Questione di dettagli

Questione di dettagli Colin Fischer ha quattordici anni e pesa cinquantacinque chili Nella sua vita ci sono alcuni punti fermi i genitori il fratello minore un blocco su cui appunta le sue riflessioni un tappeto elastic

  • Title: Questione di dettagli
  • Author: Ashley Edward Miller Zack Stentz
  • ISBN: 9788863804683
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Colin Fischer ha quattordici anni e pesa cinquantacinque chili Nella sua vita ci sono alcuni punti fermi i genitori, il fratello minore, un blocco su cui appunta le sue riflessioni, un tappeto elastico su cui salta per sfogarsi quando gli sembra che niente vada per il verso giusto Cio quasi sempre Perch Colin diverso dagli altri, la sua percezione della realt piColin Fischer ha quattordici anni e pesa cinquantacinque chili Nella sua vita ci sono alcuni punti fermi i genitori, il fratello minore, un blocco su cui appunta le sue riflessioni, un tappeto elastico su cui salta per sfogarsi quando gli sembra che niente vada per il verso giusto Cio quasi sempre Perch Colin diverso dagli altri, la sua percezione della realt pi intensa La sua sensibilit maggiore Infatti i rumori forti gli provocano crisi di panico e non ama essere toccato Ma intelligente, curioso ed un fine osservatore Sherlock Holmes lo avrebbe voluto al suo fianco perch nessuno attento ai dettagli quanto lui E cos , quando viene ritrovata una pistola nel bar della scuola, Colin l unico deciso a capire cosa successo veramente Star a lui dimostrare che la pistole non di Wayne Connelly, il bullo della scuola e tormento quotidiano di Colin Wayne non si capacita del perch Colin abbia deciso di aiutarlo, ma tant al mondo non siamo tutti uguali e capire cosa pensano gli altri resta il mistero pi incredibile per tutti Questione di dettagli una storia di ragazzi e di amicizia, con un protagonista irresistibilmente simpatico che comunica con un linguaggio tutto suo e che fatica a adeguarsi al resto del mondo La storia di un ragazzo adolescente in cui tutti, in un modo o nell altro, ritroveremo tracce di noi stessi.

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    1. I have mixed feelings about this book because on one hand I think it's a good representation of life with AspergersbuuuuutI also felt it had a LOT of disability discrimination (by the "older, wiser" adults) and it was never addressed as wrong. THAT BOTHERED ME QUITE A LOT. Autism, especially on the high-function "Aspergers" (although Aspergers doesn't technically exist anymore) is a really complicate disability and often seen as an "invisible" one. And ALL THE TEACHERS ABSOLUTELY REJECTED THIS. [...]

    2. Colin Fischer has flash cards with faces and emotions on them. He carries a dog-eared notebook with him everywhere, recording moments and facial expressions in it. He also has an almost uncanny ability to observe and make inferences about everything. Wayne Connelly is a school bully who has always tormented Colin, and his latest torment has been shoving Colin's face in the toilet. Melissa, a pretty girl in Colin's class, is having a birthday party. Trust Wayne to ruin it. He takes a piece of cak [...]

    3. "Life is math.We know this because mathematics can reduce anything to a system of equations. Sometimes the solutions tell us things that seem "intuitively obvious." This means that we do not need math to figure them out. For example, the Parking Problem.Some mathematicians at a university wanted to know how people could minimize the time it takes to find a parking spot and get into a store. Here is what they found: The optimal strategy is to take the first space you see and then walk.When I told [...]

    4. I got an email about this book sometime last year. After reading the press release, I was very intrigued to find out more. The double author combination are both huge comic book fans, who met online. This meeting went onto become a great screenwriting partnership including films such as X-men and the brilliant film Thor. Although, this was not what initially attracted me to their debut book, it was instead the curious synopsis and the glowing praise from Lev Grossman that really captured my inte [...]

    5. I never got over the sense that the authors chose to give the protagonist Asperger's to lend the character some quirk, rather than because they genuinely wanted to introduce us to a living, breathing, three-dimensional 14-year-old boy whose behaviors place him on the autism spectrum. Like Monk or Rainman, it's more of a Hollywood treatment of some serious conditions that actual people live with from day to day. On the basis of this alone, I would be predisposed to dislike the book; there's also [...]

    6. Un libro de detectiveas como ningún otro. Sindromes, matemáticas, juventud y un personaje como Collin que es un ser mágico, diferente, curioso y un gran detective deductivo y sofisticado :)Libro que recomiendo para iniciar con este género y no irse directo a Agatha Cristhie, o a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Este libro es fantástico para que te enamores de estos temas en la literatura.

    7. The main character, Colin Fischer, in the fictional YA novel having the same title, has Aspergers syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Colin has been tormented by certain classmates since kindergarten. High school isn't giving him a break from The main character, Colin Fischer, in the fictional YA novel having the same title, has Aspergers syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to soci [...]

    8. I found this book very, very frustrating. The new trend of narrators who are on the Autism spectrum is an interesting one, and so far I've really liked Curious Incident, Mockingbird, and Marcelo in the Real World. I have been told by a co-worker who has an Autistic son that The Rules is also very good. I have been looking for a review of Colin Fischer by someone who is more familiar with that Autism than myself because, based on what little I know about it, this book was inconsistent and not rea [...]

    9. As a parent of an autistic child I am having a hard time reading this book. I feel a lot of it is just not accurate. Would they really send a child with autism to high school with no support in place to help him when he needs it. How can you go from having a para with you at all times, to nothing. That's just asking for trouble.Another example, at my son's high school he doesn't have to be mainstreamed in regular phy ed if he doesn't want to. For Colin, it was just like, tough you're not differe [...]

    10. I went into this novel blind, and I really wasn't sure what I was in for based on the cover but I was pleasantly surprised and the intense but beautiful story that unfolded as I read. I really quite enjoyed many different aspects of this novel, from the quirky facts throughout to the interpretation of interpersonal relationships and understanding people with disability is something I do as a career so it is nice to see it represented in literature. Great Read

    11. Fun, fast paced, and full of interesting little footnotes. I love how the fact that the leading character has Asperger's is a big part of the story but it doesn't define the character. It informs some of his actions, but it's just a small part of what makes Colin entertaining.

    12. The cover of Colin Fischer is the first thing that drew me to the book - I loved all the little hand drawn faces with the emotions written beneath them. After checking out the blurb, the cover started to make sense, making me want to pick this up and start reading straight away!Needless to say, it didn't take me long to start this! I'm very interested in anything medical, psychological or mental-health related and the fact that this was a book that focused on Asperger's Syndrome was what made it [...]

    13. Colin Fischer ist anders als die meisten Kinder, denn bei Colin wurde das Asperger Syndrom diagnostiziert. Er hat seine ganz eigene Sicht auf die Dinge und als ein Pistolenschuss in seiner Schule fällt, beginnt Colin zu ermitteln. Obwohl die Idee nicht neu ist einen Menschen mit Asperger Syndrom zum Detektiv zu machen, ist dieser Krimi lesenswert. Den Autoren ist es gelungen einen wunderbare Mix aus Humor, Highschool-Feeling und Asperger-Syndrom-Problematik zu schaffen.In ‚Der beste Tag meine [...]

    14. hickeypicks.wordpress/201214-year-old Colin Fischer is on the Autism Spectrum. He is brilliant and his ability to meticulously notice details makes him a natural detective with a Sherlock Holmes-like talent for deduction. He is socially awkward and has trouble reading facial expressions. He loves to jump on a trampoline and that is one of the things that keeps him calm and helps him think. He deals with bullies. In the first chapter we witness him getting a swirly in the boy’s restroom. So whe [...]

    15. Colin Fischer is just looking to get through high school. But one day someone brings a gun to school, and bully Wayne Connelly is blamed. Colin knows Wayne didn't do it, but that means he has to find the real culprit to prove Wayne's innocence. Colin may have trouble putting together a facial expression with what people are thinking and feeling, but he has other powers of perception.I loved the format of COLIN FISCHER. There are excerpts from Colin's journal and lots of footnotes in addition to [...]

    16. Is there ever a time when 3rd person omniscient isn't annoying? That was my biggest problem with this book: no one was a mystery, even slightly. I felt like the authors were sitting me down to tell a fairly boring mystery story and informing me about the complexities of relationships for/with people who have Asberger's.

    17. I'm really interested in how two people write collaboratively, especially since this feels "whole". I loved the "geek" aspects of this narrative structure with the addition of footnotes delving even further into Colin's knowledge and understanding not to mention the Notebook entries which begin each chapter. I learnt about parking strategies and chimerism. Humour at the expense of Colin's social scripts is included but in such a manner that creates a smile rather than harsh laughter from the rea [...]

    18. It was pretty good, but it had many flaws(which are highlighted in other reviews) It would be certainly much better

    19. Colin Fischer has Asperger's syndrome. He loves math and logic and does not like people touching him and has a hard time reading people's facial expressions. Colin has just started high school, and is without an aid for the first time. The very first day, Colin gets his head put in a toilet by Wayne Connelly, and then Wayne Connelly gets expelled for bringing a gun to school. Only Colin knows that the gun wasn't Wayne's. Colin uses his powers of perception to work out what actually went on in th [...]

    20. Colin Fischer, our titular hero, has Asberger's syndrome, which falls on the autism spectrum. He's high functioning, very analytical, with an IQ between 155 and 180. Colin has just started high school, he has been with a lot of the same kids since grade school. On the first day of school, Wayne Connelly, someone who has been bullying Colin since first grade, sticks Colin's head in a toilet.(This shows up a lot in YA books and I really hope it's not something that actually happens. The combinatio [...]

    21. Colin has Aspergers Syndrome. It is important to get that out of the way, because this is not just about Aspergers. It is also about the other people in the life of an Aspergers sufferer. Family, friends, teachers - all figure in this mystery novel starring Colin as the detective.Colin has just started high school and it has not been going well. "Flushed" on his first day by Wayne Connelly - it doesn't look good for Colin. He makes notes about everyone and assesses people's emotional state using [...]

    22. [3.5]loquequierahoyColin es un chico especial. Tiene Síndrome de Asperger y ve la realidad desde su particular prisma. Detesta el contacto físico; no lo necesita, pero sus padres sí, así que cuando le quieren tocar tienen que avisarle para que a él no le pille de sorpresa. Debido al Asperger tampoco entiende los segundos sentidos, la ironía, las expresiones hechas, las bromas… su mente trabaja de una manera lógica y, en ocasiones, el lenguaje cotidiano no le resulta del todo sencillo de [...]

    23. Colin Fischer was a hilarious read for me. I particularly loved the way Colin interacted with others, that iswhen he interacted at all. He's very much so as uncensored a human being as possible to be. If he thinks it, you will hear it, and if he observes it, it will undoubtedly be going into his journal. Obviously this makes him an easy target for bullies in his school. Most of the kids in his class have known about him and his "disability" since they were young, yet instead of embracing it and [...]

    24. This book is geared toward young adults so it wouldn't be a book I would typically choose. However, my son, who has non-verbal learning disability (NLD), tends to read books involving characters with Autism and Aspbergers. Since NLD is on the same spectrum of disorders, he finds it interesting to see into the minds of those with these conditions.I saw this book offered on , in the First Read Contest. I registered with my son in mind. Of course, I read it first and I'll pass it along to him.For m [...]

    25. "Colin Fischer", by Ashley Edward Miller is a truly heart warming book. Colin Fischer is not like everyone else, he has a 'condition'. That doesn`t stop Colin from chasing his dreams to become a world-famous detective! When a gun goes off in the cafeteria, Colin knows that this is his one and only chance to be seen, his only chance to follow his dream. This is too easy there has to be SOME sort of a catch! There are plenty. You see, because of Colin`s 'condition', he is not the most popular pers [...]

    26. I loved this book. IMO this is how you write a great middle grade/early YA novel. The MC was a relatable hero, and the Asperger's part of his personality was almost endearing. I prefer this to Curious Incident which I always felt did a disservice to people with autism/ASD because Haddon's MC was a kid who completely lacked empathy, a trait that is frequently incorrectly attributed to Asperger's kids. Colin was by no means an unfeeling sociopath, he just had trouble reading emotions and then resp [...]

    27. 4-4.5? What an awesome story! It's like 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' meets 'Monk' (the TV show).Colin is a 14-year old boy who has Asperger's and is in his freshman year in high school. Public high school. Most of us are familiar with some of the more commonly known symptoms of Asperger's like discomfort with direct eye contact, loud noises, crowded social gatherings, touching and difficulty understanding and showing facial expressions. Colin has been training himself to deal with these things for a v [...]

    28. "Colin is different. He doesn't like to be touched, even by his parents. He can't tolerate loud noises. He has a hard time reading facial expressions; he keeps notes on what faces correspond to what emotions, so he can match them up with the people all around him and tell what they're feeling. He has an amazing memory and prodigious reasoning skills, and he's extraordinarily knowledgeable in certain areas--game theory, for example, and the history of the U.S. space program--but he also has troub [...]

    29. I enjoyed this but it didn't really work for me as a mystery. Colin correctly identifies who brought a loaded gun into the cafeteria (the guilty party seemed obvious to me from the get go) but never identifies why the gun was brought there. Or why it was obtained in the first place. There's too much left unanswered, especially Colin's schoolmates' ties to La Familia.On top of that I think the evolution of Colin's former bullies into people who befriend him, or at the very least respect him, seem [...]

    30. 1. Text to Text: The main character, Colin, is closely related to Rose, the main character in Rain Reign. Both of these characters have Autism tendencies. They both have a special teacher that helps throughout the school day. They are both sensitive to loud noises. In uncomfortable situations, Rose would shout out prime numbers where Colin would bark like a dog. Both Colin and Rose are good with numbers. 2. This book is culturally specific to students with disabilities. In the book, Colin demons [...]

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