Uma Solidão Demasiado Ruidosa

Uma Solid o Demasiado Ruidosa Parecendo remexer escavar a realidade quotidiana procura da mais pequena part cula de beleza contida nos seres e nas coisas Bohumil Hrabal acaba por ser um cronista malicioso e um caricaturista como

  • Title: Uma Solidão Demasiado Ruidosa
  • Author: Bohumil Hrabal Ludmila Dismánova Mário Gomes
  • ISBN: 9789723602821
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Parecendo remexer, escavar a realidade quotidiana procura da mais pequena part cula de beleza contida nos seres e nas coisas, Bohumil Hrabal acaba por ser um cronista malicioso e um caricaturista comovente , diz o jornal Lib ration sobre este autor a quem Kundera chama uma das incarna es mais aut nticas da Praga M gica Apesar da sua obra ter sido proibida a partir d Parecendo remexer, escavar a realidade quotidiana procura da mais pequena part cula de beleza contida nos seres e nas coisas, Bohumil Hrabal acaba por ser um cronista malicioso e um caricaturista comovente , diz o jornal Lib ration sobre este autor a quem Kundera chama uma das incarna es mais aut nticas da Praga M gica Apesar da sua obra ter sido proibida a partir de 1968, na ent o Checoslov quia, n o deixou de ser um dos autores mais lidos no seu pa s, atrav s de edi es publicadas e distribu das revelia do sistema Tal como o autor nos anos 50, o her i deste livro, Hanta, trabalha na cave de um dep sito de reciclagem Trabalha com uma velha prensa e os seus dias passam se a comprimir livros e pap is Mas antes de os destruir, Hanta n o pode deixar de observar o que lhe passa pelas m os folhear esses livros d um sentido sua vida A instala o de uma cadeia autom tica capaz de destruir e comprimir livros em enormes quantidades, e a invas o da sua cave por jovens oper rios modelo indiferentes que alegremente alimentam as m quinas ultramodernas evoca o da realidade p s 68 tornam in til a fun o de Hanta Este livro n o consegue ler se sem um sorriso nos l bios, ao mesmo tempo que um n se aperta na garganta.

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    1. I had been meaning to read Hrabal's classic novella for quite a while, but last night I finally picked it up. Instantly, I was transported to the world of Hantá in a crumbling Communist Prague. Hrabal combines lyrical descriptions of the pleasures - and the necessity - of reading, with surreal passages revealing Hantá's tangible interactions with the figures in his books, in a world where reading and intellectual and creative engagement are no longer valued. It is a stunningly written, very or [...]

    2. بورخس: لذتی پیچیده تر از لذت تفکر وجود نداردهاینریش هاینه شاعری یهودی- آلمانی دو پیشگویی دارد که صریح تر از پیشگویی های نوستراداموس و بسیار وحشتناکتر از آنان است: یکی درباره سوزاندن کتابها و انسانها بدست فاشیست های آلمانی و دیگری درباره آینده هنر و کتابها در جهانی کمونیستی. ا [...]

    3. Rare books perish in my press, under my hands, yet I am unable to stop their flow: I am nothing but a refined butcher. Books have taught me the joy of devastation.A trip down the history lane by walking through the ruins which once stood tall in their resplendence and laurels can make one hear the echoes of steadfast voices that match the rhythm of our steps and seek to become the teller of stories of an era gone by, of wars fought, won and lost; of love – both passionate and eternal. In the s [...]

    4. “Literature is resistance”, the lugubrious voice of the narrator, who speaks from the sewers of our conscience, whispers in ruthless crudity.Literature keeps Hant’a alive in the suffocating cellar that he shares with filthy rodents, giant botflies and gypsy prostitutes.For thirty-five years, Hant’a has worked the jaws of his hydraulic press destroying all kind of books, lithographs and artistic imprints by trade and saving them for passion. The physical books disappear, but their essence [...]

    5. Existence. Tearing Existence. Endearing Existence. Suppressed Existence. Spirited Existence. Delusional Existence. Resuscitating Existence. Multiple Existence. Solitary Existence. Existence.Overriding all the comprehensible and perplexing spaces joining the various uneven points of existence in the larger lattice of congruent existence, I have pushed the ship of my life with the ardour of a sincere helmsman, trained to always prioritize steering over stalling. But did someone tell me that the se [...]

    6. Příliš hlučná samota = Prilis hlucna samta, Bohumil Hrabal (1914 - 1997), c1989Too Loud a Solitude is a short novel by Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal. Self-published in 1976 and officially in 1989. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هجدهم ماه آگوست سال 2004 میلادیعنوان: تنهایی پرهیاهو؛ اثر: بهومیل هرابال؛ مترجم: پرویز دوائی، تهران، کتاب روشن، 1383، در بیست و دو، 105 ص، شابک: 9645709520؛ [...]

    7. IO SONO UN PO' UNO SPACCONE DELL'INFINITO E DELL'ETERNITÀ E L'INFINITO E L'ETERNITÀ FORSE HANNO UN DEBOLE PER LE PERSONE COME ME<Adattamento cinematografico del 1996, “Une trop bruyante solitude” di Véra Caïs, protagonista il mai abbastanza rimpianto Philippe Noiret. un libro come si deve rimanda sempre altrove e fuori. Cosa che sicuramente Hrabal fa molto bene, qui, e nel resto delle sue opere: le sue parole 'aprono', rimandano altrove e fuori. A cominciare dalla meraviglia dei suoi [...]

    8. How to write about a book that deals with compression when I am reading it thanks to dispersed and ephemeral distinctions? For if Hrabal has written a magic and allegorical story of the character Hantá who dedicates his life to compressing large volumes of discarded books into still voluminous bales of paper, I am reading a story which as if by magic emerges section by section on my screen acquiring in this act an additional allegorical layer.For Hantá realizes that compression does away with [...]

    9. Not until we're totally crushed do we show what we are made of. (96)This is a book which length can be quite deceiving. Nonetheless, this novella has the predictable ability of leading the path towards something rather extraordinary: a bibliophile's sanctuary.This was a difficult book to rate. At first, it was a solid four-star book. But I chose to overlook the few passages that did not captivate me entirely and made me feel somewhat lost at times (yes, the more I think about it, the more I writ [...]

    10. "Each of us had a decent home library of books we'd happened to rescue, and each of us read those books in the blissful hope of making a change in his life."What if ideas no longer had permanence? What happens when beautiful, psychedelic sentences are replaced with harebrained dialogue? What would you do, when there you are, stuck in no-man's land, without an electronic device or internet connection, and there are no physical books to keep you stimulated? What happens when you can't escape your [...]

    11. I can be by myself because I'm never lonely, I'm simply alone, living in my heavily populated solitude, a harum-scarum of infinity and eternity, and Infinity and Eternity seem to take a liking to the likes of me."Haòtá of Too Loud a Solitude would be friends with me if he were on . He would so! So what if I haven't read Hegel or Kant? So what if I could only quote from Terry Pratchett (a wise man in his own write)? The books are his whole life and he talks about them as if nothing would stand [...]

    12. On a lazy summer day, at the age of 5, I made my first true friend. As I stared deeper into its face, I begged, pleaded my mother to let me be friends with this elegant thing. Even with a stubborn promise of practicing my cursive writing for an hour daily, it took my mother more than a week to be able to allow me to bring this new friendship in my life. Over the years, I have made several friends and have been at the receiving end of the love-hate relationship for decades. Some have chosen me an [...]

    13. مهم ترین خصوصیت کتاب، نثر شاعرانه شه. یعنی نثری که به جای روایت وقایع عینی، به بیان توصیفی-استعاری ذهنیات، برداشت ها، افکار و قضاوت های راوی می پردازه. به نظرم چیزی که کتاب رو این قدر محبوب کرده هم همین نثره.علاوه بر این، وقایعی که رخ میده، گاهی خیلی زیبا هستن. مثل مناسک گذاشتن [...]

    14. Socialism RemainderedWas Hrabal the Studs Terkel of Moravia? He and Terkel were more or less contemporaries. From similarly humble backgrounds, they both got law degrees. Both were blacklisted and censored for questionable patriotism. Both were famed raconteurs. Most importantly, both concerned themselves mainly with working people and their culture. The difference of course is that Terkel, in his Working in particular, asks people about how their jobs gave positive meaning to their lives. Hraba [...]

    15. " أنا الرجل الوحيد في العالم الذي يعلم أن في عمق أي كوة من الكتب يوجد كتاب مفتوح لفاوست أو دون كارلوس أرى رواية هايبريون دفينة مع بطاقات ملطخة بالدماء. هناك على أكياس الإسمنت تجد كتاب هكذا تكلم زرادشت. أنا الإنسان الوحيد الذي يعرف أية كومة فيها غوته أو شيلر أو هولدرين أو نيتشه. [...]

    16. عزلة صاخبة جدابوهوميل هراباللماذا العلامة الكاملة وأنا الساخط على كل شئ، ولا شئ يعجبني؟ ألأن العمل لمس شئ دفين في روحي، أن أنه نص عظيم فعلا؟ لنؤجل كتابة مطولة عن هذا العمل و نكتفي بالقول أنها رواية تقرأ وتقرأ إلى أن نحفظها جميعا.

    17. تا زماني كه كاملا خرد نشويم و از پا در نياييم جوهر واقعي خود را نشان نمي دهيم.از متن كتاب

    18. به نظر من كتاب فوق العاده اي بود. خيلي ازش لذت بردم. ترجيح ميدم چيزي راجع بهش نگم و فقط مقداري از متن آغازين كتاب رو بنويسم.سي و پنج سال است كه در كار كاغذ باطله هستم و اين قصه ي عاشقانه ي من است. سي و پنج سال است كه دارم كتاب و كاغذ باطله خمير مي كنم و خود را چنان با كلمات عجين كرده [...]

    19. پشت میز مطالعه نشسته ام و سی و پنج‌ سال اندوه را میخوانم ناگهان احساس میکنم دو‌دست خون الود بزرگ یقه پیرهنم‌ را میچسبد و مرا به داخل کتاب میکشاند مقاومت میکنم راستش را بخواهید‌ من از اینهمه اندوه میترسم اما انگار مقامت بیفایده است کشیده میشوم به سمت یک تنهایی پرهیاهو خودم [...]

    20. 4.5/5I chose to read Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Loud a Solitude because I had loved Rabih Almeddine’s An Unnecessary Woman, and two of my friends (thanks Dolors and Jibran) thought that if I liked that book, I surely would appreciate Hrabal’s short novel as well. As it turned out, they were both exactly right.Imagine opening up a book and finding these words spoken by Hant’a, the protagonist, tucked inside the very first paragraph: My education has been so unwitting I can’t quite tell which [...]

    21. Bohumil Hrabal may have been dear to god (its what his name means), but certainly not to the Czech communist party, who forced him to recant ‘his evil capitalist ways’ in 1975 and still they didn’t publish him. ‘Too Loud a Solitude’ circulated in the underground press only. And still, the dissidents called him a ‘whore’. But Hrabal, I’m sure, wrote this gem with every hope for official publication. It is subversive, and perverse, but in the most ephemeral, double entendre, unders [...]

    22. تنهایی پر هیاهوکتابی که واقعا تنهاییم را پرهیاهو کرد، هنوز پنج دقیقه از آخرین اشکی که برای پایان تراژدی کتاب بر بومِ وجود رسم کردم، نمی‌گذرداحساس کردم هانتا هستم که دارم سقوطی چون پرواز و عروج می‌کنم، احساس کردم تمام آدمیان هستم که در پایان به چه اندوهی آغشته می‌شوندتا نیم [...]

    23. I read this on a train so was able to continue without a break until the book was finished, and since the narrator’s world is quite compacted, such a reading felt right. The first paragraph was sublime, with sentences such as this: I am a jug filled with water both magic and plain; I have only to lean over and a stream of beautiful thoughts flows out of me. Or this one: Because when I read I don’t really read; I pop a beautiful sentence into my mouth and suck it like a fruit drop, or I sip i [...]

    24. Here's how the first page reads:"For thirty-five years now I've been in wastepaper, and it's my love story. For thirty-five years I've been compacting wastepaper and books, smearing myself with letters until I've come to look like my encyclopedias-and a good three tons of them I've compacted over the years. I am a jug filled with water both magic and plain; I have only to lean over and a stream of beautiful thoughts flows out of me. My education has been so unwitting I can't quite tell which of [...]

    25. If a book has anything to say, it burns with a quiet laugh, because any book worth its salt points up and out of itself. As another author whose name escapes me right now : we all live in the gutter, but some of us look up at the stars. In a hole in the ground, in the old city of Prague lives a man named H'anta. All day long he struggles with mountains of discarded paper, pressing them into square boxes of pulp, fueled by gallons of beer and visions of saints and sinners, philosophers and poets. [...]

    26. کتاب یه مقدمه کاملا بی‌ربط داره. یه چیزی تو مایه‌های مقدمه‌ی ترجمه‌ی جزیره‌ی پنگوین‌ها. ولی خود کتاب و یاس و دل‌زدگی‌ای که توش موج می‌زنه حال آدم رو خوب می‌کنه. کم پیش میاد که یه رمان کوتاه این‌قدر سهمگین و باشکوه باشه.شکوهِ یاس.

    27. الحق أني حزين لقراءتي لهذه الرواية، بقدر حزني لو لم أكن قد سمعت بها يومًا

    28. "A relação que temos com a cultura, e com a história dessa cultura, tem uma correspondência direta com a forma como entendemos a nós mesmos e ao mundo que nos cerca."Bohumil HrabalDurante trinta e cinco anos, Hanta prensou livros e papel velho no "Paraíso" que era a velha cave onde trabalhava.Durante trinta e cinco anos resgatou da destruição milhares de livros e preencheu todos os cantos da casa onde vivia com os seus preferidos.Para aqueles que não podia salvar tinha um ritual: abria- [...]

    29. با اون همه پنج ستاره ای که نصیب کتاب شده بود و نظرات مثبتی که از دوستان راجع به این کتاب رسیده بود، توقع بالاتری داشتم. حقیقت اینه که با این کتاب نباید به دنبال داستانی با شروع معلوم و پایانی مشخص بود. کتاب یادآوری خاطرات یک کارمند بازیافت کاغذ در نتیجه نابودی کتاب هاست که از قض [...]

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