guitarist Monty rogue media icon Three people infected with the G virus, which grants them incredible powers but which will kill them in six months Will they fade away or go out in a blaze of glory From the streets of London to the North Atlantic, from muses lost to futures thrown away Death Sentence is the jaw dropping next step in superpowered storytelling Funny, fearless and frightening, this collection of the hit series is an unforgettable comics debut.

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    1. The mysogynistic tone is preventing me from enjoying this more. :/It's too bad since I love the original concept - 3 characters contract an incurable, sexually transmitted superhero virus. So, they gain superpowers BUT they only have 6 months to live. Bummer.I just found the representation of women throughout this first issue to be disgusting. Women are disrespected, used, and/or tossed aside in no less than four scenes. And yes I realize the male characters aren't much better. That doesn't excu [...]

    2. Wow. A comic based around an STD which gives people superpowers and an enhanced libido for six months, then kills them, was never likely to be subtle*. And this isn't, but it packs a Hell of a punch. The three leads are all creatives, in a sense - essentially Russell Brand, Pete Doherty, and a frustrated artist working in a design agency. And on one level, like its live fast/die young peer The Wicked + the Divine, they live in a story which uses fantasy as a magnifying glass for the human condit [...]

    3. Monty Nero described Death Sentence as being the creative piece of artistry he wanted to give to the world regardless as to whether it succeeded or failed (though he'd prefer if it didn't). Boasting edgy artwork and a plot that promises plenty of action, this volume was one that had me fundamentally gripped. I really loved this beginning of Death Sentence, and I'm sad to see that a lot of people found it hard to say the same. Reminiscent of Moore's Watchmen, Death Sentence is a story surrounding [...]

    4. I like the art and it's hard to not see Kurt Cobain and Jim Morisson in those characters , the story was interesting but it took a while put everything together and the bing,bang it ended and was resolved suddenly.

    5. Graphic Novel Review - Death Sentence - Montynero (Author) & Mike Dowling (Illustrator)Recommended for 18+Well, that escalated quickly!A sexually transmitted virus, the G+, gives the victim incredible powers with the downside of only six months of life left to live. When rogue media icon Monty develops powers more powerful than anyone else and threatens an apocalypse, it's up to frustrated artist Verity and fallen rock idol Weasel to put a stop to him. But, with Monty as powerful as he is, d [...]

    6. In this interesting concept, an incurable viral STD gives its victims six months to lived a range of potential superpowers. The book follows around three such victims over the period of about a month. Frustrated artist Verity has a decent conscience and wants to leave a positive impact on the world through her art. Weasel is all about sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, but he's not very good at that last one. And then there's Monty. Monty is referred to as a "media personality," but calls himself a co [...]

    7. I wish I enjoyed this more than I did, the concept is good but the worrying misogynistic tone and unlikeable characters ruined it slightly for me. There is one character I liked, the girl on the cover but she isn't really the main focus. We spend more time with the thoroughly annoying 'Weasel' and Russell Brand-esque villain 'Monty'. By the time Verity and 'Weasel' rise to the call of action, I was past caring and the amount of nude women on the pages got monotonous. Ok, part of the virus makes [...]

    8. I decided to read Death Sentence after meeting Monty Nero in a comic book shop in Aberdeen, Scotland promoting his new "season" Death Sentence London. After I purchased a signed version of London issue 1 I decided to start from the beginning and purchase Death Sentence. This book was very adult in its themes of violence, sexuality and drug use all of which kinda made the story better rather than worse. In a normal world excessive use of the above would ruin a good story with over the top egoism, [...]

    9. While the concept of Death Sentence is interesting - a terminal STI that will kill people within six months and gives them unique superpowers as a trade off - the book falls a bit flat. Personally, the art style is not to my liking, which usually kills any interest I have in reading a graphic novel. In this case, the story kept me going beyond the headache-inducing artwork, but was dragged down by the characters. Unfortunately there isn't a single likable character in the entire book. The book a [...]

    10. Interesting premise, nice drawings, very poor dialogue. I kid you not, the first half of the book has either sex scenes or graphic sexual language (or both) on every page, the vast majority of which is totally irrelevant and pretty misogynistic. It gets better towards the latter half of the story but had already lost me by that point.I did laugh out loud when Verity wakes up with a strange man, panics because she can't find her crucifix which apparently is 'inside' herself. A large, wooden cruci [...]

    11. This book was pretty interesting. A deadly STD gives anyone infected badass super powers. Definitely an original take on the whole superhero thing. There was a fair amount of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in this book which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think the thing I like the most was the fact that the powers could be controlled with drug use. Not exactly an anti-drug commercial, but still. The art was gritty and excellent. The story line was a little generic, but not really in a bad way. [...]

    12. This entry in the 'let's look at superheroes in a contemporary sociological context' sub-genre does at least offer an original concept, but I thought its flaw was in the fact that there was very little time spent on introducing any of the main characters and on explaining why the virus suddenly infected them. While there did seem to be a deeper message about society scratching at the surface, and some very Alan Moore like moments, I didn't get invested in any of it and the plot just boiled down [...]

    13. If you took a large dose of Mark Millar & added a dollop of Alan Moore then sprinkled lightly with Garth Ennis (pre-Crossed era), this is what I imagine you would get.The plot is simple & relevant even intriguing: What would happen if there was a STD which gave you superpowers but six months to live? Now what would ensue if three talented people tested the highest ever on the G-Plus(the disease) scale and two of those people where already celebrities? This comic will answer all those que [...]

    14. There is a new sexually transmitted disease called the G-Plus virus. It has no known cure and is inevitably fatal. This doesn't exactly sound like a comic book premise until the fact that the virus unlocks superhuman abilities in those that contract it, as if to use up the body's potential of an entire lifetime, shortened and intensified into only months.The rest of my review at this link.

    15. No estoy muy segura de cómo llegué a esta novela gráfica. La trama me llamó mucho la atención. Gente que está muriendo por una enfermedad de transmisión sexual pero el truco es que, a pesar de tener sólo 6 meses de vida, pueden llegar a vivir de una manera "plena" (entre comillas pero no digo por qué ya que es spoiler) debido a que desarrollan poderes que los convierte en seres extraordinarios. En teoría una buena idea. En práctica, ño.

    16. An inventive new take on superpowers -- in this book we see a world where an STD grants people superpowers, but leaves them with only about six months to live. This first volume follows three people who deal with having the G+ virus in very different ways, including one with plans for domination. A clever idea that's well-executed. I'll certainly follow future volumes in this series.

    17. I was caught off-guard by this punk-rock twist on superpowers. There's lots of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in this dark but witty tale featuring three young people who contract the G+ virus, an STD that gives you enhanced powers but kills you in six months. Gory, gritty and full of sly social commentary, this is a really pleasant surprise with great art.

    18. Interesting concept, weird direction, enjoyed it a lot. I think it has unfulfilled potential. I don't get why Verity is naked on the covers, as she's never naked or consistently sexual in the story. If anything, Monty's naked a lot. Felt a bit like page 3 gubbins.

    19. So close to being really great, but it just didn't pull it off. There's a lot of good things about this graphic novel and I will probably check out what this creative team does next.

    20. It starts with a Wild Card premise, but quickly dives into a much more nihilistic trajectory. It's a good read; I recommend it.

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