Shadow Rising

Shadow Rising Her lover is back from the dead but now there s hell to pay The Shadow Slayers Book When Kara Reed learns her bondmate Julian is truly dead and that Gavin has seemingly skipped town she figures

  • Title: Shadow Rising
  • Author: Cassi Carver
  • ISBN: 9781619213647
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her lover is back from the dead but now there s hell to pay.The Shadow Slayers, Book 2When Kara Reed learns her bondmate, Julian, is truly dead, and that Gavin has seemingly skipped town, she figures things have hit rock bottom But soon, a string of bizarre accidents has her doubting those closest to her And to make matters worse, the demon king s brand carved into her bHer lover is back from the dead but now there s hell to pay.The Shadow Slayers, Book 2When Kara Reed learns her bondmate, Julian, is truly dead, and that Gavin has seemingly skipped town, she figures things have hit rock bottom But soon, a string of bizarre accidents has her doubting those closest to her And to make matters worse, the demon king s brand carved into her best friend Abbey s stomach is deteriorating by the day.Then a powerful coven of witches issues Kara an ultimatum Bring them the blood of a true fallen angel the only thing that will heal Abbey or die Kara would do anything to help her friend Problem is, the only fallen angel she s seen lately is the disoriented black wing who attacked her scouts One who looks suspiciously like Julian Getting his blood might be easier if he was interested in kissing her than killing her.Caught between a coven of vengeful witches and a murderous dead lover, Kara must deliver the blood, heal the slow poison of Abbey s brand, and save Julian from being consumed by the Abyss But to do this, she may need the help of the one man she swore never to trust again Gavin.Warning This book contains an angry demon returning from the dead, a clan lord hiding a terrible secret, and a hunted heroine cracking open a can of whoop ass Watch out for creepy kitties, exploding bad guys, and some very sudsy shower sex.

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    1. Shadow Rising is the second book of Cassi Carver's Shadow Slayer Chronicle and the perfect follow-up to Slayer's Kiss.From the opening action sequence until the end, this book gripped me. Kara, the heroine, continues to evolve from the woman she started as in the first book in powerful, realistic ways. She might fight witches and fly with hot fallen angels, but I found her struggles and triumphs to be completely human and relatable.As with the first book, Kara's relationship with her best friend [...]

    2. Favorite Lines: “No, she wouldn’t be pathetic and call Alden just because she was lonely and scared. She had her pride–and a hell of a right hook. As long as she had those, she could handle whatever came her way.” (p. 31)Readers who loved Slayer’s Kiss are going to have a great time with Shadow Rising.Book two in Cassi Carver’s Shadow Slayer series picks up after the events of book one, Slayer’s Kiss. If you haven’t read it, don’t start the series with Shadow Rising.At the end [...]

    3. Book 2 of The Shadow Slayers series.This book surprised me with a totally different story line than what I was expecting. I though I had it all figured out from the way the first book end. well hell! It was unexpected and refreshing that this book didn't just follow what I expected to smack me right in the face and made me ask "really?!" but in an extremely GOOD way!!I don't want to say more because I don't like to give anything of the book away. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read [...]

    4. Rarely do I find myself liking a sequel better than the first book. Yet, that’s what happened with SHADOW RISING. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading SLAYER'S KISS and I thought it was a wonderful debut novel, but things just get steamier and more interesting in this second book. There’s simply more action, more adventure, and more curveballs. One thing that’s very appealing in this series is the main character, Kara. She’s not the perfect heroine—far from it. But I think that’ [...]

    5. SHADOW RISING (Shadow Slayers #2) by Cassi CarverSHADOW RISING is the second storyline (September 25, 2012 release) in Cassi Carver’s The Shadow Slayers series. At the end of Slayer’s Kiss we discover that Kara Reed is the daughter of the late Fallen Demiare king and her rightful place is now on the throne. But when her bond-mate Julian is killed trying to protect her, she is unwilling to let go. Hoping their supernatural abilities will help to regenerate the love of her life, Kara will soon [...]

    6. OMG! I love this series. This book picks up shortly after the first book. Kara is heartbroken. She is trying to help her friend Abby get better. When she is served to answer for what happend to Abby in the first book she tries to do this on her own. At the same time the man she loved and thought died seams to have come back and she is trying to save him also. The twists in this book are very good and I enjoyed them. I can't wait to read the next book!

    7. Shadow Rising by Cassi Carver(Shadow Rising is the second book in The Shadow Slayers series and follows Kara Reed and her friends from the first book in the series Slayer’s Kiss.)Once again, Cassi Carver has created a divine piece that grips the reader, powering through an emotional and rocky ride, and not relinquishing the mind until far after the last page has been turned. The second book in the series, while steeped in grief and violence, demonstrates the aching beauty of the human conditio [...]

    8. Shadow Rising-Book 2 (spoilers-don't read if you have not read book 1)Another great book in this series. Can't wait for the next one.Kara learns that Julian, her bond mate, is truly dead and Kara is heartbroken, but so is Gavin. His best friend is dead and has now skipped town and Kara is not sure what is going on. She also cares for Gavin. Abbey was attacked by crazy Gable in the previous story and is still not healing. The brand is not healing and Abbey seems to be getting worse. Abbey also se [...]

    9. Ava's review posted on Guilty Pleasures5 StarsHave you read Cassi Carver’s debut novel Slayer’s Kiss? I absolutely fell in love with her new Urban Fantasy series, The Shadow Slayers from Samhain. I would recommend you read this series in order, because book one lays the foundation for this new world and major plot elements from book two stem from the first installment.Shadow Rising picks up shortly after Slayer’s Kiss ends, and without giving too much away on either story, it’s a dark ti [...]

    10. The very first paragraph of Rising is action packed and had me addicted. It picks up where Kiss leaves off filling in any questions you might have between the two books. It stays true with steamy scenes and packed with paranormal action all the way through. Better yet is the ending- love endings like this. The ones that end great but leave you with just enough info to want to start the next book right then! <3ed it!

    11. The second book in the series is great! I really enjoyed Slayer's Kiss, but Shadow Rising has some great twists to the story. I am not sure which book I like the best. They are both really good. Shadow Rising keeps you on the edge of your seat and is really hard to put down. I love all the characters, but Gavin is my hero.

    12. Wow! What a follow-up to a great beginning! Cassi kept me guessing right up to the end. I'm really enjoying this series and all the lovely plot twists. I read this book in two sittings today. Could not stop! Cassi Carver, I love your writing!!!

    13. Another great installment in Kara's story!And Julian (or is it?) is hotter than everFrom the opening scene the story takes off and doesn't slow until the end!If you like your Urban Fantasy HOT then you'll love this series!

    14. Wow no Jillian can't remember himself poor Kara. But sheow its him with all her heart.Good read read it in a day till late hours of the night.

    15. This is the second book in The Shadow Slayers series by Cassi Carver. I came across this series when the first one, Slayer's Kiss, was offered from free back in early April. I liked it. This story opens about 4 months after the ending of book 1, Slayer's Kiss. Julian is believed to be dead and Gavin tells Kara that he wants to keep a relationship with her, but then disappears. Jaxon, the silver wing that Kara rescued has hit it off with her best friend Abbey. They are practically inseparable. Bu [...]

    16. I enjoyed this follow up to Slayer's Kiss. I like the author's writing style a lot. I love all the characters (except the evil witches). My only complaint is that the "romantic" parts can get a little too specific. This book doesn't need that - the story is great without it. I like a lot of romance, but start naming body parts and I can get uncomfortable. I'd like to see more Gavin in the next book!

    17. Fucked up! I didn't like this novel too much, the first one was so much better with definite emotion and talent.

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