Prometheus Wept

Prometheus Wept After one member of their group is infected Jessie makes a decision to hand over another to a mysterious group of Undead sympathizers in exchange for a promised antidote But will she be able to colle

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  • Title: Prometheus Wept
  • Author: Saul W. Tanpepper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • After one member of their group is infected, Jessie makes a decision to hand over another to a mysterious group of Undead sympathizers in exchange for a promised antidote But will she be able to collect the medicine and return before it s too late Will the medicine work And will she be able to get them all back home again

    One thought on “Prometheus Wept”

    1. Oh it is getting good! Argh, revealed another piece of the puzzle (I think!). Can we make him write faster? :)

    2. This is a very well written book with a very intense story-line. It is the sequel of "Sunder the Hollow Ones", episode four of this series. This is supposed to be the fifth of an eight series book, so it does not stand by itself as a story. It starts where episode four ended and finishes with a hook to the next episode. The plot is interesting and will keep you reading on the edge of your chair for most of the book. The characters are well developed and the scenario is so richly described that y [...]

    3. Book 5 of this series now has the group trapped in the Gameland arcade. One of them has been bitten and a mysterious group of people who have all been bitten but survived have a cure, or do they? Will it really work and what will it cost the group? This book has lots of zombie action, some good twists and some new characters that will have you questioning some decisions being made. On to the next book to see how the group fares and see if the right decisions are being made. Really looking

    4. WOW There is a new twist in this episode. Now more question need to answered. Please do not feel me Mr. S. W. Tanpepper when you explain all of the mysteries. I really hate bad ending that do not make sense. I hope that it all comes together nicely in the end.

    5. Another exciting episode down. Aside from a few minor editing issues, the story continues to roll along quite nicely.

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