Home Sweet Horror

Home Sweet Horror Welcome Have a seat Let us tell you a story But be warned Home Sweet Horror isn t just any tale This is a Scary Tale Meet Liam Finn who s just moved into a new home with his father and sister But thi

  • Title: Home Sweet Horror
  • Author: James Preller Iacopo Bruno
  • ISBN: 9781250018861
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome Have a seat Let us tell you a story But be warned Home Sweet Horror isn t just any tale This is a Scary Tale.Meet Liam Finn, who s just moved into a new home with his father and sister But this old house that seems empty, isn t Bloody Mary is here Called back from the dead by a game, she s just dying to talk.

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    1. This is a quick, just spooky enough read aimed for young readers. Author James Preller's take on the classic scary story `Bloody Mary' is nicely balanced. When I first looked at this book in the store for my nephew, I thought it was a collection of stories, but it's a very short novel. It will probably take you less than an hour to read it. But that's part of its charm actually. Short and sweet. Additionally, Iacopo Bruno's black and white art suits the mood well. To summarize, Liam's mom died t [...]

    2. The story is a little flat with random paranormal happenings that don't really connect. Had they connected, I think this could have been a strong story. But considering this is aimed at early readers, I can't be too picky. It does its job of entertaining and has some fantastic illustrationsNAL VERDICT: 3 stars

    3. Bloody Mary scared the crap out of me as a kid. I read this one pretty fast. Meh. I won't be writing an official review, because there really isn't anything to say. Kidlit horror. That's it. :)

    4. Read 72/97 pages, and loved theScary Stories to Tell in the Dark creepiness of the illustrations and the general look of the book. But then, I was reading along, and a new character was introduced, on page 68, who was described as "heavyset." There was a few pages of dialog, and then, in the last two sentences of the chapter, the character leaves the scene as follows:He saluted them with a grin, pushed off with one foot, rose up stylishly on a pedal, and was gone. Pretty smooth for a big guy.Pre [...]

    5. “Mary, Mary, yang suka menentang, Bagaimana kebunmu tumbuh? Dengan lonceng perak dan cangkang tiram, Dan, gadis cantik berseling di baris-baris kebun.” Liam Finn bersama ayah dan kakak perempuannya pindah dari Hopevile ke kota lain, untuk menempati sebuah rumah tua di puncak bukit. Sudah dua tahun rumah itu tak berpenghuni. Tapi, harganya yang murah serta pekerjaan baru Mr. Liam memaksa mereka untuk menempati rumah itu, mau tak mau. Ibu Liam sudah meninggal beberapa tahun sebelumnya, dan kel [...]

    6. this was a brilliant book I was hooked from the start It is about bloody Mary and ghosts if you like Goosebumps you will love this book xx

    7. I loved this early chapter book--it's a classic ghost story featuring Bloody Mary. Here are 5 of my favorite things about it:The art is dark and creepy and spectacular!Even though this is clearly a plot-centric story, there are emotional elements, too, mostly centering on the grief of the loss of Mom two years before.There’s nice foreshadowing in furnace problems and such that give leeway for various interpretations/explanations, but…it’s really a ghost story. There is no easy answer, and [...]

    8. A fast read. Liam Finn just moved into a haunted house and Bloody Mary lives in the walls. Will the Finn family survive the mysterious phone calls, noises in the basement, moving letters on the fridge, and their dog, well just.g gone? I liked the book but if you get scared easily, read this in day light.

    9. This is a good introduction to horror for kids. The story is fast and good with just the right amount of creepy. I would have really enjoyed this book as a kidI still enjoy horror now!

    10. The first time I picked this book up was at night. I only had a nightlight on. The first page gave me chills and I went back to reading fanfic. Now I'm reading this in broad daylight and I'm yawning.2.5 starsThe writing felt really awkward to me, like it doesn't flow well. There were so many things in the book that were rushed by or simplified. Bloody Mary is just a nameless young girl who got killed in a hit-and-run incident (refer to How To Write A Back Story In Two Pages Or Less). The family [...]

    11. Setelah kematian ibu mereka, Mr. Finn memutuskan pindah. Mengajak serta anaknya Liam dan Kelly. Rumah yang mereka tempati lebih mirip rumah hantu. Dan benar saja, di malam pertama Liam menempati kamarnya, ada sesuatu yang misterius. Sesuatu yang mengincar dirinya dan keluarganya.Kalau kemarin aku baca bukunya yang ke-2 kali ini aku mundur ke buku 1. Dan cerita yang ke- 1 ini lebih seru. Mungkin karena settingnya lebih sempit di sebuah rumah, jadinya keanehan-keanehan bisa disesuaikan dengan ruma [...]

    12. 2.5 bintang, dinaikin jadi 3 deh, mempertimbangkan isinya yang dilengkapi ilustrasi yang lumayan bagus.Sebagai generasi 90-an, baca seri Scary Tales ini bikin saya jadi teringat kesenangan zaman bocah pas baca seri Goosebumps, dan—mau ngga mau—jadi ngebanding-bandingin kedua serial horor anak ini. Dari segi cerita, mungkin Scary Tales lebih dapet horrornya, apalagi pembaca juga dimanjakan dengan banyak ilustrasi. Tapi tetep saya lebih suka Goosebumps series sih, yang lebih ketara unsur 'mist [...]

    13. so i definitely got chills.a thriller/horror for youngsters this book is. what a good way to introduce children to these awesome genres. what i liked:*that there is a second one (because who doesnt like a sequel)*the creepiness it brings (adreniline rushes from words yes please)what i didnt like:*it was really short (if it were longer we could get slightly more detailed accounts for the events here)until next time ~Carly

    14. In this Scary book called Home Sweet Horror by James Preller, this boy named Liam and his sister is living with their dad because their mom died. They live in the house the BLOODY MARY lives in and there was message on the mirror that said Mine. Then they had some friends over and they knew that they were going to get in trouble and then Kelly Liam sister said BLOODY MARY 13 times and she was in the mirror. Will they make it out??

    15. I hung out with my friend today and read this book while I was at her house, it's really short and a little childish but I read it in about 30 minutes. It was a fun little story about a house haunted by none other than Bloody Mary. However, the ending was very stupid and unresolved. It felt like it ended way too quickly and I just really didn't appreciate it. Loved the rest of the story, but hate the ending.

    16. Welcome. Have a seat. Let us tell you a story. But be warned. Home Sweet Horror isn’t just any tale. This is a Scary Tale.Meet Liam Finn, who’s just moved into a new home with his father and sister. But this old house that seems empty, isn’t . . . Bloody Mary is here. Called back from the dead by a game, she’s just dying to talk.

    17. Pinjam baca di IJak.Horornya cukuplah porsinya untuk anak2-remaja walaupun alasan kenapa rumah yang ditinggali Liam beserta kakak perempuan dan ayahnya ini jadi seram itu kurang terjelaskan. Ataukah aku yg terlewat? Hm 3*/5

    18. This is a good quick-read "lite-horror" story for Bloody Mary fans. I read it to my fourth graders are probably scared them too much so stick to 5th grade and above.

    19. Home Sweet Horror kicks off a brand-new series of scary stories for chapter book readers. When Liam Finn, his sister, Kelly, and his widower dad relocate to upstate New York, they move into a dilapidated house that Mr. Finn calls a “fixer-upper.” From the very first night in the new house, Liam senses that something is very wrong. After a game of Bloody Mary takes a terrifying turn, only the spirit of Liam's late mother can save the family.Many kids love to be scared, and one of the most com [...]

    20. Scary Tale yang pertama ini terbilang paling seram dibanding kedua buku lainnya. Seram sejauh kadar seram buat anak-anak ya.Yang saya suka buku-buku James Preller dalam seri ini didampingi oleh ilustrasi yang bagus.Baca deh.Saya ngebut baca 3 buku, maklum keburu dikembalikan :p .

    21. "They say there used to be a lady who lived there, long ago," Marco said. He leaned in, spoke softly. "They say she was crazy, 'dama loca' they called her. She wandered these streets, lost as a little girl, howling at the moon. Anyway, one night, she got nailed by a hit-and-run driver - didn't even slow down to see if she was okay. Which she wasn't, on account of she was dead.""What was her name?" Kelly asked."Bloody Mary, that's all I know," Marco said. "On account of all the blood. Ever since, [...]

    22. Kid’s Horror Story with SubstanceThis book was reviewed as part of 's Vine program which included a free advance copy of the book.James Preller’s HOME SWEET HORROR opens the door to a series of scary stories that gives younger kids something to think about when they go to bed at night. Just enough thought-provoking chills to keep them excited when reading, but not too much to drive them into Mom and Dad’s bed every night.This book centers on a brother and sister (Liam and Kelly), their fat [...]

    23. I'd give it a 3.5 but I'm trapped in this full star rating systemFirst lemme talk about presentation. The dust jacket and interior illustration look like they're done on scratch board. That stark black and whiteness of the imagery can really add to the creepiness of a story if the artwork matches the tone. I just really love the art medium, and plenty of the illustrations were very well matched to the story. I also really love the way they did the cover of the book itself, the stark white cracki [...]

    24. Liam Finn and his dad and sister are moving into a new house, a "fixer-upper" as Mr. Finn calls it. Liam is not thrilled to be moving so soon after his mom died, even if his dad does have a better, higher-paying job here. Liam is especially uneasy about the fact that he seems to be the only one who notices the strange things that happen in their new home. Eerie noises prompt him to check out the basement, only to be scared off by an exploding lightbulb, a broken step, and the grasp of a bony han [...]

    25. I love this book! The reason I requested a copy was that it reminded me of my beloved Goosebumps from childhood. Even though I don't read many books in this age range anymore, I really enjoyed it. The story is set up quickly and packs a punch. Part of what makes this novel so effective are the beautifully creepy illustrations. I absolutely love the drawings, and it is great that the pages without full-page illustrations have the dark, slightly creepy background shading and little things like spi [...]

    26. After Liam Finn's mother passed away, he moved to a new town with his sister and dad. The old house they buy is old and in need of a lot of repairs but none of the repairmen in town is willing to come out. In fact, the only advice they get from people is that the house is evil. And before long, the house itself seems to be telling them to 'get out.'This is a very short and easy to read book that uses the "Bloody Mary" story at its center. It's not a collection of tales as I first thought, but ra [...]

    27. Preller, James Home Sweet Horror (A Scary Tales Book) 112 pgs. Feiwel & Friends, 2013. $5.99. Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG.Liam is moving into an old house with his dad and his older sister Kelly. They are trying to have a fresh start after the death of their mother. But this house isn’t very welcoming, with tons of horrible noises, a skeletal hand and more. But when Kelly and her friend stir up things with a Bloody Mary chant to the bathroom mirror, Lia [...]

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