In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace

In Capable Arms Living a Life Embraced by Grace Sarah Kovac was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita AMC a rare congenital birth defect that left her with arms that she could barely use Growing up she was the only one in her class with a

  • Title: In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace
  • Author: Sarah Kovac
  • ISBN: 9781426756955
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sarah Kovac was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita AMC , a rare congenital birth defect that left her with arms that she could barely use Growing up, she was the only one in her class with a disability, setting her apart as different and unpopular Realizing her unique place in the world, Sarah began adapting, working to her strengths, and eventually learnedSarah Kovac was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita AMC , a rare congenital birth defect that left her with arms that she could barely use Growing up, she was the only one in her class with a disability, setting her apart as different and unpopular Realizing her unique place in the world, Sarah began adapting, working to her strengths, and eventually learned to use her feet to do such activities as changing her son s diapers, making dinner, putting on makeup, and even typing on the computer even as she grew in spiritual and emotional maturity and independence in exceptional ways.Picked up by national news network CNN, Sarah s story went viral and she was suddenly presented with a platform from which to share her love for God In Capable Arms brings readers on Sarah s journey, crying with her through intense frustration and the desire to be perfect, cheering her through physical training and pain, and admiring her eventual spiritual surrender as she let go of her insecurities and let God use her even her crippled arms.Sarah brings readers face to face with their own struggles, challenges them with questions about self worth and fear, then offers guidance, wisdom, and inspiration for finding hope and healing in the arms of the One who loves them no matter what.

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    1. The title of Sarah Kovac's inspirational memoir, In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace, is a reflection true of its wavering theme. In the candid ebb and flow of the author's personal and honest account of her life living with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, Kovac reveals her cyclical feelings of fear of inadequacy & incapability alternating with personal triumphs as she gains confidence in her ability to be self-capable.Kovac's transparent honesty in sharing her self-doubt wh [...]

    2. “Grief is often a lifelong companion in some form. No matter how much acceptance I find, there will always be days when I am not OK with what I’ve lost. I will never be done grieving. There will be times when the sting of my loss is greater than others. Times when I feel angry and want to scream. Times that I feel thankful for all of the good God has brought out of my pain….That’s OK – it’s part of the process. As I heal, acceptance will come easier and the painful moments will be fe [...]

    3. One day, Sarah Kovac posted a video on CNN showing the ways she has adapted to living with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a congenital defect that left her shoulders, arms and fingers shortened, weak and unable to bend. She was amazed at the response. In her book In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace, she wrote “What I shared that day was struggle. My struggle may look different than yours, but struggle is universal. It’s something we all have in common. Sharing a struggle ha [...]

    4. My book arrived the day before the review was due and unfortunately I didn't have time to read it that night. I am so glad I was able to find the time over the weekend. In Capable Arms is an incredible story about an incredible woman; although Sarah tells about her life, it's not a biography but an inspirational work. Throughout the chapters are interspersed "journal questions" which would be great for a book discussion group. In Capable Arms is a book one can't put down that will make you think [...]

    5. Inspiring and Uplifting!A well written book that at first talks about the challenges faced by Ms. Kovac but the book changes and becomes inspiring about the ways of working through our challenges – with God’s help and His plan. I found myself reading and forgetting about the physical problems facing Sarah and instead admiring her grit, courage and attitude! This is a book you will enjoy and not forget! Enjoy! NetGalley provided an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest r [...]

    6. This was a very good book. I won it here in a contest and the day I got it, I held it and said "This book has a story to tell me. And not just the regular kind of story". And I was correct.It is about Sara Kovac, who was born with Arthogyrposis Multiplex Congenita which means "crooked joints". It affects 1 in 3,000 babies. It is a congenital defect that leaves the babies shoulders, arms, and fingers shortened and lacking muscle. It occurs in varying degrees in all cases. Sara's arms, which are [...]

    7. Title: In Capable Arms (Living a Life Embrace by Grace)Author: Sarah KovacPages: 192Year: 2013Publisher: AbingdonKeep the tissues handy when reading Sarah’s very heartfelt journey in this life this side of heaven. Is it depressing? By no means! Yet, when reading how Sarah felt about herself or how others treated her, it wasn’t always with the kindest of words or actions. As you read each chapter, there are small grey boxes that have questions for readers to journal their thoughts, emotions o [...]

    8. When I first heard that Sarah Kovac – a young woman born with a rare congenital birth defect that rendered both of her arms inflexible and resulted in her learning to use her feet in incredibly adaptive ways – was writing her life story, I could hardly wait to read it. I am always inspired to learn how people like Sarah overcome difficult circumstances and learn to thrive against all odds.And here – at the heart of it all – Sarah shares the secret to her success:I can rest deeply because [...]

    9. I haven't quite finished IN CAPABLE ARMS, but what I have read is outstanding. I am definitely giving this book a five star review. IN CAPABLE ARMS is written from the heart with a deep-felt honesty that by-passes so many people. Sarah Kovac was dealt a harsh hand by being born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a rare congengenital birth defect, but being the remarkable young woman she is, it is clear in her writing that she has discovered that God has a purpose in her life and her [...]

    10. In Capable Arms by Sarah Kovac is a wonderful book, filled with stories of Kovac's unique life. Born with a congenital condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiples Congenita, Kovac has never had use of her arms and shoulders. She has adapted the world to be her own, relying on her feet to drive a car, care for her children and write her own book.Two things are striking about In Capable Arms, as opposed to many other autobiographies. First, Kovac is remarkably candid about her life. While the book [...]

    11. "In Capable Arms" is THE MOST heartwarming book I have yet to read. It's a story about one's life with a disability that may be physical but does not prevent this amazing woman to learn and do things that are important to her. I had never heard of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Sarah, thank you for opening your world to us. Thank you for showing us how special life is no matter what obstacles we face. Yes, each day is filled with obstacles. Each day is also filled with opportunities.To read [...]

    12. Sarah’s parents taught her that she may have a disability, but she is not “disabled.” Her father emphasized to never let your flaws define you! Her story is one of self-acceptance and vulnerability about overcoming physical and social struggles. Her writing is mainly from when she was younger and in high school. This would be a great book to give to adolescents as they transition from childhood to adulthood. However, she also addresses her college years, as a newly married woman and as a y [...]

    13. I was excited to find out that I had won this book through First-Reads. I thank Sarah for sharing her inspirational journey with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. I like how she used biblical references as well as points of reflection with "journal questions" throughout the book. It is definitely through God's grace that we are able to survive life's struggles and hardships. Sometimes it is difficult to understand when we go through our trials, but then we put our trust in God's capable arms, [...]

    14. What a great story to read!! Sarah comes across as a sweet lady who has gone through more in her lifetime than I can even imagine! Born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) she has learned how to adapt and use her feet instead of her hands to perform tasks. Such a great testament of faith and trust in God. Even during her biggest struggles and worries, childbirth for one, she remains strong in her faith and writes about the Bible verses that helped with her courage during giving birth. [...]

    15. What an inspiring, wise message! Everyone could benefit from this young woman's testimony of God 's amazing plan and how He uses all things for His glory. I love her perspective and openness. I have struggled with inadequacies and felt insecure and yet don t have any diagnosed disabilities. But to embrace who God made me, with all my limitations and even talents and gifts is to trust that God knows better than I do. I love how Sarah trusted that God would show her how to drive a car, care for he [...]

    16. I won this book in a First Reads giveaway and I couldn't be more happier. This book is about a remarkable young woman who was born with a rare disorder that left her without the use of her arms. As a result, she learned how to use her feet as she would her hands to complete her daily tasks. This book taught me to appreciate all the blessings that I have and it taught me to be grateful! I learned so much from Ms. Sara Kovac and all I can say is THANK YOU!

    17. I had the pleasure of receiving this book through . And what a blessing it is to get this book. Anyone and everyone can relate to this book in one way or another. I can not just pick one part of this book that is the best every chapter has something important and she has an area at the bottom for you to take the time to think and write in your journal. There is one part that she says " nobody holds the power to define me, unless I hand it to them." So true. This is a must read.

    18. Starting this book I had no idea it was going to be God-y. That didn't bother me at all, I was just caught a little off guard. I totally shouldn't have been though. Even though I don't have any disabilities I was still able to find some common ground with Sarah and relate to her story. I laughed and teared up while reading this one. Definitely made me believe more in the power of God than I already do.

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book, if you can call it a book. It was so short, I could have read it during three red lights. That's my only complaint! I finished it and said to myself, that's it? No more? Well of course there is no more. She's too young still. I hope she writes another book, a memoir, when her children are grown and out of the house. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

    20. Fantastic book. This book quickly struck all emotions (laugh, cry, excite, etc.) and spiritually motivated me. With biblical references and Sarah's comforting words of wisdom, I felt I was moved a step closer to self-awareness and responsibility. Definitely a must read book.

    21. I heard the author interviewed on Focus on the Family and liked what she had to say. Unfortunately, the book was too preachy.

    22. Just read this book again. Love it. I relate to different pieces of Sarah's story, especially the overall lesson of living well with Arthrogryposis and seeing God's goodness.

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