The Impossible Patriotism Project

The Impossible Patriotism Project Caleb s class is making projects that represent patriotism to display at Parents Night Molly dresses up like the Statue of Liberty and Kareem draws a map of the United States But Caleb can t think of

  • Title: The Impossible Patriotism Project
  • Author: Linda Skeers Ard Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9780803731387
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Caleb s class is making projects that represent patriotism to display at Parents Night Molly dresses up like the Statue of Liberty and Kareem draws a map of the United States But Caleb can t think of a single way to show what patriotism means to him Besides, his dad can t even come to Parents Night because he is far away, serving as a soldier Then, when Caleb reallyCaleb s class is making projects that represent patriotism to display at Parents Night Molly dresses up like the Statue of Liberty and Kareem draws a map of the United States But Caleb can t think of a single way to show what patriotism means to him Besides, his dad can t even come to Parents Night because he is far away, serving as a soldier Then, when Caleb really starts thinking about his dad and what he is doing for the country, inspiration finally strikes Here is a book that celebrates the men and women serving the United States in the armed forces today, as well as the families that give up so much to support them First time author Linda Skeers and Ard Hoyt, illustrator of John Lithgow s I m a Manatee, have created a classic story, full of warmth and humor, that will resonate with families all across the country.

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    1. "The Impossible Patriotism Project" by Linda Skeers encourages readers to think about how they would define patriotism. It asks readers to think about what it really means to love your country. Caleb's teacher asks her students to create projects that show patriotism. Caleb's classmates come up with ideas immediately but Caleb struggles. When he finally has an epiphany about what to do, his project impresses his classmates, teacher, and his mom. For this book's particular look at the topic, mili [...]

    2. When Caleb's teacher gives his class the assignment to come up with a display for parents' night on "Patriotism" Caleb can't think of anything. His classmates are all hard at work on their projects, but Caleb thinks patriotism is too abstract. Besides, his dad is serving a military tour overseas and won't even be there. This isn't your typical parent deploying book that explains that mommy or daddy is going away, or how it will be when they return. But I think it may still be a contender for my [...]

    3. Mommy's Review - This is another one that I couldn't read without getting all choked up. The teacher gives the kids an assignment to create a project that demonstrates patriotism the end the main character, who couldn't think of anything, draws a big picture of his dad.a soldier who can't come to Parent's Night because he's serving away from home.

    4. This book is really awesome. It's a story a boy struggling to do a project about patriotism. The story goes through many different historical events while the boy thinks about his project. Then the boy thinks about his father who is in the military. It's a really fanatasic book. Great for a historic read-aloud.

    5. This story would be great to use during a Social Studies lesson for 3rd or 4th graders. It is about a little boy who has make something that shows patriotism, but cannot figure out what to make. The illustrations are great. The end of the story gave me goosebumps :). I really enjoyed it.

    6. In this book, the little boy, whose father is away in the military, is having trouble thinking of a project that shows his patriotism. He finally thinks of a way that honors his dad.

    7. Such a sweet book about the service of our current military. Great gift for military families, especially regarding deployment.

    8. My grandpas were in the military, my dad was in the military (I was born on a military base), and my brother is in the military, so this book resonated with me. This book shows what patriotism is in a variety of different ways. I really enjoyed the ending. thanks to those in the military serving our country.

    9. Caleb, a boy in elementary school has been assigned an impossible project for President's Day - he has to make something that demonstrates the meaning of patriotism. Other kids in the class focus on Abraham Lincoln, state-themed poetry, the Liberty Bell, and dreams of becoming President, but none of these strikes Caleb's fancy. He begins to despair, thinking it doesn't matter anyway because his father, a soldier who is away serving in the military, can't come to Parent's Night. Thinking of his d [...]

    10. Oh the angst of having a parent who cannot ever go to school functions when you are a child. When the class is given a patriotism project to do to share on Parent's night, Caleb is distraught. He cannot thing of any great project to do. He checks out what his classmates are up to and feels inadequate. Since his father will once again not be able to attend, he feels, 'Why bother?' But something changes his min d and he feels better when Parent's Night starts. A heartwarming picture book written b [...]

    11. This is a very cute story that shows the love and support families give to those serving in our military. Caleb doesn't know what to make for their parents night to show patriotism until he really starts to think about what his father does as a soldier. The illustrations are very colorful and beautiful. This is a story that could be read around Veterans Day or Memorial Day to remind children how much those men and women do for our country. Also to honor the families that go through very tough ti [...]

    12. I checked this out from the library for the kids, but wow, what a great book for me, too. This is by far one of the very best children's books that I've read! It's all about this little boy who is given the assignment by his teacher to create a patriotism project. He struggles to find any idea, until he has the greatest one of all. This book was so touching and great. I would recommend it for anyone who loves this country, both young and old.

    13. Caleb has a hard time coming up with a way to symbolize patriotism for Presidents' Day, until he realizes that his dad, who is away from home in the military, is what patriotism is all about.Reading PracticeBook Level: 3.0 Interest Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3) Fiction/Nonfiction: FictionTopic - Subtopic: Community Life-School; Family Life-Fathers; Holidays-Misc./Other; Military-Army

    14. This book earned a very soft spot with me. I picked it up hoping I could use it to teach my children about patriotism. I was able to do that, and more. Although a childrens book, it went a little deeper. It is perfect for military family's. Especially, those who have had to tell their parent goodbye while they leave to defend our country. Great book for all ages!

    15. This Young Readers book tells the sweet story of a military child whose father is deployed and can’t come to Parents’ Night, where the class is presenting projects representing the concept of Patriotism. The story ends satisfactorily, and the last illustration before the endpapers put a lump in my throat.

    16. I'm reading this book for outreach storytime and regular storytime next week to help celebrate Patriot Day. I have to really concentrate when I read this to not get emotional. This is a sweet story about a child struggling to find a project to represent patriotism. I don't want to spoil the story but suffice it to say that what he comes up with is very touching. Great book.

    17. A very heart warming story of a boy names Caleb who has a tough time showing the meaning of patriotism for a class project but then finally discovers the real meaning, his father who in the military.

    18. Touching story of a boy who needs inspiration for his President's Day project on patriotism. In the end, he realizes that his father offers the perfect solution. Would be great for students who have a parent serving in the military.

    19. Wow - this one will bring tears to your eyes. My brother illustrated it and the story is incredible. This is perfect for anyone with family serving in the armed services and that is serving themselves. It's a beautiful book

    20. A familiar school situation (Science/social studies fair) provides the scenario for Caleb to consider patriotism while struggling with his father's absence. His resolution and the reaction of his community resonates as credible and satisfying.

    21. Books like this are great for children with parents in the military. I thought Caleb's wild imagination was well illustrated and I felt as though I was walking through the steps with him in this story.

    22. Hilarious illustrations on every page - you'll discover new things with each look. A great choice for any military family or any family affected by war.

    23. A very smart way of executing a book based on Patriotism to little kids. I would have liked it way more, although, if I was more devoted to the U. S. A.

    24. Little boy's assignment is to make something to represent "patriotism." It takes a while for him to figure out what he should do.And I teared up at the end.

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