The Omen

The Omen After the incredible success of Animal K wan is back with the second bloody installment in the new Animal saga Secrets are revealed sides are chosen and bodies are dropped it s on The man ordered t

  • Title: The Omen
  • Author: K'wan
  • ISBN: 9781936399291
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the incredible success of Animal, K wan is back with the second, bloody installment in the new Animal saga Secrets are revealed, sides are chosen and bodies are dropped it s on The man ordered to take Animal from the world turns out to be the man who brought him into it Animal finds himself torn between his hatred for the father who had abandoned him and the man whAfter the incredible success of Animal, K wan is back with the second, bloody installment in the new Animal saga Secrets are revealed, sides are chosen and bodies are dropped it s on The man ordered to take Animal from the world turns out to be the man who brought him into it Animal finds himself torn between his hatred for the father who had abandoned him and the man who had taken everything from him An uneasy truce is formed between father and son to take down a common enemy and finally grant Animal his freedom from the blood debt he s carried for so many years But when the ghosts of Animal s past catch up with him he learns that nothing is what it seems, and everything is subject to corruption, even his love for Gucci.

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    1. Let's just get straight to the pointK'wan brought the unexpected in Animal II. He made us second guess all the scenarios we had conjured up in our head. He totally had us going to the left while he was busy ramming the story straight down our throats. Hands down one of the best novels we have read in 2013.So coming into this book, I was definitely #TeamGucci and #Team Porsha, but Animal II changed my opinion of themUGH! I came to the conclusion that our 556 Book Chicks friend Lawrence may have a [...]

    2. Just when I thought this series was pretty much wrapping up K'wan just hooks me again. This is one of my favorite urban fiction series. It's original. There's a lot of character development for the ones who matter and I just couldn't get enough of this one. I listened to all of them on audio so far and that's the best way in my opinion. The narrator is Cary Hite (favorite urban fiction narrator) and there's sound effects and everything to really pull you in. Just when you think you've got a few [...]

    3. Truce or Not?Book two in the Animal series, is admirably written and reveals a few surprises as the much loved main character Animal, reunites with loved ones and has to come to terms with an appearance from the man who abandoned him.Once thought to be dead, Animal is very much alive with vengeance etched in his soul. But before he can give his enemies what he feels they deserve, Animal is still being held captive by Priest, the man sent by, Shai Clark to kill him. What Priest reveals to Animal [...]

    4. Happy new year. My first book is in and k'wan never fails me with his books. Animal 2 was awesome. I just can't get enough of Animal. And there's more 2 come.

    5. ;;; ;;;;;;;;; The correct order to read the Hood Rat Novel series is: Hood Rat, Still Hood, Section 8, Welfare Wifeys, Eviction Notice, & Animal. FYI readers: "The Leak" is a prequel of "Welfare Wifeys"; "The First & Fifteenth" is intro to "No Shade"; "No Shade" is a prequel to "Eviction Notice"; "Ghetto Bastard is the beginning of the Animal series. This is why the books are listed in such order.In the 3rd installment of the Hood Rat Novel Series: Section 8, Animal is mentioned on page [...]

    6. I Loved this book! This was very well written! I am hoping for a part three. I want to know what's gonna happen with Gucci, Sonja Red, and Animal. I would also like to know more about Black Lotus.

    7. Action & violence continues. These are some tough characters. The introduction of Black Lotus helped make this an even better page turner

    8. Animal When you think things are over, the action kicks back up. A fathers love saves the day. Son like father

    9. Animal ll The Omen by K`WAN is my fifty-fifth book that I have received and read from . I felt that this book was well written. I would like to see the author write a follow-up book to see what the author does with the characters. I have not read any of this authors books, but I would not hesitate to purchase his next book.In this book Animal is portrayed as a real rough gangster, that has a real knack for not being able to get himself killed. In this book you have cops that are dirty, and don't [...]

    10. Animal will do anything to get his revenge against Shai for what happened to Gucci. Priest does what he can to keep the peace between Animal and Shai, but no matter what he says Animal already has mind made up that Shai has to pay. Animal is not the only person that has beef with the Clark family, but King James also is at war with them. Secrets are revealed, the past has been told, and like with any war there will be some casualties. Who will be left standing at the end of the war?I have loved [...]

    11. Animal II is grimey good! Shoot'em up gangsters, crooked cops, and hold'em down divas, this book delivers. I was completely taken by Animal this time. He is surly hood but in this book I understood his street struggles. His father Priest is Rudy Ray Moore bad and comes in to save Animal by helping him take on his thuggish street enemies. Animal isn't happy to see Priest but allows himself to be mentored by his father. Priest is a cold blooded mercenary and he holds fast to others paying their de [...]

    12. This was another decent outing from K'Wan centering around the unkillable Animal and his friends. Like the other Animal books this one is high octane from start to finish. A bit more about Black Lotus's past is revealed and the feud between King James crew and the Clark family comes to a believable end. In fact I only had two complaints about this book that kept it from being a higher rated novel in my opinion. First of all, the amount of sex scenes, I kept thinking I had accidently picked up a [...]

    13. K'wan has done it again! This book was so attention grabbing that once I started reading I couldn't stop. The author takes you on a roller coaster ride that is a thrill all the way to the end. The book picks up where part one left off and some questions are finally answered. You get to see some old faces pop up in the story as well as say goodbye to a few (which is typical in a K'wan book). This book is so descriptive that you feel you are watching it on the big screen. If you are a fan of urban [...]

    14. Such a good read. Definitely a page turner. I am so glad that the Priest and Animal reconciled. I am hoping for an Animal 3. Ashanti now turned assassin with Khallah was so befitting. The love from the streets to the mates seemed so real I felt as though I had known a Porsha or Gucci from around the way. Zo Pound doing the right thing at the wrong time goes to show that doing the right things we well rewarded in the end. Of Course King and Lakim still run the jungle but with the package that Ma [...]

    15. The books picks up right where it left off in Animal. Kwan definitely fulfills the reader with what we want from Animal. The addition of some new characters as well as a few old characters rounds out this perfect reading material. This story plays like a well done movie. You can clearly visualize the scenes in your mind and feel apart of the story. I hope there is a part 3 however I won't mind seeing him venture off and make the new characters into their own spin offs. You can't go wrong with a [...]

    16. K'wan is one of my favorite authors so I guess I have high expectations for his books. With that being said, he did not let me down. As he has done throughout the series the characters and memories of the characters were not lost in this book. From start to finish I was hooked and couldn't put it down. Animal II is a few love stories inside of a street tale. He did it again with another banger, I can't wait to see what's next!

    17. This book finds Animal aliveonce again, under the protection of his father, Priest and sister Kahllah, a.k.a Black Lotus. In the midst of it all, he is also trying to bring down his archenemy , which is Shai Clark. As promised, there will be plenty of bloodshed, but when and where will it all end? Another 5 star banger, that will leave the reader thirsting for more. Anxiously awaiting the next installment.

    18. Loved this book! Finally a hood story with a great ending ~ Animal finally met his father, gained a sister, him and Gucci are still going strong and they have a son, and he was able to squash the war with the Clarks as well as get his life back. Of course anything can happen in the future. Great read, great story and as always K'wan doesn't disappoint.

    19. Omg K'wan is a damn master mind with this pen game. You will never know what to expect because you will always be wrong. I love the way he writes and he always keep you wanting more and more. It was so good I couldn't put it down I was reading while I was cooking so you know this was one hella of a book.

    20. What can I say, Mr.Foye did not disappoint with the sequel. Animal2 started where Animal ended and I must say he got it popping rite off. Loved how the story came together but only gave us enough to keep us wanting more. K'wan you are a freaking genius and I'll read any and everything you write. Awesome!!!

    21. This was garbage just like gutter & gangsta. It was not a great follow up to animal part one. K'wan lost me with this one. After chapter six o lost interest & never picked it back up againus I don't support interracial relationships or children. I don't support infidelity. It's just not one of the greats.

    22. That epilogue is crazy as shit. It has to be a 3rd book because The Savages going to go ape shit. Gucci shouldn't get mad at Animal for what happened in Puerto Rico but hot damn. Kwan really knows how to lead the reader to the Clift push them off and make them hang on.

    23. Loved the action and drama. Enjoyed the twists and turns I just wish that one person inside of one of these dramas could be a truly faithful person. By I guess that would be asking just a little too much. I want more Gucci she deserves some sort of happiness.

    24. Man this book was great!!!!!! Excellent read and this drama, action, and suspense only further pulled me in to his creative style of writing. Definitely would recommend to others and in my opinion K'wan is one of the greats!!!!

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