A Plague of Dreams

A Plague of Dreams A collection of stories that present the best of the twisted and magical imagination of the author John Gregory Hancock This genre bending book will have something for everyone WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A dr

  • Title: A Plague of Dreams
  • Author: John Gregory Hancock
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A collection of stories that present the best of the twisted and magical imagination of the author, John Gregory Hancock This genre bending book will have something for everyone.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A dragon has an identity crisis WHAT HAPPENS WHEN your life bill comes due and you re an accountant WHAT HAPPENS WHEN your dream of winning the lottery ends up a nightmare WHATA collection of stories that present the best of the twisted and magical imagination of the author, John Gregory Hancock This genre bending book will have something for everyone.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A dragon has an identity crisis WHAT HAPPENS WHEN your life bill comes due and you re an accountant WHAT HAPPENS WHEN your dream of winning the lottery ends up a nightmare WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A TV psychic returns to a home he swore never to see again These ten stories range from just a couple of pages to novella size and include 5 illustrations by the author.

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    1. A Plague of Dreams was more like a fantastical journey through a myriad of psychopath's dreams. Each short story in this collection transports you to another realm, sometimes fiction, sometimes fantasy, always with amusement and imagination. "They [these Tales] travel unique and varied paths to arrive at your shuttered door." They pull you in with phantasm and leave you bereft of clarity with no alternative than to continue on into the next nightmare. "The sideways world was empty. Damn the side [...]

    2. Loved this book of highly imaginative short stories. The idea is that all the stories in this anthology were inspired by weird dreams. If that's the case, Mr Hancock needs to stop eating cheese right before he goes to sleep! Fabulous illustrations to go with them. A great read.

    3. One of the things that I really love about anthologies is the ability to reset after a few pages and go in another direction. A Plague of Dreams offers that variety in an extreme way. Every story isn’t just a little different, it’s a new world and new characters and if you didn’t know that the stories were all written by one person, the suggestion of a new author. Because of the variety of topics, choosing the weakest story is (forgive the overused cliché) apples to oranges. All the stori [...]

    4. A pleasant way to waste an afternoon. The ten short stories contained in this anthology are all decent, there aren't any out and out stinkers. The author is a skilled writer who shows an obvious talent for the short form. Each story is unique and different with most containing a mix of elements that include Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror (I should mention that I'm not a major fan of any of those genres - I don't dislike them but they're not my favorites either).There were two stories that I particularly [...]

    5. This book is just what I needed. I recently finished a very long detailed book, and this book was a fantastic book to follow that experience. This book is a collection of short stories. It is captivating. Each story contains humor and some have horror aspects. My favorite was Panic Tower. I loved Jonah. This one keeps you on your toes until the end. There is action and interesting characters. It was amazing.This book while easy to read, is hard to write a review for. The stories are short, and I [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The stories were so unique and kept me guessing. Hancock infuses such rich detail in each short story that I found myself engulfed in world after world. The amazing illustrations helped to further bring each story to life. I find myself still haunted by images of storybook creatures, three-headed dogs, a God who was not what we thought, and children hiding under desks. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of darker short stories

    7. What a wonderful collection of ideas! I enjoyed all the stories, some more than others. Amber, Forked, and Panic Tower were my favorites. The Veil was great, but I felt it was a bit too long to be called a short story. That one could easily become a fine novella.I've always been a fan of short stories, and it's a pleasure to find such a well written and varied selection of them in one book.

    8. 4.5 stars to this entertaining anthology of short stories. It's full of vivid, imaginative characters and twist endings you won't see coming. Extra points for the really excellent illustrations that go along with each chapter. Highly recommended if you like bite-sized pieces of fun fiction and fantastical elements!

    9. It can be hard to rate collections like this, as you're not really rating/reviewing one story, but several. The easiest way is to average out how you would rate each story, and three-stars is where my average lies. The first two stories: Cerberus and True Dragon, were my favorites, their endings being the delicious little twists which I prefer over the regular happy endings of most works. Others, like The Veil and Classroom Incident were good, but lost me a little in the subject or the pace. Pan [...]

    10. Brilliant collect of short stories that are beautifully and thoughtfully written. John Gregory Hancock takes the reader from the banal to the extraordinary with the ease of a master craftsman. His stories vary from an everyman's dawning realization he's landed at the gates of Hell to the outer limits of the solar system and an illuminating tete-a-tete with God. He pushes the boundaries of imagination with a dragon's death and rebirth, each story as bizarre and disconnected from each other as our [...]

    11. This is a pretty good collection of shorts. A couple of the stories left me uncertain of what happened or what on earth I had even just read! The rest of the stories I did enjoy. I especially liked Amber and most of The Veil, though the length of The Veil made it feel out of place in this book. As another reviewer points out, it could be it's own novella. All-in-all, the writing is well edited and smooth to read. I would read future works by this author. If those future works are short stories, [...]

    12. This collection reminds me of why I like short stories. Back in the dark ages, when I was first getting into Sci Fi and Fantasy, short stories were the order of the day. So many great writers published collections of mind bending stories on every imaginable subject. I can't say why I stopped reading everything but the yearly anthlogies. It really doesn't matter. Reading this collection was like moving into a house with many rooms after a long stint in a one room house. Hancock is exceptional at [...]

    13. Interesting collection of stories. Some of them I found very, very fun, and others I had no connection to at all. I like the author's imagination, and I enjoy the way he gave several characters very distinctive voices. This might have been a more successful collection if the author had focused on a narrower range of story types. It felt to me like his desire to provide a lot of diversity only prevented him from putting his energies into improving and expanding the stories that worked really well [...]

    14. I found almost every story in A Plague of Dreams to be a delight. The editing was superlative, making it a very clean, enjoyable read.Oddly, my favorite story was perhaps the one with the least fantastical elements, it dealt with love through a great moral metaphore. It really touched me.I hope John Gregory Hancock's future writings will push the edge even further.

    15. There is definitely something for everyone here, and the writing is near flawless. I especially enjoy the era-appropriate verbiage, as it seems as though that might be a heavy thing to research and master. I have never read a compilation of short stories, so I'm not sure how appropriately I can review this book accurately. However, I did enjoy the majority of the stories!

    16. A number of very intriguing ideas and a number of areas of very nice writing. I would like to see some of the ideas further developed, especially "Classroom Incident." I'm looking forward to the next volume.

    17. I'm reading this with a group online. It has been a great experience. I love talking with fellow book lovers about books and I was really excited to read this with my friends. I was not disappointed because not only was the writing flawless it gave us much to talk about. This is a collection of short stories that have a mix of horror and humor. The endings in each story kept me guessing and it was hard to put down.My favorite story was Panic Tower. The writer captured the pure terror and did a g [...]

    18. Wonderful collection of stories about dreams.This is a fantastical world of dreams ranging from a club foot elephant to traveling across the veil of the dead. There is a story for everyone. I highly recommend this book.

    19. I just wanted to say "Thanks for the wonderful ride!" I'm humbled and grateful for everyone who has taken the time to review or rate my book.It's my first effort at self-publishing, and I was a wee bit nervous at how the reviews would come out.First of all, I have been blown away by the time and effort people have spent detailing how the book made them feel, especially because it helps potential readers know if they want to read it. At one point, I asked for people to "fix" my bell curve because [...]

    20. I love short story compilations, and this one didn’t disappoint. I wandered into this book and found myself carrying my pad everywhere wanting to read it. The dozen speculative fiction stories vary both in style and content, but all possess a high degree of quality and creativity. Each of these stories waste little time getting you involved in both their original plots and well-crafted characters. If I had to say what defining theme connected all of these different stories, it’s their humani [...]

    21. This was a fantastic little set of short stories. I enjoyed "The Veil" in particular, but that's like saying one diamond is better than another. They are all gems. Hancock has a particular talent for making you squirm as a reader. I recommend this collection if you like slightly creepy, off-center stories, and especially if you have read or are planning to read "Crawlspace", another great story by Hancock that has some origins in "The Veil". A Plague of Dreams has great characters, and some fun [...]

    22. This was an eclectic and entertaining collection of short stories.My favorites are Cerberus and Amber.I liked being able to read a story or two when I had a few extra minutes during my day.While i liked some stories more than others this book is sure to to have a few to satisfy every reader.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    23. An interesting collection of short stories based on the authors dreams. a different sort of writing and telling of tales than you typically encounter.

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