Pottytime for Chickies

Pottytime for Chickies Learning to go potty is tricky for the Chickies This lovable heart warming series makes a great gift for any new family Experience all of the big parenting milestones with the Chickies With engaging

  • Title: Pottytime for Chickies
  • Author: Janee Trasler
  • ISBN: 9780062274694
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Board Book
  • Learning to go potty is tricky for the Chickies This lovable, heart warming series makes a great gift for any new family Experience all of the big parenting milestones with the Chickies With engaging rhymes, endearing illustrations, and a soft padded cover, these books are perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy.

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    1. When little chickies learn how to potty, you can guarantee there will be some mistakes, but with a hug and a kiss, they figure things out.Read the full review here:ermareads.wordpress/child

    2. These are cute, repetitive little padded board books full of silliness. At first glance I was concerned but after actually reading them I'm relieved and entertained (as are my girls!) If you get all three (recommended!) start with Pottytime for Chickiesanks to HC.

    3. My grand daughter enjoyed this and asked that I read it to her several times. The number of times she asks me to read a book is a clear indicator of whether it's a winner or not. She'd give this book at least 4 stars. I'm giving it 3 stars because it needs some editing. As the Chickies are being left in the bathroom to do what they need to do, they entreat Pig with, "Goodbye, Pig. Shut the Door." I read it, "Goodbye, Pig. Please, shut the door." I make the same edits for Cow and Sheep. The last [...]

    4. This pair of board books introduces three small chicks who have problems falling asleep and using the potty correctly. Trasler uses humor and other animals to make these books great fun to read. Her artwork is particularly child-friendly and the Chickies themselves are naughty and silly, in the just the way small children would appreciate.

    5. I saw this book at the store and after looking through it really fast, I had to get it. I thought it was hilarious. Especially since eI can see my son doing some of what the chickies do in the book. I am keeping this to give to my son when he starts potty training.

    6. We are entering that potty training age so grabbing up any and all books on the subject whether for her or for my husband and myself. This one is super cute and will be reading it again before I give it back to the library.

    7. My 20-month old son cannot get enough of this book. He loves to make the sounds that the chickies make as they play. Even though I have now read this book about a hundred times, it's still a super cute and fun read.

    8. I don't usually put picture/board books on but this is the best potty training book I've ever read! Cute, funny and pertinent.

    9. Good lord, this is cute. Potty time is rarely handled humorously, but this manages to be funny and entertaining!

    10. I hate potty books and I don't particularly like the Chickies, but this one went over well for me and my son, for a potty book. The Chickies get into lots of mischief in the bathroom before they finally do what they're supposed to do on the potty. My three-year-old adored the mischief part. Let's hope he doesn't try to recreate the scenes on his own.

    11. Lydia really likes this books. She loves chicks right now, so the timing is perfect with that. It is a great book about going potty. It shows what not to do in the bathroom, and ends with the chicks successfully going potty.

    12. Adorable tale of three mammals attempting to push their physiological norms onto a trio of avians, ultimately succeeding in doing so.

    13. I loved this story. Shut the door, we know what the potty is for. It could help kids understand to does and don'ts of using the potty.

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