Unlucky 13

Unlucky When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge Detective Lindsay Boxer doubts that it will be anything as simple as a traffic accident The scene is gruesome than anythi

  • Title: Unlucky 13
  • Author: James Patterson Maxine Paetro
  • ISBN: 9781780890319
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer doubts that it will be anything as simple as a traffic accident.The scene is gruesome than anything she has seen before It definitely wasn t the crash that killed these people While Lindsay starts to piece this case together, she gets a call she wasn t expecting SWhen two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer doubts that it will be anything as simple as a traffic accident.The scene is gruesome than anything she has seen before It definitely wasn t the crash that killed these people While Lindsay starts to piece this case together, she gets a call she wasn t expecting Sightings of her ex colleague turned ruthless killer Mackie Morales have been reported.Wanted for three murders, Mackie has been in hiding since she escaped from custody But now she s ready to return to San Francisco and pay a visit to some old friends

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    1. I used to love this series - and while I do still read it, the books as of late just haven't been as great. In terms of this one, I don't think having the three different plot lines worked well. The book jumped all over the place and impacted the overall flow negatively. Without spoiling anything, I think only one plot line was even slightly interesting, one was just ridiculous and the other seemed unfinished. This story almost read like separate novellas - rather then a unified book/ a unified [...]

    2. This was by far one, if not favorite installment of the Women's Murder Club series. The crime plots are amazing in this book. Cindy and Yuki are put to the test in this book and boy, do they shine! I thoroughly loved this installment!My quick and simple overall: James Patterson series are quick and fun to read and this is by far one of my favorites!

    3. This book is not much different than the others, it just has a different story line. However, I've especially noticed in this one and the last one that they are trying to cram so much into one book that the end result feels very rushed. I'm not buying into Boxer's motherhood. I think she held Julie twice in this book and it just feels forced, like the baby is an after thought. Also, Joe got to leave the house for an hour and he had to be back in "Godspeed" and if he's a stay-at-home-dad why is t [...]

    4. So disappointing!!I have read all of the series in order and always look forward to the next one, I usually fly through the book in a couple of days.This one was such a chore to plough through, 3 completely separate and unconnected "crimes" that were so far fetched, had little to no involvement with the story line, no real plot or additional characters that you could relate to and no resolution to the "belly bombings" The "pirates" storyline with Yuki was ridiculous and irrelevant - the only par [...]

    5. 2.5 stars rounded up. This series:But I mean, it's addicting how bad these can be. I giggle, I roll my eyes, I scoff - I run the whole gamut of "feeling superior" reactions. It's no secret to anyone who has stuck it out with this series that these books have taken a hard dive from the top of the murder-mystery genre cliff into an ocean of gooey, unrealistic female drama. So on one hand I am disappointed that this isn't what it should have been, and on the other hand it's such easy, stupid readin [...]

    6. Being called to a car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge was unusual for Detective Lindsay Boxer, but as soon as she saw the victims she understood why she and partner Detective Richie Conklin had been notified. There was no possible way the two young people in the vehicle had died from a simple vehicle crash – their injuries were too horrific; the gruesome nature of these deaths was the worst she had seen in her long career in law enforcement.The Women's Murder Club, which was made up of Lind [...]

    7. I keep saying the same thing, how I miss the good old James Patterson books, and why do I keep on reading them nevertheless well, in the case of this book, it was fast paced as always, and the story was mildly interesting so it was not a boring read, but I expect a lot more from a thriller book and from this series.The Women Murder Club is just a name these days, right? They don't do almost anything together. The storylines we have on the cover of the book seem really appealling, but they don't [...]

    8. This series has slowly become a total trainwreck. I get that it's typical James Patterson fare, but this was even worse than usual. The whole thing was filled with cliched, cringe-worthy one-liners and an overall rushed story. There were three different things going on in this novel, all of which felt like a complete rush job. The last several books in the series have been a total let-down.

    9. As a fan of this series, I buy the next book as soon as it comes out and devour it. I read the sample that was available online and couldn't wait for the book to come out. This book was a disappointment. The story is disjointed--and there were times when I felt I must have missed something and went back to look (I hadn't missed anything--it was just disjointed). I don't feel that any real care was put into the character development and the plots--it was just a "grind it out and make the money" e [...]

    10. Another good entry in the Women's Murder Club. These books never blow me out of the water, but they're easy reads with short chapters and always interesting enough to hold my attention. I do have to say that in this particular book, I liked the side story involving Yuki and Brady more than the main mystery, even though it was kind of rushed and a little implausible. But I enjoyed seeing them front and center with their own story for a change.

    11. The thirteenth book in the Women's murder club by James Patterson.I admit that I long for more novels like Patterson's early work when his books were a lot better and maybe more time spent on the writing. These day's it seems to be more about getting as many books out as possible and covering every possible genre rather than sticking to what made him a success in the first place. This book is certainly fast paced and readable but lacks the craft of the earlier books by serving up 3 different plo [...]

    12. Ahhh. I love the Women's Murder Club!! These books are fast-paced, quick reads with all the twists and turns of a good detective story!

    13. Unlucky Thirteen is the thirteenth book in the popular Women’s Murder Club series by American author, James Patterson. When Claire Washburn summons Lindsay Boxer and Rich Conklin to a traffic accident on The Bridge, it quickly becomes apparent that this is much more. The explosion that caused the accident turns out to be from two belly bombs, ingested by two innocent motorists shortly before. The FBI decides to get involved, much to the SFPD’s disgust.Meanwhile, Chronicle journalist, Cindy T [...]

    14. I have always been a fan of the Women's Murder Club books, but this one just didn't do it for me. There were too many plot lines that didn't flow together, and one of the major ones simply was left unfinished. So much so that I went back to "find the ending" of the story multiple times only to realize"oh, that was it?" Not how the title was integrated into the storyline at all. Overall, I'm feeling pretty bummed by the lack of resolution and follow through.

    15. This is my final attempt to get into the murder mystery club comprised by Patterson. I care little for clothing descriptions, babies, pursuits of boyfriends and the like while a serial killer reemerges. 2 of 10 stars

    16. Not the best women's murder club book I've read. The three unrelated story lines made it a bit of a choppy read and they just all seemed to end with a slight pop rather than a bang. For me, these books are becoming a little tiresome and like the Alex Cross series, I'm wondering if they've really got anywhere else to go??

    17. I always pick up a James Patterson Women's Murder Club book knowing it's going to be a quick, easy read, and it is. However, the story lines seem disjointed and incomplete. The belly bomb plot is interesting, but it felt unfinished. Did we really understand why the antagonists did what they did? I did not. Then there's the return of Mackie Morales - the ending seems too pat. Cindy just happened to be following Lindsay when Mackie decided to make her move? It's too convenient.Lastly, the "pirates [...]

    18. Hmmmn't really know how to rate or review this one. Up until now I have loved the Women's Murder Club but for some reason this one just didn't even feel like part of the series. Yes, it has all the familiar characters but the story just didn't flow for me. I'm not real sure why Lindsey got married, had a child, just the whole family thing because she wasn't ready for something like this. You can't be involved with the big cases she is involved with and take care of a newborn. So it looks like Jo [...]

    19. 2.5 StarsI do eventually get sucked into the suspense in these books, and number 13 was no exception. However, SOO much here is getting old and unbelievable. I liked these books much better when the Women's Murder Club actually got together (in the same location) and tried to solve crime instead of always being the victims. I know Unlucky 13 is the title, and I know that people in law enforcement have dangerous jobs, but there's only so much I can believe. They even get drawn into crimes when th [...]

    20. Unlucky 13 by Maxine Paetro, 13th book in the Woman's Murder Club series, begins with homicide cop Lindsay Boxer's cell phone ringing. The person on the other end is Chief Medical Examiner for San Francisco and her best friend Clair Washburn. Clair says she is at the scene of a single car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge but she doesn't know what she's looking at. When Lindsay and Richie Conklin, Lindsay's partner, arrive on scene Clair says "welcome to some kind of crazy. Let me give you the [...]

    21. Patterson's successful Women's Murder Club series makes a great return with its 13th instalment. When Lindsay Boxer stumbles upon a case of true 'hunger pains'; ground beef patties packed with explosives, all traced back to a popular fast-food restaurant. Who's been spiking the meat and what's a reason behind this most horrific murder spree? Meanwhile, a quickie wedding by one of the Club members leads to an Alaskan honeymoon, as serene as it is beautiful, that is until terror strikes the cruise [...]

    22. Another set of three plots are at the center of this 13th book in this series. Not the best of plots, I have to admit. Certainly the belly bombs and what motivated the bad guys was a rather absurd story-line. You could easily deduct and feel that it wasn’t given much thought. It wasn’t up to even these authors mediocre standard overall. I thought that the ordeal on the cruise-ship FinStar which newlyweds, Yuki and Brady, went through was a bit more compelling and I was glad that they made it [...]

    23. Although I was never a fan of the "soaps" on TV, I certainly get hooked on the characters I've come to care about in numerous novel seriesSo, I can understand soap operas attraction to the viewersPatterson's "Women's Murder Club" series is one of those seriesIn this one, the gang is battling evil on a couple of fronts, from a bomber targeting a fast-food chain, a ship hijacking, to a vengeful crazy woman from their pastGood stuff!

    24. Now that Patterson's Alex Cross series has taken a serious turn toward worthless (IMHO, at least), his "Women's Murder Club" - and possibly the "Private" - series are about the best he's got. And I'm going to give much of the credit to his co-author, Maxine Paetro; more often than not, the books with her name attached have been of good enough quality to make me want to keep reading. This latest offering is no exception. Yes, parts of the three "cases" detailed therein are a bit unrealistic to sa [...]

    25. There was something about this one that seemed off, Cindy was off on her own, Yuki was off on her own, Clare was barely around, and Lindsay bopped between them all. The group as a whole wasn't around, which is the strongest part of the series. I actually found myself most interested in Yuki's story. It was so wonderful at first, but soon hit disaster. I always wonder what I would do in situations like this, for certain not as well as Yuki. I feel like so many things were left hanging, the belly [...]

    26. I enjoyed this book. I needed something to read that was fairly light and this filled the bill. I am not saying there isn't a lot of action in the book; there is with one of the club members getting married and going on her honeymoon where pirates hijack their cruise ship to Alaska of all places; a chemist and her brother are putting explosives in food that cause a person to explode from the inside out, and other events. However, I didn't have to think about anything much while reading this book [...]

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