How to Find God's Will

How to Find God s Will Life is full of difficult choices Decision making is hard Do I choose career A or career B Do I spend money on X or Y Should I stay or should I go How to Find God s Will is a short step guide devo

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  • Title: How to Find God's Will
  • Author: Josh Wood
  • ISBN: 9781477534281
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life is full of difficult choices Decision making is hard Do I choose career A or career B Do I spend money on X or Y Should I stay or, should I go How to Find God s Will is a short, 3 step guide devoted to helping you confidently discern God s will in any decision in life.

    One thought on “How to Find God's Will”

    1. Too many people talk about why things happen the way they do by simply saying it has been God’s will that it has. Then why do we hear about all the mass killings which occur here in the US? But the worst thing of all is when the murder proclaims “he” told me to do this.God in this case becomes the scapegoat for what this individual has done. But the truth this individual is not mentally well and knowingly uses whose will it was for the killing he did.In these pages, which the author, Josh [...]

    2. About a week ago, I found myself floundering with what is God's will for my life. That very same day, on the giveaway page, I found this book, How to Find God's Will listed for a giveaway. It felt like an answer to my prayer, especially after I won it! It arrived today and I read it as soon as I received it. It is a short book that packs a big punch! I loved this book. It felt like Mr. Wood knew what was on my mind and set to addressing each of my questions/concerns in his 3 step approach. He o [...]

    3. How to Find God's Will: 3 simple steps by Josh Wood was a quick read. From which I came away with the feeling of spending time talking with a friend after reading it. It is is written in plain and simple language simple enough for anyone to understand. I enjoyed the humor he used to get the point across - "My Will vs. God's Will" . I will read this one again! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their life.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, rather [...]

    4. "This is the best book you will ever read!" says someone who met someone famous somewhere sometime From the front cover to the back cover I could not stop laughing. I felt like I was watching a show from Clean Comedians. As a matter of fact, perhaps you should apply there, Josh Wood! I like that the author gave us quick and witty chapters that were easy to read. What's more is that, I read the entire book from cover to cover in 29 minutes. I found myself many times wanting to stop so I could rem [...]

    5. My wife received this book for free for her honest review. I read it when she finished, so I will now give it MY honest review.I had to set this book down several pages in. I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. He writes about the things my teenage daughter makes fun of me for, so reading this book was like sitting and relating to a good friend, someone to justify how you feel and share in a common bond. But when the message grows more serious, that bond remains. Josh Wood writes with gr [...]

    6. Initially I was a little nervous about reading this book as this is a topic that many nut jobs seem to enjoy expounding upon. However, I was curious, so I read it anyway and was pleasantly surprised. The author did an excellent job of candidly discussing the common questions, thought processes, and dilemmas he and others face when trying to determine God’s will. In addition, he shared practical solutions, principles, and advice that he has discovered on the topic. This short book is easy to re [...]

    7. I won this book in a giveaway here on GoodReads.It is a very short book - about a 20-minute read. I thought the book was well-written and informative. Well-done Josh! The main point I took away from it was that we should focus on living like imitators of Christ every day rather than focusing on the bigger questions like if God wants us to take job A or job B. When we are so focused on finding the answers to our "big" questions, we easily miss all the opportunities that God puts in front of us on [...]

    8. Finding God's Will for your life should be easy right. But sometimes that's not the case because we tend to be in hurry to rush God instead of waiting for the right time or circumstances. God's Will in our lives can be a simple thing yet we make it more difficult by our own actions and impatience. I learned alot about my faith and how to really seek God's Will for my own life. I encourage others to seek How to Find God's Will in their own lives.

    9. I often struggle with knowing God's will and this book was a quick read to remind me of and get me back on track to what is really like Jesus. Don't get so overly involved in yourself!I definitely saw myself in the author and enjoyed his sense of humor.I will recommend it to my pastor and church family.For full disclosure, I did receive this book as a giveaway.

    10. This was a quick and easy read. It was written in a conversational tone, as if the author was sitting right next to me and talking to me about his life and journey to find God's will. It's filled with funny stories and it can be read in a short period of time. Definitely check it out if you want a thought provoking, quick read! I received this book through a giveaway.

    11. This book was disappointingly small. The way it was written was alright, but I was hoping for something a little more stimulating. All in all it was a good book by the points it mentioned, but that would be it. I would like to see Josh Wood (the author) to do a more in depth version of this book.

    12. Quick easy read Not too much mumbo-jumbo. Straight to the point simple advice that most of us who pick up a book with the title "how to find God's will" oven overlook but look straight at it every day.

    13. for a first time author, I really enjoyed this book, plenty of humor I can really relate to (velvet Zacheaus). Josh had some great advice and very biblical, and with the humor thrown in, to make it a great all around book.

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