Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love

Not Until You Part VIII Not Until You Love Boundaries will be crossed and souls laid bare as Foster and Cela discover if sizzling passion can ignite into something in the breathtaking conclusion of Not Until You When Cela walked into his life

  • Title: Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love
  • Author: Roni Loren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • Boundaries will be crossed and souls laid bare as Foster and Cela discover if sizzling passion can ignite into something in the breathtaking conclusion of Not Until You.When Cela walked into his life, scared, innocent, and seeking thrills beyond her wildest dreams, Foster never expected she could become the submissive he s always desired Cela has changed, has blossomBoundaries will be crossed and souls laid bare as Foster and Cela discover if sizzling passion can ignite into something in the breathtaking conclusion of Not Until You.When Cela walked into his life, scared, innocent, and seeking thrills beyond her wildest dreams, Foster never expected she could become the submissive he s always desired Cela has changed, has blossomed into something he can t resist, and she s ready and willing to surrender to Foster fully.But when devastating news reminds Foster how tragically he failed to take care of someone he loved in the past, he wonders what right he has to be with a woman as beautiful and vibrant as Cela She ll leave eventually anyway everyone always does.But Cela isn t about to let Foster chase her away Can she convince this dominant playboy that her love for him is here to stay This is part 8 of an 8 part serial

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    1. 4.5 stars. I really really loved this mini-series and I dont know why I'm so surprised since I absolutely love this author and her 'Loving on the edge' series. This story is all about Cela (Andre's younger sister) and Foster/Ian. Cela has spent years studying to become a Vet with the expectation of working at her Father's practice, something she isnt exactly looking forward to now that she has finished and grown older. Foster, some years older than Cela (about 8 or 9 years older) owns his own bu [...]

    2. I'm posting my entire review of the serial here, because otherwise the reviews on the previous installments would have been -- I NEED THE REST!! ARGH!! This serial is yet another testament to Roni Loren's ability to write characters and plot that grip you and won't let go. In fact, there's no doubt her books are getting better the more she writes. I started the first installment of the NOT UNTIL YOU serial last night, immediately bought the next two, read those, then had to go to bed because it' [...]

    3. Rating: B+ Heat: SizzlingCela and Foster have been through a lot in a short amount of time. Cela went from vanilla virgin to kinky seductress. Foster went from emotionally guarded Dom to a man willing to beg for his woman. It definitely hasn't been easy, but what is if it’s truly worth it? This is the installment we’ve all been waiting for—and it didn’t disappoint at all! In Not Until You Love, Cela and Foster’s reunion is interrupted by a phone call. One that foster has been waiting [...]

    4. This series is just fantastic. I've held off doing a review because I wanted to read the whole story first. I've NEVER taken this long to read a Roni Loren novel but I'm so glad this was a serial. It's been nice to return week after week and take another juicy bite of this shiny red apple of a story. Cela is such a great, down to earth heroine-- a character I can identify with and sink my teeth into. And while I do love adorable, rock dude Pike, I ADORE Foster. He's so Mr. Darcy. Brusque, seriou [...]

    5. Loved this journey with Foster and Cela. We get to see both of them grow on this journey. Roni Loren outdid herself with this one with all the emotional, gut wrenching, heartbreak and mending of old wounds. Cela has come a long way with her relationship with Foster. They've learned together along the way to open up to each other and trust each other. Love we got to see Pike again. I'm hoping he gets his own story. Loved that Jace and Andre were in this one also. This was beautifully wrapped up. [...]

    6. An excellent conclusion to the story of Cela and Foster! I LOVED this serial and I cannot wait to reread the whole thing together in one (or two) sittings. Because I totally will be rereading in book-style. And I am so, so glad that they touched on Andre again in this finale and his story. I'm still not sold on the serial format. I definitely prefer reading all in one go, and having the whole story in my hands to power through at my own pace. BUT. I was never disappointed by any installments in [...]

    7. Always save the best for last, at least that's what they say It's differently true in this case! Roni Loren does it again with a great story of Ian Foster and Cela Madina (Andre's Little Sister). I was a little upset that I had to wait a week or so to continue the book with only a few chapters in each installment, but never the less, still worth the wait!! "Never have I ever been this happy" I am anxiously awaiting the release of "Caught up in You" Wyatt Austin and Kelsey LeBreck’s story due [...]

    8. In this concluding serving, Loren does a lot of tying up loose ends and mending old wounds. Cela has come a long way from the virgin post- graduate student. She has bloomed into a woman who has her own mind and her own desires. Foster has fallen deeply in love with her and though it takes him awhile to accept it, he knows that nothing will stop him from having her now.Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

    9. Loved the ending to this fantastic series!!! I dont want to give any spoilers away, so Ill simply say this book made me laugh, cry, and cheer for the characters. Cant wait to see what Ms. Loren comes up with next!

    10. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT WARNING - IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE INSTALLMENTS PRIOR TO THIS - IT MAY SHARE MORE THAN YOU ALREADY KNOW.Title: Not Until You Author: Roni LorenPublisher/Year: Penguin Group 6/13 - 8/13Length: 60 pages(ish) eachSeries: Loving on the Edge #3.51 - 3.58Overview(s)Not Until You Dare: On the night of her graduation, innocent veterinary student Cela decides to play a game of Never Have I Ever with the two hot neighbors she’s been quietly crushing on for the last year. Always th [...]

    11. Well after a very bumpy start inasmuch as us poor Brits got the first two parts in June and then had to wait until the middle of September for the rest, I was worried that maybe the anticipation of finally getting this series would be greater than my enjoyment of the story. Boy was I wrong!I had deliberately stayed away from all of the reviews and chats about the series because I didn't want to find out what was going to happen next and I am really glad I did.Split over 8 parts (released weekly [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars!Review can also be found at bookkinsThe books are part of an 8 volume serial. Basically one book split up into 8 parts. Normally I avoid serials entirely, but part 1 was free and I've heard some great things about Roni Loren's books. Wow, was I glad I picked up part 1! Not Until You will forever be one of my all-time favorite books and Roni Loren has landed on my top 5 list of one-click authors!Cela Medina is as straight-arrow as they come. The straight-A student, perfectionist that al [...]

    13. Review for all 8 novellas and small rant4-4.5 stars! I liked this a lot! The story and writing were good and I liked the characters (even though the heroine was a virgin *gag*). This is a story about two neighbors who have been crushing on each other, getting together for what starts out as a one night of fun turning into more. Foster, the H is heavily into the BDSM scene and sexy is as hell, and Cela, leads a sheltered life of school and family. There are some pretty hot scenes as you go on the [...]

    14. 3.5 starsIn my review for the last installment, Not Until You Believe, I said that Cela would have to make a HUGE gesture in order for me to believe that she truly wants to be with Foster and commit to the lifestyle. I had no hopes of her doing this even though this is a romance story at heart so there has to be a HEA. Well, Cela makes the huge gesture and then some.Cela has matured into the woman we, the reader, wanted her to be. She finally stands up to her dad even though it wasn’t the kind [...]

    15. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.After all the misunderstandings and back and forth drama throughout this story, this is where it all comes to its final fruition. Foster has declared his love for Cela and she is almost ready to do the same when the bottom drops out of Foster’s world. The goal he’s worked toward his whole life - finding out what happened to his kidnapped sister - is suddenly achieved, and that knowledge devastates him [...]

    16. Overall rating: 4.5 starsNot Until You is a hot new read from one of my favorite authors. This one started out super strong, had a bit of a lag towards the mid-to end, yet finished just as strong as the beginning. Another must read from one of the rockstars of romance.I love the characters Roni Loren chose to share with readers - she always has such diverse characters with a great story to tell. I loved seeing Jace and Andre pop up from time to time throughout Not Until You, particularly since J [...]

    17. I picked up the first 2 novellas in this series as a freebie on , well I am an Kindle Freebie Whore. As soon as I started reading the first one I was absolutely hooked and immediately bought the remainder of the series. Because I read all 8 consecutively my review is for all 8G this series is amazing. It is absolute perfection. It is hot, hot, hot. The characters and their dynamics are so well developed. Everything about this book is beautifully interwoven. The story grabs you from the very fir [...]

    18. This is a series that make one story so to get the full effect I'll read all to see what its about but I know it'll be good cause Ian Foster is in it lolWhat can I say I'm not disappointed Foster is Hot Hot Hot along with Pike double wow lol I love this book so much I expect to get the whole book when it comes out I'm disappointed you have to go from book to book but I didnt but it untill all where available I would of been chomping at the bit if I had to wait weekly for this to come out I would [...]

    19. Okay - so I loved the story, but I am SOOOOOO glad I waited to purchase all of the books at one time! It was just a little bit frustrating to have to stop to move to the next book (yes, even on my nook - to get through title pages, and copyright stuff to get back to the story). As a huge Roni Loren fan, I can only hope that this isn't something she plans to do in the future. Great marketing ploy for her work (segments for all are included in each book), but considering I have purchased and read [...]

    20. I loved the happy ending. Cela living with her man Foster. She moved to be with him and he found out finally what happened to his sister. I would have liked a proposal but I guess in some regards that is what Foster asked Cela and that is what she agreed too! Going to meet her family is a big step and her brother Dre coming out to the family is also a big deal. So the story was one I liked and the sex scenes were steamy. Loved it.

    21. Cela is neighbors with foster and pike and have been for 2 years now that cels has graduated she feels like she's been missing out but with a bottle of tequila in hand she decides to take a chance on these men but foster is the guy she's had her eyes on will it be one night or can a relationship progress? read this book in one sitting and loved it!!! All books are connected and so far hot and steamy without overdoing it!!

    22. What a great conclusion to a great story. I really enjoyed this one even though it broke my heart at times to read it. I love that Foster was finally able to turn around and realize all the good he's done and not just wallow in the past. I love that he's ready to start his future with Cela. Finishing this just made me want to read more from Roni Loren. Love her books and can't wait to see what next.

    23. Expected more at the end. Finding out about his sister was so sad. I liked that Cela pushed to help him realize he should keep up his work. I just didn't feel the story all at the end. I think it's because each piece read separately takes away from the whole story. I feel a little ripped off. I will avoid these books in pieces in the future.

    24. Excellent conclusion to an awesome 'mini-series' by Ms. Loren. Wish this would come out in one solid book some day so I can have all her books nicely lined up in my kindle. Sigh.

    25. I was so disappointed in the outcome of Fosters sister that I felt it overshadowed the rest of the story.

    26. Loved this 8 part series- the story of Foster & Cela was beautiful, tragic and all things in between. Really loved Pike and was glad to see sneak cameos of Jase Andre & Evan Really lovely story

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