The Four Doors

The Four Doors From Richard Paul Evans the author of the New York Times bestseller The Christmas Box the most popular holiday tale since Tiny Tim Newsweek a new holiday novel that sets a classic Christmas stor

  • Title: The Four Doors
  • Author: Richard Paul Evans
  • ISBN: 9781476728179
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Richard Paul Evans, the author of the 1 New York Times bestseller The Christmas Box, the most popular holiday tale since Tiny Tim Newsweek , a new holiday novel that sets a classic Christmas story in our time.Richard Paul Evans is the master of the holiday novel As an integral part of the celebratory season, he has warmed millions of hearts with books including AFrom Richard Paul Evans, the author of the 1 New York Times bestseller The Christmas Box, the most popular holiday tale since Tiny Tim Newsweek , a new holiday novel that sets a classic Christmas story in our time.Richard Paul Evans is the master of the holiday novel As an integral part of the celebratory season, he has warmed millions of hearts with books including A Winter Dream, Lost December, and Promise Me This new story of hope, faith, and love is the perfect gift of inspiration and is sure to be an instant Christmas classic.

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    1. While Evans's advice is at least practical, I imagine his other books must be better. This self-help book is filed with his own quotes, which in one case he suggests should be framed in every house in America. He seems to think awfully highly of himself, focusing much of the book on self-flattery which in my opinion is not deserved, and it makes his advice too grating to be helpful.

    2. Rick spent over an hour telling us about this book on the bus in Italy. It was such an emotionally touching experience for me, and I couldn't wait to read the book! As Rick told us the message of the book, I immediately thought of people in my life that would be enriched by reading this book, including myself. When he first began speaking to us, I was prompted to take notes in my travel journal, and later learned it was his newest book. These are the notes I took:The doors represent the principl [...]

    3. One of my favorite authors is Richard Paul Evans. In this book The Four Doors he shares his thoughts from talks he has given around the world mostly to school aged children. The book is divided into five parts: the first part is the foundation and the over four are the doors. I have labeled them such in the quotes below. He has included quotes from several of the books he has written. I trust the quotes below will challenge you!FoundationsThe most important story we will ever write in life is ou [...]

    4. This is the second book I have listened to that has been read by the author. After this book I have decided that authors should not read their own books! The reason I say this is because both authors ended up sounding arrogant and haughty. I think Mr. Evans had some great suggestions, thoughts, and quotes by other famous people/authors that I liked and that have made me rethink some things in my life. With that said I just could not take his cockiness. I felt that he was praising himself and boa [...]

    5. So I've never read anything by Richard Paul Evans, and to be honest, his books always struck me as being kind of cheesy. (Pretty much anything that can be described as "heartwarming" does; it's just a prejudice I have.) I might have to start reading his fiction, though, because I really liked this one.This is a pretty great book. It's short, which means there isn't much to it, but what IS there is really good stuff. Just a few pieces of advice for ways to make your life what you want it to be, i [...]

    6. I won this book through . I just received it last night and just finished the book up just a few moments ago, it was just THAT good.The Four Doors is a great book for anyone to read that wants to enjoy life more or enhance the wonderful life they already have. As I was reading the book last night, I just kept reading passages aloud where my hubby could hear or posting them on twitter because they were too inspirational & motivational not to share.I also feel that Richard Paul Evans was quite [...]

    7. This tiny, short little book took me FOREVER to read. I think it took me 2 weeks to finish it. I kept falling asleep when I'd try to read it. It was boring. I was looking for a spiritual read, one that would make me think about my life and how I handle things. But this book offered only outright OBVIOUS advice/findings, and the author quoted himself from his previous books CONSTANTLY. I really began to despise him as he quoted himself over and over. It seemed so vain. I won't be reading any of h [...]

    8. Very short book, read in one sitting by the author of The Walk series which I loved and other books to be read yet. An inspirational, self-help book, intermixed with stories which is in summary:The doors represent the principles that will create change in your life.#1 Believe there is a reason you were born. You are important.#2 Free yourself from Limitation, You can do anything you set your mind to.#3 Magnify your Life. Live everyday as if it were your last day on earth.#4 Develop a Love-center [...]

    9. I have always looked forward to Richard Paul Evans Christmas novels, but this year I was intrigued by Mr. Evans’ choice to share his non-fiction book “The Four Doors”. Richard is an engaging speaker so I knew that this book would be a fascinating read. I must admit I had some trepidation when I started reading. By the time I was finished, I was awestruck and had to immediately read it again.This book gently prods the reader to examine their own thinking and views on the world. I was surpri [...]

    10. ** Let life in **Small book. Profound content. Although this book can easily be read in a single seating, its wisdom has life-long value. It’s like a guidebook for going from surviving to thriving. And it does so by helping update your mental map:“On some level, all honest and mentally healthy adults accept that their mental maps—if they are even aware of them—contain incongruities and falsehoods. Wise people want accurate maps. And accurate maps require a devotion to honesty, study, and [...]

    11. This book is a guide to joy, freedom, and a meaningful life. This book if meant for the young adult and adult population. The book is an informational book which describes how and why to choose the four doors in life. The author describes the four doors: Believe there’s a reason you were born which describes your destiny. “Believe as if your life depended on it…for indeed it does”. The second door is titled Free Yourself from limitation and take control of your life. “The success of ou [...]

    12. Overall a good book on the subject of enriching your life. There isn't a lot of new stuff if you read these types, but for those new to the subject you will find that this is an easy approach to opening up a new chapter to your life. I tossed around a 4 star rating but decided that I really didn't like the constant quotes from his own books. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but he comes off as a bit arrogant with it. Also, there is a lot of "Look at me!" throughout this. You can't get through a [...]

    13. Richard Paul Evans' newest book is a small inspirational volume, not another of his novels. Here's his description of the book: "The Four Doors is about how to live life joyfully, with freedom, power and purpose. I have witnessed the powerful effect each of these doors carries -- in both my own life and the lives of those with whom I have shared the message." He states that there are three foundational truths upon which the four doors rest are the freedom of self-will, spiritual growth and evolu [...]

    14. This book is not really a self-help book, it's more like an afternoon chat with grandpa. It's short and sweet and powerful; because it's true stuff. It points the way to a healthy life journey with a mindset that's more loving, honest, kind, and purposeful. A statement I loved: “On some level, all honest and mentally healthy adults accept that their mental maps—if they are even aware of them—contain incongruities and falsehoods. Wise people want accurate maps. And accurate maps require a d [...]

    15. i am a huge fan of Evan's books, but this book just came across as kind of silly. The quotes in this book come from the characters he created in other books, so it's like he's giving you advice or telling you how he feels about something and then uses his own quotes for backup. Some of it is real sweet so I don't mean to slam the entire book. If you are on the road of self discovery, change, finding purpose, then this little book may just give you encouragement to stay on that road. If you aren' [...]

    16. What a marvelous book! I started reading it thinking I would read it in a day or two at the most, but then I quickly realized what another reviewer had written about it, that it needs to be read slowly and each deep point needs to be allowed to sink in.I've read in a few other reviews that the book has information that they already know, and although that is true, it was presented this time in a way that I could grasp how I had learned it earlier in a much clearer manner.This is truly one of tho [...]

    17. This book really resonated with me and I found it awesome. The author shared many inspiring stories that motivated me to become better. The four doors are the following:1. Believe there's a reason you were born2. Free yourself from limitation3. Magnify your life4. Develop a love-centered mapThese are things I understand and will work to improve in my life. I found this book truly amazing and would recommend it to anyone. I almost gave it 5 stars.

    18. In his foreword, literally entitled "Why I Wrote This Book", author Richard Paul Evans explains that the idea for this came from a sort of off-the-cuff talk he gave to a room full of high schoolers. It was then honed into a speech he presented, at various times and in varying venues, to business people, criminals and drug addicts. A decade later, he expanded on the ideas he first presented and fashioned them into book form so that his blueprint for a more fulfilling life might reach the masses i [...]

    19. Inspirational and motivational little book, drawing mostly from Evans' old books, which felt a bit of a cheat. The things he writes about the four doors are important things to know, but if you've grown up in a Judeo-Christian society, it's all stuff you've been taught already. Except how to sneak in to book fairs. That's new.

    20. I enjoyed the basic messages of the Four Doors and the personal stories that illustrated them. I would have enjoyed a stronger use of the metaphor. A closer relationship between the transformational concepts and the doors representing them would have been helpful in making the concepts tangible and making them linger after reading.

    21. Evan's message to those who seek inspiration in their lives. Inspires you to live life joyfully, with freedom, power and purpose.

    22. An inspirational book which reminds us to break free of those chains that really hold us back in life, which usually reside in our own mind.

    23. This was a quick read that made some good points. I'd pick it up again and will be doing some of the exercises. Nice!

    24. I saw this in the book store hoping to get something from this book. I haven't finished the book. I made to page 43 before I said enough. I am trying to finish this book but I have wasted my money 😒. Like other reviewers, I was turned off by the constant references to his own quotes from his previous works which I don't want to entertain. I was looking for something that could touch my soul and this was a lot of fluff. I did find a couple of quotes that was okay, but I felt this should have b [...]

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    27. This book is exactly what I thought it would belessons for living a "meaningful" life. Bestseller Evans gives us his take on these lessons by opening four "doors" to a good life. Interspersed within these lessons are personal stories to illustrate each point. Probably would make a good graduation gift.

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