Demon Love

Demon Love Lucas just wants to get through the college semester with decent grades When his best friend Trevor first shows him a book of spells he doesn t believe in demons But when the two decide to try out a

  • Title: Demon Love
  • Author: JackGreene
  • ISBN: 9781606594988
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook
  • Lucas just wants to get through the college semester with decent grades When his best friend Trevor first shows him a book of spells, he doesn t believe in demons.But when the two decide to try out a summoning spell for fun, Lucas gets much than he bargained for in the form of a sexy, powerful demon.

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    1. Cute, hot and even a little sweet! Lucas and Trevor decide to summon a demon ( well Trevor decided, but since his reading ability leaves a bit to be desired, Lucas takes over).The Demon that shows up is definitely Lucas's dream man or demon as the case may be!There is instant love which worked and a twist in the ending!This is a little D/s ish.t much, thank goodness because I'm not a fan usually, but it was on the light side here!

    2. Review posted at The Armchair Reader. The author has offered to give away a copy of the story to a commenter, so go to the blog and leave a comment to win! Closes at Midnight CDT, Sunday October 14th!I always enjoy Jack Greene's stories -- they're sexy, short (usually), and I feel like the detail is usually placed on the erotic content, which leaves me free to take the story with a dose of light-hearted humor and not to get too wrapped up in critique. I find myself just enjoying them, like a lit [...]

    3. Sweet, hot, and very cute is a good combination in a story for me. "Demon Love" has got it all, plus a great sense of humor throughout and a nice twist at the end. As for thinking you know what you're in for with a demon? You might be surprised!Lucas is a student and, like anyone his age, out for some fun. When his best friend Trevor asks him to participate in a ritual to call a demon, he doesn’t quite know what to think, but is pretty sure it is all a hoax and nothing much will happen. Boy, i [...]

    4. There's two things I can count on when I pick up a story by Jack Greene: it's going to be fun, and it's going to be hot. Demon Love is no exception, with the added bonus of twists and turns that kept me guessing. I had no idea how the tale would unfold, and worried for poor Lucas a time or two. There is insta-love (which I found incredibly sweet), but when someone is made to order from your fantasies, how could you not love them from practically the first meeting? And when you're made to order f [...]

    5. This was a fun, light, ebook that picked me up and made my day. College aged guys are not usually my thing and, although one of the MC's is of indeterminate age, it is very much a youthful style of book - For the full review see On Top Down Under Book Reviews -bookreviewsandtherapy

    6. 4.5 KissesI love Jack Greene’s books. I’ve read all of his books and enjoyed every one of them. Mr. Greene has given me many hours of pure unadulterated pleasure with his stories. They are short, fun, sexy and very flirty to read, so I know when I’m in the mood for a hot and steamy read I’ll reach for Mr. Greene’s books time and time again.Lucas is a struggling college student who spends most of his spare time with his best friend Trevor. One night, Trevor brings Lucas an old book of s [...]

    7. Demon Love by Jack Greene4.5 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsDemon Love is a light, quick read that was so good that I just devoured it. Jack Green has done it to me again, he has entertained the hell out of me and made me smile.Lucas is a typical struggling college kid who works hard for his grades and spends his spare time hanging out with his best friend Trevor. When Trevor brings a book of spells that an old Chinese lady gave to him in a book store, he convinces a skeptical Lucas into t [...]

    8. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found thereMON LOVE was another short by Jack Greene, lighthearted, funny and incredibly sexy.Lucas gets persuaded by his best friend to summon a demon one night, and after a lot of pestering, he finally agrees. It's a funny situation that ends up looking like everything but a serious summoning and while neither of them really expects anything to happen, a demon does appear.Corson is Lucas' wet dream and with the messy wa [...]

    9. This is a light, sexy tidbit -- a teenaged boy’s cartoon-fantasy wet-dreama take on the genie in a bottle trope. Two college buddies Lucas and Trevor (I really liked their dialogue play) find an ancient book of spells and on a Friday night (hey, dates are hard to come by sometimes) Lucas calls up a demon for kicks. Not just any demon, a tall, dark, and handsome(ly well-endowed) demon. A demon made to Lucas’ specifications as it was he who uttered the spell a demon well versed in man-lovin' a [...]

    10. I really liked it halfway through but then it got a little awkward for me when Lucas started thinking about being dominated by Corsone part with the leash had me running all types of scenarios in my head. Other than that it was a hot read, it had me blushing like crazy and the ending had me "awwing".

    11. How I'm I the only one who noticed that at the start of the book he is the king of demons that's why he hadn't been summoned in centuries but later he is kicked out by his higher ups

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