Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters

Creepy Monsters Sleepy Monsters Beloved author Jane Yolen scares up a new rhyming read aloud about the snarfing growling snoring way that monsters go to bed Creep gurgle crawl tumble Meet two young monsters who are far from sca

  • Title: Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters
  • Author: Jane Yolen Kelly Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780763662837
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beloved author Jane Yolen scares up a new rhyming read aloud about the snarfing, growling, snoring way that monsters go to bed.Creep, gurgle, crawl, tumble Meet two young monsters who are far from scary they re too busy having fun They go to school, play outside with their friends, and eat after school snacks But they also have a bedtime, whether or not they re readyBeloved author Jane Yolen scares up a new rhyming read aloud about the snarfing, growling, snoring way that monsters go to bed.Creep, gurgle, crawl, tumble Meet two young monsters who are far from scary they re too busy having fun They go to school, play outside with their friends, and eat after school snacks But they also have a bedtime, whether or not they re ready for it Young children and parents alike will find much to identify with as they follow these lovable little monsters getting ready for bed With wildly colorful illustrations full of whimsy and warmth, Kelly Murphy brings Jane Yolen s gently rhyming tale to rambunctious life.

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    1. This book is fun for my 2 year old and I to read. There are few words on a page and it reads great out loud. The cover is cute and funny with a monster scaring a monster at bedtime. We enjoy the little monsters doing everyday activities like going to school, eating dinner, and going to bed. My daughter especially loves the playground scene. The illustrations are detailed with clever little details like a bug night light in the bedroom and Olive Goo on the kitchen table. Perfect for battling the [...]

    2. Reviewed at my blog: HERE @ Teacher.Mother.Reader Book BlogCreepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen is a Monster themed lullaby for little book-loving monsters. Yolen is also the author of the very popular series of books “How Do Dinosars _______?” We chose this book at our library because of the fun and cute cover showing 2 monsters playing ‘peek-a-boo’. The book is an oversized hardcover with shiny and colorful pages. The illustrations are somewhat muted, with dark backgrounds, a [...]

    3. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters is a perfect fall-fun bedtime tale filled with warm colors, silly energy, big smiles, and lots of eyeballs!I had oodles of fun with a pile of kids counting eyeballs, scouring the pages for hidden monsters, growling, grunting, and guessing which monster would leave the slimiest goo trail through the park! :)A reading experience that will spark imaginations of all ages!Plus this book holds one of my favorite silly words—“SNARF”! hehe…The definition grosses [...]

    4. This book is 3.5 stars (but definitely not 4). Simple text, which rhymes. Cute pictures and there are elements of Monsters Inc in the book. Even though it is about monsters, it is a nice sleep inducing, peaceful-dream promoting sort of book.

    5. Great picture book with awesome rhythm as kids watch the monsters head to bed after a busy day of creeping and crawling. Read this aloud at a Halloween party and the kids loved the illustrations and the lullaby.

    6. Very simple rhyming text and great pictures makes this an easy read aloud to preschoolers. A decent, but not outstanding, addition to a monster themed story time.

    7. Bug’s still processing what the heck this whole Halloween thing is all about. Right now he’s a fan. There’s candy, trips to the pumpkin patch, arts and crafts, dress up, what’s not to love? The only thing I dislike about Halloween, is that switch from Aww to Ahh! I can’t handle scary, I despise gore and horror. I love the magic and wonder of Halloween, the chance to wander around dressed as a fantastic being without being a total nut job. I like embracing my imagination and letting cre [...]

    8. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Kelly Murphy is a not too scary monster lullaby featuring monster children who don't want to go to bed.Monster children get out of school and creep, crawl, run, stumble, hip-hop, tumble, slither and run home for a bite to eat. After a bath and prayers, it's time for bed, but they toss, turn, bounce, growl, gurgle, burp, snarl, snarf, and finally, sleep. The rhyming text shows monsters are a lot like children. Much of the book has two [...]

    9. Mommy's review from 8/22/11 - I'm always shocked at how much I love some of Yolen's stories and how much I hate others. Usually, no matter the author, I don't really like stories with such few words. I do, however, like rhyming stories much like Julia does.This has very, very few words. About as few as you can get without having no words almost. But it's good. I'll give credit where credit is due. It's real good. There are a lot of Yolen books out there that I couldn't stand and there are others [...]

    10. This is a fun, but somehow dissatisfying story that shows that even little monsters have a hard time going to sleep. The narrative rhymes, but the rhyme falls apart at the end. And the book claims to be a lullaby, but I'm not sure it really fits. The onomatopoeia at the end is fun, but doesn't seem to fall in line with the rest of the narrative and the ending made me feel that something was missing. Overall, our girls loved the illustrations and we enjoyed reading this book together, but it just [...]

    11. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen. Illustrated by Kelly Murphy.This bedtime story follows two adorably boisterous monster children through their daily routine until it is time for sleep. They finish their school day, head for the park, and play and dance their whole way home. Mama Monster greets them at the door and begins their end of day ritual of dinner and bath-time. They may eat worm burgers, use stink soap, and have dangerous carnivorous plants in their home- but they are just [...]

    12. This poetic rhyming picture book lullaby, is a cute story of a day in the life of a monster. These monsters are act just like a lot of children do when it is time for bed. Yolen did an amazing job pairing up with a great illustrator. The colorful monsters fill the page, even during the dark bedroom pages the colorful monsters draw your eyes attention as they are doing other things besides sleeping. There are so many types of creative monsters illustrated but the story is of two monsters that are [...]

    13. Two little monsters have a very busy day. They creep to school, run around the playground, hip-hop on rocks, rush home to their cave for a wormy snack, and pretty soon, it is time for bed. The two little monsters are not so excited about that. Yolen’s rhyming verses and Murphy’s impressive illustrations create a monster lullaby that is sure to be a favorite.Very cute book. Yolen captures the spunk and fun of these little monsters with just a few verses. The illustrations are remarkable. Murp [...]

    14. Such an absolutely sweet unique bedtime story! The text itself wasn't long and hard to read simple sentences per page with wonderful illustrations taking up the entire pages. Most of the text was in rhyme. The monsters was drawn very similar to the monsters on the tv cartoon movie Monsters Inc so if your child is familiar with that movie then they'll love this book! Very sweet bedtime book for a little boy or girl! Or like my 2 year old granddaughter has done she'll take it and just sit and look [...]

    15. Little monsters going to sleep. Very cute picture book, with a poem perfect for little kids at bedtime. Chose this book for the illustrations. The little monsters in it are absolutely adorable.

    16. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters was a quick, cute lullaby form story that shows that monsters aren't scary. It was a good way to get little kids who still believe in monsters to know that monsters aren't scary, they're just like us! I would use it for a younger audience, probably kindergarten through second grade. I think it's a good fit for this age group because that's the age when kids tend to think there is something under their bed and they assume it's something that wants to hurt them. I [...]

    17. The illustrations were the best part of this book; they were colorful and definitely added to the whole monster feel. I loved the kitchen scene because it had a lot of subtle traces of humor. It was fun to read the labels and see what had been put in for older readers. The story was fairly simple and while I enjoyed the pictures, I didn't really warm up to this book. There was something missing. But if you really enjoy monster books and oftentimes have a hard time getting your own monsters, er, [...]

    18. I do story time at the bookstore I work at. This book was a *big* hit! It was liked by the preschool set today more than books by Eric Carle, Marla Frazee, and other great, fantastic authors. The plot of the book is simple. Little monsters go through their little monster days and then it's bath/bedtime! Lots of adjectives are used to narrate the story. What can I say? Jane Yolen you are a genius! The author of How do Dinosaurs say Goodnight? gets it right! Monster themed books are a tricky area. [...]

    19. After a busy day doing all the things little monsters do, it's time for bed. But do monsters go easily to bed? Well, they're just like other little ones, and they don't settle in for a good sleep without a little more frolicking and bedjumping. There's a "growl," a "gurgle," a "burp," and a "grrr" or two, and then finally, they fall asleep. In this rhyming text with great sounds, young readers will see that even monsters get sleepy. The softly hued illustrations lend a sentimental feel to the pa [...]

    20. Fun for little ones who prefer their monsters on the cuter side (lots of fun non-scary monsters in these delightful illustrations), I was left a bit underwhelmed. While the story begins smoothly and pleasantly as little monsters hurry home and enjoy dinner and bedtime rituals, the rhyme scheme falls apart at the end and it all just feels a little stuck together once the monsters try to go to sleep.

    21. I don't know what it is about these monster books that Jane Yolen has put out now (Romping Monsters Stomping Monstersor something to that effect). I just don't like them! My co-workers at the library enjoyed them very much, butI just don't think there is much of a story to them. I did enjoy this one better than the previously mentioned one. I love the art worke story is just lacking something.

    22. Took this one home since my 2.5 year old is currently going through a period of asking where the monsters are. Not sure if he's scared of monsters or just curious, but thought a cute monster book might help. He's liking the book (though it's a bit below his attention span/reading level at this point).

    23. C-U-T-E. Monsters aren't scary and they don't want to go to bed like most lil munchkins! This book was an adorable bedtime tale. Don't know if lullaby fits, but for the age group, don't know if I would hold the feet to the fire. The illustrations were really the icing and sugar on top. They were fantastic and really made the story pop.

    24. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters is the story of monsters going home from school, eating their supper, taking a bath, even saying their prayers, and then getting into bed. All seems normal but kooky, too.“Monsters slither,Monsters wave,All in a hurryTo get to their cave…”Monsters and bedtime are always great subjects for children's books.

    25. This is a book that you would read to very young children. I would read this to a preschool classroom. It is short and simple book that children can learn to read. There are big bolded words with pictures that describe what the characters are doing. A good project to do with the kids would be have a puppet show or a felt board with different monsters doing different things.

    26. Short, rhyming text with silly looking monsters. I'm not sure yet if I'd want to use it in a storytime. It's short enough for using with toddlers, but don't know how I feel about sharing a monster book with a group of 2 year olds that I don't know personally. A possibility for preschool stortime.

    27. Love the art -- wonderfully silly, creepy monsters, doing silly creepy things (the highlight being the dinner table and the choice of foods). I wish there was more rhyming, more text, and a slightly better ending than "We're not tired" followed quickly by sleep, after all the exuberance and play of the majority of the book. (This is long and winded way of saying it ends too abruptly for me.)

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