You Can Write Your Family History

You Can Write Your Family History This title enables readers to chronicle the lives of near or distant relatives It provides methods for conducting historical and thematic research organizing materials outlining and plotting a story i

  • Title: You Can Write Your Family History
  • Author: Sharon Debartolo Carmack
  • ISBN: 9781558706415
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • This title enables readers to chronicle the lives of near or distant relatives It provides methods for conducting historical and thematic research organizing materials outlining and plotting a story illustrating with pictures and charts and making money writing the history of other families.

    One thought on “You Can Write Your Family History”

    1. I found this book (with a different cover than the one in the picture!!) at RootsTech 2012 - a genealogy and technology convention that was held here in Salt Lake in February. This book is going to change my life!! Well, at least my life of trying to write yet another family history. I have written a poor one for my dad's family in 1998, then with my cousin a better one for my Mom's side of the family. Now, I'm going to write a NARRATIVE!! And this book is going to hold my had while I do it. I h [...]

    2. I've got at least 8 other "How to Write Your Genealogy" books in my house. This is by far the best one. The only thing lacking is a chapter on formatting, fonts, spacing, etc. Worth every penny!

    3. Lots of good scholarly info for skilled, serious writers but a little too much for casual genealogists who just want to write for family.

    4. Want to gather your genealogical research into one place? This is a readable book that doubles as a research go-to. I highly recommend it.

    5. "I believe practically everyone has the potential to write a family history,” writes Carmack.She turns her extensive experience as an author, instructor, speaker, and business owner into a no-nonsense, uncomplicated, system to writing your family history. It’s much like baking cake—follow the recipe and you’ll get a cake. Follow her recipe and you will get a family history manuscript you will be pleased with and proud to share with family and friends. She also shows how to turn your manu [...]

    6. I credit this book (along with a certified genealogist cousin who showed me the work she did to get certified) with lighting a fire under me. I'd collected some work on my father's Smith family (helped along by my uncle's work in the 1970s and the trees he mapped out on butcher paper). Finding this book in 2005 helped me to organize it all, create a framework for it, and begin inserting into Framemaker. My daytime job as a technical writer helped with tweaking the bits into something coherent. I [...]

    7. This is a terrific book.Written in an easy, descriptive style it does not just tell you various ways of writing a Family History, but provides concrete examples, background tools and tasks and alternative sources to use.In short: The Why is important, but the How is essential. This book has them both.I borrowed this book from the library, but will be buying a copy for my shelf to keep as a touchstone and reference that is always at hand.

    8. A year ago (March 2010) I checked out a bunch of family history books from the city library. Many of them I found interesting, but stopped reading them about 1/3 of the way into them. This one held my interest so much that I wanted to buy 10 copies and hand them out at the upcoming family reunion. Alas I still haven't bought even one copy, but it is that time of year again when family reunion season is coming up and I wish I had gotten that book order placed.

    9. This is a well written step by step guide that will actually make you want to write. I've never had so few excuses to get started and make something beautiful. She also recommends other books to look into about specific topics. Read this with Bringing your Family History to Life through Social History by Katherine Scott Sturdevant.

    10. Quite a thorough book about writing your family history. Though I want to write a fictionalized version of some of my family history, and this book was definitely not aimed at that, it was still helpful in thinking about all the angles of research, etc.

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