One thought on “Breaking The King Saul Syndrome”

  1. Great little book on the importance of serving and equipping others to flourish in their god given abilities.

  2. I find that many authors can belabor their points when writing a book. Jonathan Martin is not one of those people. He does a wonderful job of keeping his message short and sweet in this quick, 153-page read. I really enjoyed how he takes a well-known Old Testament Biblical story, but looks at it from the character of Jonathan instead of David or King Saul. He also references other Biblical characters/stories, as well as real-life examples of what to do and NOT to do as Christians.Simply put, our [...]

  3. An excellent book about Christian leadership. Christian leaders should lead in such a way that they are unafraid when others have gifts they do not have. Unfortunately, this is not as common as it should be. Martin lays out the complex relationships between Saul, Jonathan and David in the Bible. Saul is the all-too-common leader who wants to be first and foremost always. His son Jonathan was a man of faith and grace, who saw that God had chosen David as the next king and was content to serve him [...]

  4. Jonathan takes a very personal view of the texts describing King Saul, in that he played Jonathan in a dramatic presentation of the biblical story. Insightful, full of anecdotes from his life in different culturesa worthy read for ministry leaders.

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