The Universe, Five Minutes At A Time

The Universe Five Minutes At A Time Seventeen short stories some are preludes to books written or in progress some are just for fun

  • Title: The Universe, Five Minutes At A Time
  • Author: James W.McAllister
  • ISBN: 9780991040513
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen short stories, some are preludes to books written or in progress, some are just for fun.

    One thought on “The Universe, Five Minutes At A Time”

    1. I had intended to first, read a couple of the stories in this book of shorts, then get the others, a few at a time, later, when I had more time. However, I found that as I finished each one I was anxious to go on to the next intriguing story. So, I finished the book at one sitting, and then sat around wishing for more.The stories range from the humorous to the tragic – occasionally within the same one, such as I found in “The Neptune Fudge Affair”. I especially enjoyed “Looking for Maste [...]

    2. A lot of science fiction stories tend to get bogged down in the "science" aspect, but James McAllister has done an excellent job in combining just enough science with some entertaining tales to make for some enjoyable reading that will appeal to more than just the sci-fi buff.These short stories are a fun way to fill a few extra minutes now and then. I liked the oblique humor in "Used Car Salesman," but my overall favorite was "The Battle of Nili Patera." It is so well-executed with the voices o [...]

    3. This was a very enjoyable read!At first, I was confused. I hadn't read the blurb. I simply dove into the book. So, I read the first three 'Chapters' and thought to myself, "What the heck? This is all over the place!" That thought made me go back and read the blurb and then learned that it was a bunch of short stories. Then everything made sense! Lol.My favorites, though I enjoyed almost all of them, were "The Neptune Fudge Affair" and "One Little Mistake" My least favorite was "Clanseed"Every st [...]

    4. The Universe, Five Minutes at a TimeWhatever DID happen to Oliver?A collection of clever short stories, “The Universe Five Minutes at a Time” offers a snippet of entertainment and teasers for works of great fiction we can come to expect from the author, James McAllister. This “cool”lection is ideal in Kindle version for a person on the go who tries to carve out a few minutes in their hectic day to do a little reading. Each short story leaves you wondering what’s next for the array of c [...]

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