Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania!

Hot Rod Hamster Monster Truck Mania The award winning bestselling team Cynthia Lord and Derek Anderson are back with the best Hot Rod Hamster adventure yet Monster Truck Mania It s Fair Day and Fearless Franco s famous Monster Truck M

  • Title: Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania!
  • Author: Cynthia Lord
  • ISBN: 9780545462617
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The award winning, bestselling team Cynthia Lord and Derek Anderson are back with the best Hot Rod Hamster adventure yet Monster Truck Mania It s Fair Day, and Fearless Franco s famous Monster Truck Mania has come to town Hot Rod Hamster and his friends are geared up for a roaring, soaring great time, so they set out to find the best ride at the fair The water boats, spThe award winning, bestselling team Cynthia Lord and Derek Anderson are back with the best Hot Rod Hamster adventure yet Monster Truck Mania It s Fair Day, and Fearless Franco s famous Monster Truck Mania has come to town Hot Rod Hamster and his friends are geared up for a roaring, soaring great time, so they set out to find the best ride at the fair The water boats, spinning teacups, and bumper cars are great, but Hamster can t seem to find the BEST ride That is, of course, until Fearless Franco needs a last minute back up driver for his monster truck Can Hot Rod Hamster help him out, and still find the best ride of all In this rollicking new adventure, Hot Rod Hamster proves once again that being small doesn t mean you can t think BIG

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    1. Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania by Cynthia Lord Lord, C & Anderson, D. (2014). Hot Rod Hamster: Monster truck mania! Press.Hot Rod Hamster and his friends go to the fair to see the monster truck show. But, they have some time to kill before it starts so they decide to go on some of the best rides at the fair. First one they try out is the boat ride. Hamster said the boat ride was fun, but the best ride will be fast. So Hamster and his friends try the teacup ride. Hamster says the teacu [...]

    2. i had fun picking the differant things i would do at the fair. i want to own a monster truck someday, so i would think it was really cool if i got to drive one.

    3. Hot Rod Hamster goes to the fair with his friends and finds the most thrilling ride ever, as a monster truck driver!

    4. We got our first taste of Hot Rod Hamster back during the summer and we were listening to an audio book. K just fell in love with this hamster. With Monster Truck Mania Hot Rod Hamster is at the fair with his friends and he wants to ride all these cool and amazing rides. And then he gets to drive a monster truck!!! The pictures are wonderful and keep the kids into the story, the rhyming is catchy and it always ends with what would YOU choose? And we both had fun picking which ride or type of foo [...]

    5. "The best ride will be fun, fast, let us drive and be up in the air."Hot Rod Hamster and friends go to the fair in order to see Fearless Franco drive his monster truck. But before the show, the friends go in search of the best ride: a boat? a teacup? a sports car? But when Fearless Franco breaks his glasses, it's Hot Rod Hamster who gets the "best ride of all": the Monster Truck itself.Students will get a kick out of the illustrations of this chubby little hamster yelling "Grab a footful" as his [...]

    6. Hot Rod Hamster and his friends are thrilled to visit the fair and see all the sights as well as eat lots of good food. But Hot Rod Hamster enjoys the speed of all the rides before the Monster Truck Show starts. When he happens to be in the right place at the right time, he takes the place of Fearless Franco and drives one of those monster trucks like he was born to sit behind the wheel. Readers and fans of this series featuring the smiling hamster will enjoy the intense colors of the acrylic il [...]

    7. Hot Rod Hamster is back again and this time he's going to a Monster Truck Show! He rides the amusement park rides and eats cotton candy, and - oh! - can it be? Hot Rod Hamster is driving a monster truck! He can't even reach the pedals! What will happen to Hot Rod Hamster?Derek Anderson reprises his bold acrylic paintings that make the truck show extra-exciting. The story does not have a clever ending, as the other Hot Rod Hamster books, but it will still be fun for fans of the series, aged 3-6.

    8. Hot Rod Hamster is livin' the dream: a day at the fair with lots of rides, cotton candy, and the best seat in the house for the monster truck show! When Fearless Franco breaks his glasses and can't drive, it's Hod Rod Hamster who saves the show and drives the monster truck. Of course, because it's a Hot Rod Hamster book, there are plenty of pages with fun choices and the repeated line kids can't resist: "Which would *you* choose?"

    9. Age: PreschoolAlthough Hot Rod Hamster doesn't have much character other than being furry and super enthusiastic, Lord finely executes this high-appeal picture book for the preschool age. Hot Rod Hamster visits the fair with his friends, enjoying his surroundings for half the book then subbing for a Monster Truck driver who broke his glasses. Lord provides a rhyming narration coupled with dialogue speech bubbles that gives this simple picture book an enjoyable read.

    10. Summary: Hot Rod Hamster goes the see a monster truck show, but gets to the fair early. How will he spend his time? Riding rides and eating snacks. The monster truck driver broke his glasses. Oh no! How will the show go on? Publication: 2014Library Use: This book asks the read to choose which ride, or snack they would choose if they were at the fair. There interactions take place through out the book. Nice bright, colorful pictures. Easily a child's favorite.

    11. I love that, in each scene, the book asks the reader which thing *he* would choose. My son loved picking which bumper car he would drive, which snack he would eat, etc. My husband and I pick, too, and it's a fun way to interact with the book as well as with each other. The story is simple but cute, and the illustrations are good, clean, and colorful. My three-year-old has requested this one multiple times in the past week!

    12. It's Hamster's day at the fair. Food! Music! But most importantly, Rides!!! Hamster can't figure out which ride is his favorite, until he gets a chance to drive a monster truck at the rally! Wow!Kids will enjoy this fun rhyming story. I personally wouldn't use this for a large storytime as there's so much going on in the pictures kids will feel cheated if you turn the pages to quickly.

    13. Hot-Rod Hamster's back. This time he's visiting the fair. While Fearless Franco's Monster Truck Mania is the main attraction, HRH can't get enough of the rides! Rhythmic repetition and the question, "Which would you choose?" invite participation. The splashy, energetic, brightly-hued palette is pleasing. Fans of HRH will be thrilled and fans of monster trucks might just become fans of HRH.

    14. Hot Rod Hamster was an alright book. I personally don't have any interest in monster trucks but if kids do, it'll be a great read. I like the rhythm of the book. It was a very fast read. It had internal rhyme and it kept my attention even though I didn't have personal interest. The art was vibrant and catchy as well. All in all, it was a fun read and it made me want to go buy a hamster.

    15. Hot Rod Hamster and Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania are adorable with bright colorful pictures and repetitive text that appeal to young children. I used both of these stories for a library story time program for children ages 18 months to 3 years old. Both books where a big hit.

    16. Bright colorful picture book about a hamster and dog going to the local fair, riding rides, eating junk food, and a monster truck; sounds like the formula for a perfect read for young animal and car enthusiasts.

    17. I know some kiddos who are going to love this book! Who doesn't smile over the lovable little hamster and his friends as they go to a fair and ride on all of the rides. Although each is better than the last, none is as thrilling as the one Hot Rod Hamster takes to save the show.

    18. Cute hamster, love of trucks, love of/desire to drive. This would make a better in-lap read than read-aloud. Or, if reading aloud, skip the "normal" text and just read the dialogue bubbles. I'd give it a 2.5, actually.

    19. This is a cute book to read to ECE level readers because it has a fun, sing song-y rhyme, dialog among the characters, and questions for the reader to answer. The pictures are large and colorful, too!

    20. A fun book for celebrating fair week! In this fun book, hamster shows his adventurous spirit at the fair! When he gets the chance to do something extra special, he earns a load of fair tickets that he shares with everyone in line at the food stand! Sweet.

    21. Have to admit the idea of this little hamster driving a monster truck is funny. Cute illustrations- lots of color! Best read with someone so they can answer the questions the text asks.

    22. The monster truck mania takes place at the fair so there are fair activities and food to expose the children to before the monster truck comes into the picture.

    23. True to the Hot Rod Hamster character books. Great for pre-K through 1st. A great read aloud and a book that you can choral read or echo read with A child. Big, bright, and beautiful illustrations.

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