One thought on “Os Cruzados Do Espaço”

  1. The best 2-star novel I've ever read.The premise is fun, and it's the only reason I bought this novel (at a used book shop). It's refreshing, and a bit disorienting, to read a story where the Crusaders are not boogymen. (Based on the religious bent of this novel, I assumed this was the same Pierre Barbet who wrote the influential examination of the Crucifixion from a medical point of view called A Doctor at Calvary, but that is not the case.)So what's the premise? Assume that the wild accusation [...]

  2. If you know anything about the history of the Knights Templar, you know that in 1307 the Templar order became persona non grata and there was a major crackdown and round up of all Templars (there's a long story here about jealousy re their amassed wealth and the pope but it's too long to go into here). One of the charges against the Templars was that they worshipped a demon called Baphomet; very untrue, as the Templars were in the service of God. Lots of Templar history out there so if you are c [...]

  3. Lugu siis selles, et kuskil alternatiivses maailmas saavad Templirüütlid sõpradeks ühe maale alla kukkunud sarvilise tulnuka Baphometiga ja alustavad temalt saadud tuumarelvadega laiaulatuslikku kogu maailma ristiusku konverteerimist. Idee teosel on väga lahe (meenutab ühte mu lemmikteost "Kõrge ristirekt"), ka raamatu kaanepilt on imetabaselt ligitõmbav. Mis aga lugemisel häiris oli minule ulme vähesus. Umbkaudu 90% teosest võtab enda alla ikkagi ristiretkede kirjeldused, erinevate l [...]

  4. This is not a long or complicated book. There is not an extensive exploration of characters, their motives. What it does have is a lot of battles between crusading armies, one of whom has the use of atomic weapons, courtesy of an alien with its own agenda.Its greatest weakness for me, came at the end, when a paranormal solution was used to stop the alien. A stark contrast to the ending I was expecting, namely that the alien would live, and there would be an open-ended conclusion (with a possible [...]

  5. The Good: The concept is fascinating. The key battle scenes, pitting the Templars against various enemies that existed contemporaneously, were quite gripping. Baphomet's Meteor is a short read with a brisk narrative pace.The Bad: The concept never really goes anywhere. The role of Baphomet the alien is portrayed almost entirely offstage. The ending is a cop out in almost every possible way: abrupt, unrealistically upbeat, and reliant on hitherto unmentioned "supernatural" abilities.

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