Deirdre and Don Juan

Deirdre and Don Juan The recently widowed Earl of Everdon is determined to remarry and produce an heir but the audacious dashing nobleman had not reckoned on meeting a headstrong beauty like Lady Deirdre Stowe

  • Title: Deirdre and Don Juan
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9780380772810
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • The recently widowed Earl of Everdon is determined to remarry and produce an heir, but the audacious, dashing nobleman had not reckoned on meeting a headstrong beauty like Lady Deirdre Stowe.

    One thought on “Deirdre and Don Juan”

    1. This sweet romance with the premise of the plain jane and the rake may sound like it’s been done before, but this was done so sweetly it felt new. With the rake Earl of Everdon well known as Don Juan not only because of half of his spanish heritage but his way with the ladies. After his wife left him, he hasn’t care to get a divorce from his shallow wife due to having to worry about the marriage mart and the husband hunting mamas, that is until he suddenly widowed and having to worry about g [...]

    2. July is RITA month for the TBR Challenge, and I always enjoy going through their lists of past winners to see which ones I’ve got on my TBR pile. Fortunately, I always find a few, so I’m set for a few more years yet (!), and this year it seemed fitting to go for a title by Jo Beverley, whose name – not surprisingly – appears on the list of winners several times.Deirdre and Don Juan (winner of the award for Best Regency in 1994) is an utterly delightful take on the “rake-meets-plain-jan [...]

    3. First 2/3 is excellent! In the last section, things get hurried and hasty and you don't get the emotionally satisfying payoff you were waiting for, but the prose is very good, so as a whole still very enjoyable. Premise: your hero, "Don Juan", is a handsome half-Spanish English aristocrat who made a foolish early marriage, was abandoned by his flighty wife, and has happily-enough spent the intervening decade repairing his family estates and bedding foxy ladies, safe in the knowledge that as long [...]

    4. The second story was more interesting I thought. The Earl of Everdon, known as Don Juan, decides to marry. And nothing better than settling on his mother's mouse of a friend. He is sure she will be grateful for the attention and after the marriage will leave him alone to pursue his interests. Unfortunately Deirdre was just trying to go through her season without a proposal so she could go back home and finally marry the man she wants and that her parents don't want. She was so sure she would get [...]

    5. Mark Juan Carlos Renfrew, Earl of Everdon is known as Don Juan both because of his Spanish blood and his conquests with women. For the last ten years he has felt safe, protected by the fact the he is married, but with none of the usual restrictions, since his wife ran off with another man. But when he receives the news that she has died, he knows it is his duty to remarry. However, he has no desire to face the "Marriage Mart", so when his mother suggests her young friend Daphne Stowe he immediat [...]

    6. I really liked it. It was a sweet, funny book, and Everdon was a great guy, without never falling into a cliche of a womanizer. What I do despair about these books are the nicknames of all the men. Really? Dark Angel? You think a bunch of kids in an all boys school are going to call another one, Dark Angel? O even less, Bright Angel? How come all the romance authors do this thing of the nickname? Its not dashing, its corny. But, apart from that. i enjoyed the book.

    7. Nice story. Not a big story-- the conflict is small, but it's well done, well written. I liked the subtlety of how Beverley handled the unsatisfactory fiance and convinced the reader as well as the heroine that she deserved better.

    8. This makes me think of Emily and the Dark Angel. Again, she gives him a safe place, and he sets her free to be herself. Like it a lot.

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