Henri's Scissors

Henri s Scissors Step into the colorful world of Henri Matisse and his magnificent paper cutouts In a small weaving town in France a young boy named Henri Emile Matisse drew pictures everywhere and when he grew up

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  • Title: Henri's Scissors
  • Author: Jeanette Winter
  • ISBN: 9781442464858
  • Page: 387
  • Format: ebook
  • Step into the colorful world of Henri Matisse and his magnificent paper cutouts In a small weaving town in France, a young boy named Henri Emile Matisse drew pictures everywhere, and when he grew up, he moved to Paris and became a famous artist who created paintings that were adored around the world But late in life a serious illness confined him to a wheelchair, and amazStep into the colorful world of Henri Matisse and his magnificent paper cutouts In a small weaving town in France, a young boy named Henri Emile Matisse drew pictures everywhere, and when he grew up, he moved to Paris and became a famous artist who created paintings that were adored around the world But late in life a serious illness confined him to a wheelchair, and amazingly, it was from there that he created among his most beloved works enormous and breathtaking paper cutouts.Based on the life of Henri Matisse, this moving and inspirational picture book biography includes a note from the author, dynamic quotes from Matisse himself, and an illuminating look at a little known part of a great artist s creative process.

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    1. Some young readers will be familiar with the paintings of Henri Matisse who was born in France. The text and illustrations, created with cut paper and acrylic paint, cover Henri's formative years and the influence of his mother. After leaving behind a possible law career, he focused on painting. Many years later, after a successful career, he became ill and was unable to paint. Still, he managed to create, using painted paper and scissors. Eventually, the walls of his room were filled with a pap [...]

    2. Picture book biography focuses on Matisse's late work - his paper collages/"cut-outs". Simple yet evocative text, with quotes from Matisse himself.

    3. This informational picture book about Henry Matisse gives the readers just enough information about his life that we are able to learn something new. This picture book takes us through his early years of painting and into his later years, after his illness, of cutting. The author uses real quotes from Matisse, which she found in other books about him. The colorful illustrations really make you pay attention to Matisse’s work and show his creativity in his shapes and cutouts. This is a great bo [...]

    4. 1) Has anyone ever heard of Henri Matisse? Wait for response. I would share a short biography of the artist that is included in the back of the book. I would then project some of Matisse’s famous paintings that he made. Once I finished the book I would then share pictures of the large cut outs Matisse made. 2) With this opening, I would be providing important background information that will allow students to make connections and realize how famous Matisse is. This might activate prior knowle [...]

    5. I love Henri Matisse's paper cuttings so I guess it is expected that I would also love this book. Jeanette Winter does a fantastic job both on the illustrations and the story of Henri Matisse's later years. She easily communicates the simplicity and exuberance of his later art work. I loved how she interspersed actual quotations throughout. The ending is both wonderful and amazing. This book will provide so much inspiration for children both in creating their own artwork and also in persevering [...]

    6. Fiction Twin Text: “Brush of the Gods” by Lenore Look (2013)Content Crossover: Art/Art HistoryRationale: Both these books discuss two different artists. Both start as painters but take different paths. I want the children to get in touch with their creative side and realize that art comes in many shapes and forms. I would read each book, while reading we would complete a Venn diagram as a class. The center of the circles where they connect, we would put the similarities between the artists. [...]

    7. Winter focuses on the artist’s later years when he was confined to a bed and a wheelchair. Here Matisse is depicted using colored paper and scissors and employing his vivid imagination to create artwork that his assistants put up on the walls of his seaside cottage. “A pair of scissors is a wonderful instrument,” says Matisse. He wonders why he never thought of using the technique of paper cutting for his designs earlier. In this book the pictures Winter creates are done in acrylics and cu [...]

    8. Excellent source for an artist in focus lesson on Henri Matisse, his genius, difficulties and how he never betrayed the artist within.Well done.

    9. Booklist starred (June 1, 2013 (Vol. 109, No. 19))Grades K-3. Masterful picture-book biographer Winter (The Watcher, 2011) offers an elegant, accessible portrait of expressive artist Henri Matisse. She tackles his childhood, law career, and establishment as a painter of note in the first eight pages, using small, square-frame illustrations with text placed above and below. As an old man, Matisse becomes ill, and the book turns a stylistic corner, spending the balance of its pages exploring the c [...]

    10. I was positively surprised by Winter’s book on Matisse. A different take from any other picture book on him I have ever seen before, simple yet creative, furthermore, full of unexpected poetry. Henri's Scissors is uplifting as it deals with drastic changes of careers, illness, old age, the end of life and death. Even though those are mere brushes, they are extremely important in this narrative for a richer content. Drawing with scissors is made beautiful as it should and Henri Matisse’s art [...]

    11. Bright, coloring children's picture book biography of Henri Matisse. I had no idea that, later in life, Matisse was unable to paint, and instead turned to cutting paper into designs. This book had me immediately jumping onto my computer to learn more. I can't wait to share this with students and show them the real Henri and his art. Nominated for the North Carolina Children's Book Award (2016-2017).

    12. Nice story about Henri Matisse and how he went from drawing and painting to paper craft with scissors. Easy and nice to follow. Good illustrations. Art teacher would love this one. Biographical. Highly recommended for ES. Grade level K-5

    13. tep into the colorful world of Henri Matisse and his magnificent paper cutouts! In a small weaving town in France, a young boy named Henri-Emile Matisse drew pictures everywhere, and when he grew up, he moved to Paris and became a famous artist who created paintings that were adored around the world. But late in life a serious illness confined him to a wheelchair, and amazingly, it was from there that he created among his most beloved works--enormous and breathtaking paper cutouts.Based on the l [...]

    14. Most people have probably heard of the great French artist Henri Matisse, or even seen his renowned paintings, but unless you’re a fan of art history, that’s probably about all that you know of him or his life — which would be, as we discovered through this book, a real shame.Henri’s Scissors is a beautiful biography of the artist, offering not just a glimpse into his creative and artistic genius, but also his indomitable spirit and inner strength.What’s most fascinating about this boo [...]

    15. When Henri-Emile Matisse was a young boy, he longed to make art the way his mother did. So he drew as much as he could and then painted after receiving paints as a gift. But when he was on old man, he had to remain in bed or a wheelchair and didn’t have the energy or ability to paint. As he recovered, Matisse started to draw and then picked up a pair of scissors and started cutting paper. Matisse started a second phase of his art career with assistants who painted pages for him to cut from, dr [...]

    16. Henri’s ScissorsRationalThese two books pair well with each other because they are both about art. Beautiful Oops is about how to use your imagination when you think you have made a mistake. It shows you how beautiful art work can be created from an oops! Henri Matisse used his imagination when he made interesting art work out of paper cut outs. These two books show children its ok to be creative and to use your imagination. Text StructuresDescriptionChronological orderCompare and contrastCaus [...]

    17. I have always known the artist Henri Matisse. My favorite painting of his is the one with a glass bowl of goldfish on a table. I love the bright splashes of color and green leaves that draw me into the fish. I did not know much more about him until I read Jeanette Winter's book Henri's Sissors. People who lose the ability to do something they love and through this hardship find something else they love, fascinate me. Unbeknownst to me, Matisse fell ill in his older years after a surgery for canc [...]

    18. "Then one day Matisse picked up a pair of scissors and cut out shapes from painted paper- he was drawing with scissors!" - Jeanette Winter I really enjoy Jeanette Winter's books. She has a unique story-telling approach that I've grown to appreciate. Similar to Mr. Cornell's Dream Boxes, Henri's Scissors is a picture book biography about another world-renowned artist Henri-Emile-Benoit- Matisse! Originally an avant-garde artist, Henri has to adopt a new creative process when a severe illness atta [...]

    19. Born in France to an artistic mother, Henri-Emile Matisse grew up to be a famous painter. In his older years, Henri became quite ill and was bedridden for the rest of his life. Weak and unable to paint like he used to, Henri was unwilling to give up his passion for art. He started drawing on his ceiling with charcoal attached to long poles. He also created some of his most beloved art by using scissors to cut out shapes inspired by nature out of colored paper and gluing them on his walls. The il [...]

    20. This was based on the life of Henri Matisse that was born in a small town in France. From the moment he was born Henri was an artist. He was constantly drawing pictures of everything and everywhere he went. When he was older, he moved to Paris and officially became a famous artist that had paintings all around the world. Later on in life a serious disease took over Henri's body, but he was optimistic about it and found a way where he could still create art. He began to make outstanding paper cut [...]

    21. I haven't read a Jeanette Winters book I haven't liked. I knew I little about Matisse but I learned more. This is done is a very simple way that adults and kids will enjoy! This would be a great non-fiction book for late elementary school kids for an art class. Read the story and then try the cut out the motifs. I don't love the illustrations but the Matisse artwork is interesting.I think I am going to pull out some colored paper and scissor. I didn't know people painted paperwell I have because [...]

    22. Henrì Matisse found his love of art at an early age but two major illnesses pushed him into the artist he became known for. The first illness, brought about his talent in painting and later in life, another serious illness brought his new love for paper cutting and collaging. He never gave up on his art which is the message I received from this book. No matter what life brought him, he found beauty inside himself that begged to be let out and he did.Written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter, p [...]

    23. Though this picture book biography of the artist Matisse starts with his interest in drawing and painting as a boy and a young man, it focuses on his later years. When Matisse was an old man, he fell ill—the author’s note says that he had cancer—and he was too weak to paint…until one day he picked up a scissors and started cutting out shapes from painted paper and making collages…collages that started out small and grew until they were room sized. The lively text and illustrations are [...]

    24. An easy-to-understand account of the life of artist Henri Matisse. Colorful illustrations bring Matisse to life in an enjoyable way for children to understand. From potential lawyer, to painter, to overcoming a disability, children learn the art of drawing with scissors and abstract art as Matisse begins to create art in the form of colorful shape collages. Great book that I use regularly in teaching collage tied into the introduction of one of the most famous artists ever known.

    25. Grade Level Equivalent: 3.4Summary: This biography explores the life of artist Henri-Emilie Matisse. He grew up on a farm in France and later moved to Paris to become a famous artist. He created wonderful works of art through cutouts and the beautiful use of color. Lesson Integration: This book could be used in art class to introduce students to the colorful life of Henri-Emilie Matisse. The children could then create their own Matisse-inspired work of art.

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