African Safari with Ted and Raymond

African Safari with Ted and Raymond Ted and Raymond go to Africa They find great facts about the animals they learn new words and new foods

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  • Title: African Safari with Ted and Raymond
  • Author: Rhonda Patton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ted and Raymond go to Africa They find great facts about the animals, they learn new words, and new foods.

    One thought on “African Safari with Ted and Raymond”

    1. “African Safari with Ted and Raymond” by Rhonda Patton is an educational, entertaining and charming children’s book with beautiful illustrations by Chester McDaniel.Two frogs go on an adventure somewhere in southern Africa where they meet local frogs and see safari animals. I can’t stress how cute and lovable the illustrations are, appealing and in a simplistic child-like style that instantly draws children and adults alike into the book.The holiday and safari descriptions are pleasant, [...]

    2. Ted and Raymond are getting ready for their great African adventure. They pack all the things they will need for their trip, travel on an airplane, and land in a strange new country. They learn about the dress, culture, food, and animals of Africa. And so will your child. This book might also ease the fears of young children who are about to travel for the first time.There are some problems with mixing present and past tense, but this doesn't detract from the narrative. This book has been deligh [...]

    3. African SafaripicFor those who are not familiar with the series, Ted and Raymond are two frog friends who share many adventures. In this latest book, which I read in Kindle version, the friends are about to embark on an African safari. They create a list and pack supplies; Ted makes sure to include a safety kit! They find their way to the airport, pass security, and board the plane where a map is shown to indicate Africa’s location. The reader is introduced to African culture by pictures and e [...]

    4. African Safari with Ted and Raymond by Rhonda Patton is a real treat. Kids are sure to love this wild adventure. Not only is it surprising and exciting but it is educational but it doesn’t seem that way because it is so fun. I love the Ted and Raymond stories and I am sure children will fall in love with these two adorable characters. Ted and Raymond are preparing to go on a big trip together to Africa. They need to decide what to bring with them. Arriving at the airport is so exciting. Anothe [...]

    5. "African Safari with Ted and Raymond" is a well-illustrated children's book. There are several great pictures to accompany the adventures of Ted and Raymond on their African safari. I especially liked the illustrations of the wild animals in the latter part of the book. I also liked the information provided about these animals in their natural habitat.I think Author Rhonda Patton has provided a great educational opportunity for children to learn about airplane rides and animal life. This is sure [...]

    6. 5.0 out of 5 stars An Educational and Cute Story!, By jjspina "Author of children's book, Louey the Lazy ElephantIf your children love frogs and adventures, then this is the book for them! The illustrations are unique and colorful and the animals in the jungle scenes are very well done. It is fun and educational for school-aged children. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the animals in this African safari and learned a few new things myself.I would recommend this book as a tool for teachers and [...]

    7. I thought this was a very pleasant book. It starts with Ted and Raymond getting ready to visit Africa. When they arrive they have fun dancing with the natives before they set out on their journey to the safari. Once there, they introduce the reader to all the different animals and tell you a bit about each animal they introduce you to. The illustrations are nice and look natural (rather than computer generated). It is a book I would recommend to anyone with children under seven years of age.

    8. African Safari with Ted and Raymond, two frog friends, is a great book packed full of fantastic illustrations!The cutest drawing is the one with the native frogs dancing and playing the drums. As I turn pages, my little 10 yr. old niece leansover the sofa and laughs out loud, "They look like people with frog heads." Then she reaches for her little red notebook towrite down a few facts about animals and the country of Africa. Very informative and lots of fun!

    9. What a sweet and educational book. I read it to my nephew this weekend and he loved it! I actually had to read it to him 5 times. I appreciate it when books make kids laugh while educating them at the same time.

    10. I enjoyed reading this book and thought my nephew would too. His birthday is next month and he's getting his own copy. Very informative and fun!

    11. I, and my kids, absolutely loved this book. The illustrations and the message were great. My kids want more!

    12. Let's go on an African safari and see and learn about animalsWhat a safari trip to Africa to see all the these different animals and to dance with other natives and tourists. And some beautiful pictures too. So, I would like to recommend this for five stars and for children who likes to see and read about all the various animals in Africa. I received this ebook for free and in return, here now is my honest review. Great job Rhonda! By Angela

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