Love's Greatest Gift: A Christmas Novella

Love s Greatest Gift A Christmas Novella This is a word page novella bonus material A Love Danger series novella Can be read as a stand alone story Meghan O Connor is back in Largo fifteen years after leaving town with Liam Wheat

  • Title: Love's Greatest Gift: A Christmas Novella
  • Author: Amy Gamet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a 14,000 word, 46 page novella bonus material A Love Danger series novella Can be read as a stand alone story.Meghan O Connor is back in Largo, fifteen years after leaving town with Liam Wheaton She d been pregnant with their child He d been running from the law.The son of the town drunk, Liam was accused of setting fire to the old mill Meghan bel This is a 14,000 word, 46 page novella bonus material A Love Danger series novella Can be read as a stand alone story.Meghan O Connor is back in Largo, fifteen years after leaving town with Liam Wheaton She d been pregnant with their child He d been running from the law.The son of the town drunk, Liam was accused of setting fire to the old mill Meghan believed he was innocent, her love blinding her to any other possibility But when life showed her another version of the truth, Meghan ran away again this time taking the couple s eight year old daughter with her.Now that daughter needs a bone marrow transplant, and Meghan must return home to face the family she left behind as a frightened teenager She never expects to find Liam living in Largo, looking sexier than ever and mad as all hell.In the days before Christmas, the truth about the fire will be revealed, two families will be reunited and a passionate love rekindled, in this story about the lengths we go to for love and the power of forgiveness.

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    1. I read this book because I enjoyed another book by this author. This book was confusing to be how it jumped back and forth from present day to the past. I also was surprised how quickly the book ended and a epilogue.

    2. Only a mother’s desperate need to save her child could bring Meghan back home to the family she left behind when she ran away with Liam. Her shame at their failed marriage and bruised pride kept her away for eight years. Her family had been right about Liam not being right for her, about him being nothing but trouble, but her heart didn’t listen. When she found Liam had returned to their hometown, she had to guard her heart against the pull he still had on her, but when the truth of what hap [...]

    3. Meghan and Fiona have been separated from their family for a very long time and are only reunited because Fiona is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. Meghan left her family behind for Fiona's father, Liam, a boy who came from a family that the town snubbed and looked down upon, and were also accusing of arson. Later she takes Fiona and leaves her husband behind because some alleged “proof” is given to her that Liam is indeed guilty of the crime, and others. Her fear of facing her famil [...]

    4. Meghan O'Connor thought that leaving Liam Wheaton behind was the most difficult decision she ever made for herself and her young daughter Fiona. Walking away eight years ago was truly alot harder than Meghan ever expected. Meghan is a single mother trying her best to raise Fiona which is becoming more difficult because Fiona has leukemia. Fiona needs a bone marrow transplant if she's to defeat her illness. Meghan doesn't know what to do know yet her friend Rhea says that she must speak with her [...]

    5. Synopsis: "Meghan O'Connor is back in Largo, fifteen years after leaving town with Liam Wheaton. She'd been pregnant with their child. He'd been running from the law.The son of the town drunk, Liam was accused of setting fire to the old mill. Meghan believed he was innocent, her love blinding her to any other possibility. But when life showed her another version of the truth, Meghan ran away again--this time taking the couple's eight year-old daughter with her.Now that daughter needs a bone marr [...]

    6. Meghan was just a teenager when she feel in love with bad boy Liam. Even though her parents told her to stay away she could not resist his charm. She loved Liam and knew he was better than his alcoholic father and rowdy family. Meghan found a chance when the two of them could meet and be together. After their encounter Meghan realized she was pregnant and the father of her child was accused of a crime he said he did not commit. Meghan and Liam decided to run away together. That was until she nee [...]

    7. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.Love's Greatest Gift is a novella about a woman named Meghan, desperately trying to find a bone marrow match for her 15-year-old daughter. When she goes back to her hometown to ask for help from her family, she ends up meeting her estranged husband who she hasn't seen in eight years.It's a quick and easy read, and the story flowed nicely. It gave a pretty good glimpse of the characters, and I found myself rooting for Liam. He's an admirable pers [...]

    8. Since I really liked her other book, I was eager to start this one, and, having finished it, feel the same way about this one. I found the two main characters, Meghan and Liam, to be interesting and believable. The story involves their love throughout the years, from their school days to older years. Despite the fact that her parents objected, Meghan’s and Liam’s love was true and steadfast. Liam wasn’t the sort of boy a parent might wish for his/her daughter, but the love grew despite tri [...]

    9. Meghan O'Connor and Liam Wheaton are high school sweethearts. Unfortunately, Liam is the son of the town drunk, and not the boy Meghan's parents want around their daughter. Despite his reputation, Maggie sees something in Liam that no one else can. When she discovers she is pregnant, the two run away. Several years pass before an old "friend" shows up on her door step and convinces Meghan that Liam has been setting fires in their home town and she needs to get away from him while she can. And Me [...]

    10. I was given a review copy of this book through LibraryThing Member Giveaway. This novella is the story of Meghan and Liam, an estranged married couple, and their daughter Fiona. We learn that Liam has been accused and convicted of setting a number of fires. Meghan no longer trusts Liam so she has run away with Fiona. Meghan has also not had contact with her family for many years. A diagnosis of leukemia in Fiona and the need for a bone marrow donor prompts Meghan to reestablish contact with Liam [...]

    11. Meghan's family disapproved of her relationship with the town drunks son Liam, so they ran away. Eight years later Meghan believes the word of one man and rather than talk this particular problem over with Liam she leaves taking their daughter with her. Their daughter is fifteen when Meghan is forced to return to her hometown to find her a bone marrow donor. See this is where I got pissed. Liam hasn’t seen his daughter since Meghan walked out eight years ago so he’s rightfully furious and so [...]

    12. Meghan and Liam were in love but were only sixteen. He was from the wrong side on the tracks but Meghan didn't see that. An event occurred so Liam said he was leaving town. But Meghan couldn't let him go on his own plus she just found out she was pregnant. So they left leaving family ties behind. Eight years later, Meghan and Fiona their daughter left without a trace because she had found out something disturbing about her husband. Now Fiona was ill so she and Meghan returned only to find Liam h [...]

    13. Can a father get a second chance Another great story by Amy. Meghan has always loved Liam but he the boy from the wrong family. They ran away together as he was blamed for crime that he did not do. Meghan is now back home as her daughter is very ill and she needs help from Liam. Liam has missed his family but he is still so angry as Meghan just left him without letting him know why. Can they both move forward and work together to get their daughter well or it is too late to set things right. A e [...]

    14. Really sweet story that ended way too soon! I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out! Meghan and Liam's story was great and I loved the very small reference to Meant for Her, in the part where Becky reflected on Julie and Hank's wedding. I also LOVED who the fire starter was. That was perfect! Definitely a must read, but I do recommend reading Meant for Her first, as you'll get more of a feel for Becky and how she felt when her sister took off. 5 stars!!!

    15. I received a copy of this novella because I gave an honest review for the author's book Meant For Her. I enjoyed this quick read. Like her other book, the characters in Love's Greatest Gift were likeable and realistic and the plot is engaging from the get-go. The only criticism I have is the length. I know that novellas are supposed to be short, but the plot could easily have been turned into a full-length novel. As I said in my last review, I look forward to more from this author.

    16. ***I got this copy in exchange for an honest review***All I can say is WOW!! AHHH!! Even though it was a novella, it was all there Drama and romance The story is sweet and light In all of the 3 books I read, this was my favorite I almost cried on some parts. It was so worth reading and you won't be disappointed =Take note: this is a novella. It's short but for me it was, so far, the best book that I read written by Amy Gamet=

    17. I enjoyed this short and sweet story. Meghan fell in love with the wrong boy. When she got pregnant she ran away with him. A few years later she got scared and ran away from him.When her daughter got sick, she realized she needed her family. She went home to her family and found her love waiting for her.

    18. 2.5 starsVery short and very sweetuntil the endr me.I didn't quite like the "miracle". (view spoiler)[ So I feel like they had the baby as a just in case for Fiona if she ever got sick again. Bringing up the fact that Oscar was a perfect match for Fiona when he's only just been born, only 2 weeks old was too much for me. (hide spoiler)]

    19. This story is too short to even be a filler read for me. The story is so short it should be classified as book 1.5 for a novella. There isnt much to say about the book. We hear about what happened with Meghan and Liam in the past. Then she comes back. Then Liam forgives her. Then the bad guy is arrested. Then it's happily ever after. Not much else to it.


    21. I enjoyed this story. I'm not sure why, well the ending counts for a lot but the story was kind of hard to read also. It dealt with the unfairness of life a bit and I really felt that. Ms Gamet did an excellent job with the characterization and as someone who feels on the edges of acceptable at times, it hit home.

    22. 3.5 stars, good read.This was a cute short story, bigger on regret and rekindling than on suspense. I didn't read the first book, but the characters were connected, though not a part of this story, just merely mentioned. This one has an easy flow with likable characters. Well worth the time, and I plan on reading the other two Love and Danger books.

    23. While I liked the idea behind the book, it failed to deliver in other areas. To me, the writing felt juvenile and, as a result, it reflected poorly on the main characters. I found them to be immature and injudicious in their actions. I hope you enjoy it more than I did!

    24. I loved "Meant for Her" and gave it a 5-Star review. I received a copy of "Loves Greatest Gift" as a thank you.This is a wonderful Christmas story, well written, fast paced, with believable characters - just perfect for holiday reading and gift giving.I can't wait for Amy's next book!

    25. I started and finished this book on a 3 hour flight back home.I wasn't aware it was a novella, wish the story was more longer, however I did enjoy the story

    26. This was a heart warming story on a cold winter day. The love in this story warmed me from the inside out. I was able to hold in the tears of happiness and the love I felt but it was pretty hard

    27. It was good although I didn't really understand why she left she should stayed and talked but that's my own opinion good storyline

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