Eliza, The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow

Eliza The Life and Faith of Eliza R Snow Eliza R Snow is one of the most revered women in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints We hear stories of her faith and strength and we sing her beloved hymns She was fondly

  • Title: Eliza, The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow
  • Author: Karen Lynn Davidson Jill Mulvay Derr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eliza R Snow is one of the most revered women in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints We hear stories of her faith and strength, and we sing her beloved hymns She was fondly known as Zion s Poetess and also as Presidentess, because of her leadership of Relief Society and her role in forming and directing organizations for young women and chEliza R Snow is one of the most revered women in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints We hear stories of her faith and strength, and we sing her beloved hymns She was fondly known as Zion s Poetess and also as Presidentess, because of her leadership of Relief Society and her role in forming and directing organizations for young women and children She has remained a legend for generations of Latter day Saints, but we know less about her variegated life, as she described it the personal joys and sorrows brought about by unfolding events in the young Church of which she was a part.This intimate look at Eliza R Snow, by authors Karen Lynn Davidson and Jill Mulvay Derr, reveals a private side of this extraordinary woman She emerges as a bright young poet in Ohio, a new convert to the restored Church, a seamstress, and a sharer in the persecutions and hardships of the early Saints We see a member of the households of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, a dedicated temple worker, and a traveling Relief Society president with a zeal for teaching the gospel.Her delight in nature, her love for family and friends, and her outlook of hope for the cause of Zion are reflected here through selections from some of her best poems Photographs, artifacts, and personal letters add visual beauty to this inspiring introduction to her fascinating life.

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    1. Eliza R. Snow is a name that is well-known in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I, personally, have often wanted to know more about her. I know she wrote many of they hymns in the hymnbook, but who was she really? I know she is the sister of Lorenzo R. Snow, and I had heard that she had married the Prophet Joseph Smith, but I never knew why she kept her maiden name. And I knew that she was the second president of the Relief Society, but what did that really mean? These are jus [...]

    2. "Oh Lord my God I pray for health that I may be useful." Was a prayer recorded in Eliza R. Snow's diary and boy was her prayer answered! Before reading this book all I could tell you about Eliza was that she was a poet who wrote one of my favorite hymns, "Oh My Father" and that she had something to do with relief society early on. Now I know so much more and I am amazed by her life. She was quite the lady.The book was laid out nicely. It was short and sweet with a lot of pictures and scanned ima [...]

    3. I found this a rather "old style" biography. It is full of facts, lists of accomplishments and Eliza's poetry. But it leaves me longing to know more about the woman behind the public face. What did she long for in her heart of hearts? How did she summon so much strength in the face of all of the hard times? Some of her poems are so beautiful--and her hint that "I've a mother there"--make me feel there was so much more to Eliza that we, as modern women would have benefited from learning about.But [...]

    4. I'm normally not one for biography or non-fiction in general because often times they come across as dry, stuffy, and full of simply lists and dates and are presented one right after another in paragraph after paragraph. But this biography of Eliza R. Snow was well done.Eliza was born in 1804 in Massachusetts and became a prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She was a force to be reckoned with. Later known as "Zion's Poetess" because of her amazing ability to use [...]

    5. Eliza R. Snow is an amazing and strong woman in every way. I knew a little about her and always wanted to know more. This biography taught me a lot but doesn’t seem like the deepest biography, it emphasized her poetry a lot. Despite many attempts, I’m not into poetry and even her poetry was hard for me to get into, except for the last few poems in the book. I would like to read another biography on Eliza that focuses more deeply on her life events. I would still highly recommend this book th [...]

    6. This book gave a good glimpse into the life of Eliza R. Snow. Not knowing much at all about her, it was an interesting read for me. Though as I read, I wished that the authors had included more details about her life in addition to her writings; however, in looking at the sources they used and trying to find other books about her to read, it would appear that those details may not be available.

    7. I needed a book about a tough woman who knew how to use her voice and be heard. This was it. Eliza is a personal hero of mine – a strong pioneer Mormon woman alone on the plains -- and this was a book that taught me new things about her. There are so many contradictions in her life – a lonely woman in a religion that taught plural marriage, a childless woman starting one of the largest children’s organizations in the world, a poet in the rough and tumble Utah frontier of the 1800s. There i [...]

    8. A lovely read. I looked over other reviews and I wanted to know more as well. Delve more deeply into who Eliza Snow really was. I think the problem is that Eliza didn't give us much to go on. She only kept a diary for a few short years following her sealing to Joseph Smith. How I wish there was so much more! I enjoyed the book, not only from the way it was written and included some of her poetry, but photos of her possessions were an added bonus. What I didn't like was the lace print on every si [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book about the life of Eliza R. Snow. She is a woman whose life, faith, dedication, creativity, wisdom, and strength have always intrigued me. I loved reading her poetry and being inspired by the way it expanded my horizons and vision. I loved reading about her life and faithful years of service and dedication to the cause of Zion--her zeal and dedication never wavered, even in old age. I loved seeing how the programs she set in place and the vision she had about building the king [...]

    10. After reading "Daughters in My Kingdom" recently, I had a strong desire to learn more about Eliza R. Snow. This book was a fantastic overview of her life through her associations with others and through her poetry. I knew she wrote the words to several LDS hymns and was the second general president of the Relief Society but now I know many more things about her life and feel she deserves great reverence. She had her hand in the organization of not only Relief Society but also Young Women and Pri [...]

    11. I try to read everything written by these two authors for clarity and discernment when it comes the life and writings of Eliza R Snow. Jill Mulvay Derr and Karen Lynn Davidson have done a masterful job of weaving the poetry and hymns of ERS into her life story. It does not come off as a scholarly type book even though it is filled with little known or appreciated facts about ERS.It tells the story of Eliza's young life and follows her through her conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latte [...]

    12. Eliza Roxcy Snow is one of the best known LDS woman pioneers. She's known as Zion's Poetess because of her beautiful poetry. One of the most amazing things about her is that she was well educated in a time when women really weren't educated, it was just something that was important to her and to her parents for her to be educated. That allowed her to work as a teacher first in Kirtland, later in Nauvoo and Salt Lake City. This allowed her to be a surrogate mother to many children when she was un [...]

    13. 5 stars for the target audience. In recent years, I've noticed a rise in LDS women's history materials for the lay reader, and I love that trend. I appreciated that the authors' research was solid and thorough, and the tone was accessible. You could pick this up with only a barebones understanding of early church history without being lost, and the authors accomplish this seamlessly - no lengthy digressions, no apologetics, just the relevant information as the need arose. I think Snow would have [...]

    14. I am a little bit obsessed with Eliza R Snow. I don't think I could name a woman that has accomplished more in her life than she did. The story of her life is so dang impressive and inspiring, and this was a joy to read. The level of faith and optimism that she maintained throughout her life (a life that was anything but easy) is something to inspire any Christian or even believing religious person. I especially loved reading about the power and influence she had during a time in history when wo [...]

    15. I feel bad only giving this book two stars, but was just okay. It felt more like a report than a book: just lots of facts mingled with her poetry. It didn't delve deeply into her life story at all. For example, it resolved her reaction to polygamy ("very repugnant to my feelings") in a single sentence. I wanted her feelings, her experiences -- that wasn't there at all for me. And I grew tired of the poetry and found myself skipping it; her hymns were her best work. (sidenote: I also realized I d [...]

    16. Beautiful illustrations and artfully designed text. What I discovered is that I am not drawn to the poetry of Eliza R. Snow. However, with that said, she definitely was much more than a poetess. She led an amazing life, much of which is recorded very objectively. We learn of her hardships, her experiences and accomplishments; however, we never get to know the emotional aspects of her life. Undaunted she forged ahead and she is recognized as the most important and influential female in the histor [...]

    17. Eliza, is one of my favorite heroines. Couldn't wait to read it. Absolutely a beautiful book. My only disapointment was that her title prophetess wasn't addressed. And how she came by it. Truly a beautiful book but didn't feel they pulled back the curtain so to speak, and let us know Eliza better. Jill Mulvey Derr, did a great book on her complete poetry. I would like to see someone do the same about her life. A Comphrehensive treatment. I've read her journals. She doesn't give up much. Many asp [...]

    18. I learned a lot about Eliza Snow that I didn't previously know. I knew that she had done a lot to help with the organization of Relief Society in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, but I didn't know that she had also helped a great deal with the Primary and Young Women organizations. Many of her poems were included in the book. I am not a big fan of poetry in general, but some of her poems became hymns that we still sing today.

    19. I really enjoyed this. It wasn't too in-depth or scholarly (although the writers are both Eliza R. Snow scholars), but was a good length and a very pretty book. I also really liked how the authors used a lot of Snow's poetry for insight into her thoughts and feelings. I think Eliza R. Snow was an amazing woman and an inspiring Latter-day Saint. This was a great bio about her life and her testimony.

    20. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a remarkable women. Eliza's life ,poetry and faith are inspiring and worth emulating. I like the presentation of her life intertwined with some of her best poetry. There is history, adventure, love and friendship, loyalty and devotion toThe Gospel of Jesus Christ.I could not put it down.

    21. I have heard of Eliza R Snow all my life and know she wrote copious amounts of poems, some of which are in our hymn book. I also knew of her role in the founding of the Relief Society. However, I was amazed at the life she lived and all she accomplished. I am very glad I read this book and learned about a marvelous woman.

    22. I really enjoyed this book. After going to Nauvoo this summer I really wanted to read about this remarkable women. She was Joseph Smith's and Brigham Young's plural wife. She helped Emma with her pregnancy and new baby after the Prophet Joseph was killed. She was a great poet and was called the Prophetess. Amazing women!!

    23. I was extremely disappointed in this book. The scholarship was extremely sloppy. The account of history was oversimplified. Weak bibliography. Weak use of primary source documents. There were a lot generalities and assumptions drawn on Eliza's life without the evidence to back it up. LDS women's history deserves quality, thoughtful, scholarship and this missed the mark by a mile.

    24. I loved this book! Eliza R. Snow is inspiring and her poetry moving. The only qualm I had with the book was that the authors frequently repeated information, sometimes on the same page. I can see how this technique might be useful for some people, but it was a bit distracting for me. Otherwise, I found this book to be a really enjoyable read!!

    25. I enjoyed the timeline and greater glimpse into Eliza's life but would have loved to read more about her heart and what she thought and felt. To be fair, her poetry certainly does that and much of it is included here, but firsthand account would have been nice, too. It makes me think I could probably journal a little better! Hahaha

    26. If you like poetry this is a great book. It has some biographical details on Eliza's life and includes most of her poetry. I would enjoy reading more of her biographical personal married lives since she was married to two of the Mormon churches prophets, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Slow reading for me.

    27. An excellent literary portrait of an incredible woman. The book weaves together a description of Snow's life with many of the poems that she wrote. The book was not quite what I expected, but ultimately it helped me to better know and appreciate a woman that I have long admired.

    28. Interesting but doesn't go beyond the surface. I almost feel like I still don't know that much about her. I still gave three stars because what is there is interesting, and I liked all the poetic inclusions.

    29. This book was short and to the point. Eliza was an extremely talented and gifted poetess. In addition to this she was instrumental in forming the primary, young women's, and relief society. My favorite parts were Eliza's own words and poetry.

    30. Wish it were longer, but what's there is great. There was so much I didn't know about her and how remarkable she was. Bonus: the book just looks like art on the inside, with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

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