The Final Arrangement

The Final Arrangement The Vulture is dead The body of Quincy McKay s nemesis and biggest competitor in the floral business has just been discovered in a casket at the mortuary complete with flowers on the lid Derrick Gibb

  • Title: The Final Arrangement
  • Author: Annie Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Vulture is dead.The body of Quincy McKay s nemesis and biggest competitor in the floral business has just been discovered in a casket at the mortuary, complete with flowers on the lid.Derrick Gibbons, aka The Vulture, stole all of Quincy s funeral business, and now she s on a mission to get it back But there s a problem Quincy is now the main suspect in The Vulture sThe Vulture is dead.The body of Quincy McKay s nemesis and biggest competitor in the floral business has just been discovered in a casket at the mortuary, complete with flowers on the lid.Derrick Gibbons, aka The Vulture, stole all of Quincy s funeral business, and now she s on a mission to get it back But there s a problem Quincy is now the main suspect in The Vulture s murder Armed with only her Zombie delivery van, good intentions, and the business card of a handsome cop named Alex, she must find the killer, save the flower shop, and keep from ending up in the next casket If she can dodge burning bushes, the plague of a polygamist ex, and her mother s Mormon Mafia Spy Network, her life with Alex and her shop could become the perfect arrangement.

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    1. So, it wasn't a bad book. It was fine. I think if someone was considering becoming a florist, they would really like it. But, I really don't care that much about flowers or the florist business. Flowers are pretty. Florists exchange flowers for money. That's all I know well, until now. But, that was all I really needed to know. Or wanted to know. I was comfortable in my floral ignorance.This book seriously got bogged down with details of everything flower. I can maybe handle a paragraph of flowe [...]

    2. The Final Arrangement ( Flower Shop Mystery #1) by Annie Adam is a 2013 publication. This is a fast paced cozy mystery featuring Quincy McKay, the owner of a flower shop, divorced from an abusive husband, living in Utah, just trying to get a little bit ahead like the rest of us. But, for Quincy, who has has a habit of speaking first and thinking later, it seems life's circumstances are stacked against her. For starters, her rival in the flower shop business, Derrick Gibbons, is murdered after ha [...]

    3. 3.5 solid stars! Posted on the blog - lilypondreads/201The Final Arrangement is the first book in The Flower Shop Mystery series and was a really fun ride. Quincy McKay owns a flower shop. When her arch nemesis who stole all her funeral business ends up dead and discovered in a casket at the mortuary - it opens up an opportunity for Quincy to get it all back. Unfortunately for Quincy, she is the last one who saw Derrick Gibbons alive and is now the prime suspect in his murder investigation.After [...]

    4. I did not like this book. At all. It was available (and I think it still is) for free on and I finally decided to read it for the Indie Readathon. Sometimes I find hidden gems on the free section on , unfortunately this was not the case. I knew it was a gamble, I just didn't know it was this bad.This book was boring, the main character was annoying and the overall plot just didn't interest me. In this one Quincy, our main character, owns a flower shop that used to be her grandmother's. She has [...]

    5. I wish I could give half stars I'd love to make this 3.5. This is cute story. I found myself connecting with the characters and the plot. Funny and serious, I found myself rushing home to see what Quincy got herself into today. Congrats Annie! There was quite a bit of flower shop jargon, which I might have enjoyed a little more if I knew what the flowers looked like, or what the arrangements looked like.

    6. Enjoyed this book, Quincy is a funny, brave & her thinking is sometimes so confusing (love that about her). She could be one of your girlfriends. Love hunky Alex. I Will be reading more of this series.

    7. The main character Quincy is always getting into trouble. This book isa funny laugh out loud book and I can't wait to read the next one.

    8. I had so much fun reading this book! I loved the characters and can't wait for the next book to come out!

    9. Quincy has taken over her Aunt Rosie's flower shop while she travels the globe. Business hasn't been great since Derrick opened his shop and taken over alot of the funeral business from her. When Derrick is found dead in one of the caskets at the funeral home, Quincy finds herself as a suspect. Between being a suspect, things being set on fire at her home and strange men following her van around trying to run her off the road; Quincy is not sure which end is up. Then you add the growing interest [...]

    10. Quincy McKay is single, Mormon, and has taken over her Aunt Rose's florist shop. Problem is, Derek Gibbons seems to have somehow secured a corner on the floral business and then he ends up dead. The down side is that Quincy is the main suspect - she did have a motive and threatened him; the up side is that the police oficer who shows up, Alex, is gorgeous. Unfortunately, he's not Mormon and that's a problem because Quincy likes him. As Quincy tries to figure out who killed Derek and get herself [...]

    11. THE FINAL ARRANGEMENT by Annie Adams is Book One in the Cozy Flower Shop Mystery Series and I hope there are many more. There is so much going on in the life of flower shop owner, Quincy (Quinella – but say at your peril) McKay, you almost forget there was a dead body at the beginning. A florist who had stolen Quincy’s lucrative funeral home account and was last seen alive in an argument with Quincy. Uh oh, not good. But between incompetent employee, scantily clad employee, sister beaten by [...]

    12. The Final Arrangement is the first book in the new Flower Shop Mystery Series. I absolutely loved it! Quincy McKay is an intelligent, stubborn character and I felt I could relate to her right from the beginning. She is just trying to ‘glide’ through life unnoticed for the most part, when her life becomes tangled up with the death of a fellow florist and things start to get out of control. For Quincy, being in control of her situation as well as her emotions is something that’s very importa [...]

    13. ALMOST a winner. This new series says it is for fans of Janet Evanovich, and that is a good match. The setting is promising---a young woman owns a florist shop in a Utah town. The author can and does do some fun (but, I think respectful) things with the Mormon influence. The large Mormon typical family gives lots of room for interesting interactions. There are some quirky characters, such as the middle-aged former schoolbus driver whom the heroine hires to drive her delivery van.Overall the plot [...]

    14. Quincy McKay has her own floral shop which is doing pretty well, but then The Vulture starts making deals and taking business away from the other florists in the area. Is she PO'd? Oh yeahd while she'd love for The Vulture to just go away, being pegged as a suspect in his murder wasn't what she had in mind.Quincy is sassy, to her Mormon mother's dismay, but that attitude is what she needs to do her own sleuthing. Meeting up with a hunky cop is the icing on the cake.I enjoyed this book and look f [...]

    15. The Final Arrangement was engaging and well-written. It could have been trimmed down a bit, as some of the minor characters and sub-plots got a bit confusing from time to time, but it was basically a very entertaining cozy mystery. It's quite a good first novel. I look forward to seeing Annie Adams develop her series.

    16. I won this book from a first reads giveaway.I thought this book was great. It's sort of chick lit meets mystery. The story line was great and just when I thought I knew who did it, I'd turn the page and my mind would change. A very well written book. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.

    17. Loved this cozy mystery built around a flower shop in Utah. The characters were well defined and fun. There were a few grammar and spelling issues and a weird typo that involved quite a few words having "Derrick" stuck in the middle of them. I would read more by this author.

    18. A laugh-out-loud (at times) funny, romantic, murder mystery. An attractive, divorced struggling florist who is a suspect in the murder of a rival florist, meets sexy new-in-town cop. Let the fun begin.

    19. Some laugh out loud moments. Ever gotten up close and personal with a corpse? Is the cop you are seeing a good guy or bad guy? Just another day for this florist.

    20. Love a story that can make me laugh out loud. It had a good mystery with quirky characters and an up and down romance. Will read the next in the series.

    21. If you like comic mysteries like the Stefanie Plum series you'll like these. At least that's my feeling after reading this first in the series. I'll definitely read more.

    22. I really enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to what the next book in the series will be like. I found the book to be light and funny with just a little mystery and suspense added in.

    23. This was another freebie from BookBub (amazon). Enjoyed it - a 1day read, and I would read more in this series.

    24. A fun, easy read . . . perfect for a day at the beach or on a plane.No sexNo violence(murders are mentioned after the fact)

    25. Fast reading, light mystery. Reminds me of Stephanie Bond boods--a little humor mixed in with the story. I rate it a 3.5

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