Cold Hard Secret

Cold Hard Secret The Secret s out and heads will roll Ever since her near death experience at the hands of the villainous Dr Kesteral Secret McQueen hasn t been the same As in damaged almost beyond repair But as usu

  • Title: Cold Hard Secret
  • Author: Sierra Dean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Secret s out, and heads will roll.Ever since her near death experience at the hands of the villainous Dr Kesteral, Secret McQueen hasn t been the same As in damaged almost beyond repair But as usual, Secret has no time to lick her wounds.Armed to the fangs, she and Desmond embark on a whirlwind quest for revenge that takes them to the sewers of Paris to put an end tThe Secret s out, and heads will roll.Ever since her near death experience at the hands of the villainous Dr Kesteral, Secret McQueen hasn t been the same As in damaged almost beyond repair But as usual, Secret has no time to lick her wounds.Armed to the fangs, she and Desmond embark on a whirlwind quest for revenge that takes them to the sewers of Paris to put an end to Alexandre Peyton Instead, it s almost the end of them, and before she can stop him, Peyton rips the veil off her deepest secret.The devil s not through muddling up the details, either An eye opening confab with Sig in the Big Apple leaves her wondering if she s ever been in control of her own life at all Plus, a cryptic postcard sends her racing back to her Manitoba hometown, fearing for her grandmere.With the Council holding the power of life and death over her head, Secret s circle of friends is shrinking, while the pool of enemies looking for payback is widening like a pool of her own blood.Warning Contains the least romantic Paris getaway in history and an unstoppable hybrid with an impossible choice to make between two men who ve been to hell and back for her.

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    1. I was so happy to get this novel in my hands, I absolutely love Sierra Dean's writing. Secret is one of my all time favorite paranormal kickass queens. But, i must admit, i didn't read it with the same enthusiasm as the rest. Why? I heard it trough the grapevine that the next book is the very last in the series. I needed to confirm it, and I got a resounding Yes! Straight from the mare's mouth, as it were. Reading 'Cold Hard Secret' I thought of so many different stories in Secret's life yet unw [...]

    2. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsThis book should have been called Secret’s Revenge instead of COLD HARD SECRET, but the latter works just as well I suppose given what happens in this installment. I say this because this series has had several long running baddies, and in this novel they all get what’s coming to them. OH YEAH! I felt like such a sadist while reading Sierra Dean’s latest because I couldn’t stop grinning like a lunatic as the body count continued to rise. After everything that’s [...]

    3. This book did not play out the way I expected it to. Maybe because I have gnashed my teeth through six prior installments of Secret flitting from man to man, I have really gotten to the point where I thought Sierra Dean would never end her waffling. Yet, it appears Secret has finally settled on a paramour. I think I might drop dead from the shock of it. Better yet, I am going to steel myself for the possibility it’s all a colossal fake-out and the winning sweetheart will suddenly drop dead in [...]

    4. If you've come this far in the series, you don't need a recap. What you do need to know isHoly Crap, a choice has been made!! No spoilers!Also, I'm now even *more* frightened of the final book coming Dec 16, even though I pre-ordered it minutes after finishing this one. They ALL MUST live! *bites nails*If you are not reading this series then I am very sad for you, because you are missing out one seriously kick-ass ride with just enough action, emotion and blood spilling to keep everyone happy al [...]

    5. Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass ChicksLeave it to Sierra to leave me in a blubbery snotty mess…and nobody ‘special’ even died! *grabs Kleenex, wipes eyes, blows nose*Where to start?!Cold Hard Secret is the seventh book in Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series and the title suits is perfectly. Our Secret, our snarky sassy Secret, has changed. What happened to her in the last book has pretty much crushed her spirit and who can blame her? No one would be able to survive what she did and es [...]

    6. Originally posted at The Book Nympho  This review contains spoilers from earlier books in the series.When we last left Secret, she was not dealing well with the horrific things that The Doctor did to her in SECRET UNLEASHED. She's trying to make it look like she is but she's not fooling anyone. After having The Doctor play with her insides, Secret can't stand to be touched by people because it throws her back into her time with The Doctor. So both Desmond (her werewolf lover) and Holden ( [...]

    7. Ok so first of all, thanks Sierra to giving me the opportunity to read this book NOW. I just want to say that it is a great book and I don't say that because there is a part in Paris ;-)I love the choice Sierra made and this end is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Update on July, 1st In this book we’ll find Secret and Desmond in Paris, the city of love. Secret is damaged since her adventure with The Doctor, Desmond and Holden don’t push her for the choice. Secret is in Paris because she wants to find Al [...]

    8. I know Dean is good with endings but this most be the most evil one of late. I turned the page, expecting more and and *sobs* THE ENDCold man, cold.July The reviewThis one had one of Sierra Dean's evil endings. I was reading something, turned the page and gasped, the book had ended! Now that is beyond evil, so yes it does end with a cliffhanger. And it's pretty huge and so good that I want book 8 at once. Like nowease? With sugar on top?Secret is not her usual kick-ass self. She is still dealing [...]

    9. I had some big fears for Secret after what happened to her at the end of book 6. She survived A LOT at the hands of the Doctor and even though he's no longer an issue, his handiwork left scars.Let's face it, Secret's not in the best place here. In her effort to not face what she lived through, she's focused solely on taking on outside threats. And it's heartbreaking.That moment when she realizes that no matter how many enemies she kills, it's not going to magically fix things in her head oh, Sec [...]

    10. Rating:★★★★1/2Review: This is the seventh book in the Secret McQueen series. This series is very UF, but has romantic threads woven into the storyline. Secret is the ultimate in snarky dhampire heroines and still sorting out her latest love triangle. I'm "Team Desmond" all the way She is still recovering from the battle wounds of the previous book while exacting her final revenge on a couple of targets in this one. A couple of lingering storylines get wrapped up, but there always seems t [...]

    11. I read the final 4 Secret McQueen books back-to-back, so I can't really tell one from another. In two of the books, Secret is getting her ass handed to her in the usual dark urban fantasy ways. There's medical torture, for example. Then she turns it around, disposing of her enemies, and finally fighting zombies. Because EVERY book written at that time has zombies in it. It's apparently a rule - all UF authors must incorporate zombies, even if they don't fit in the book's world. The overall endin [...]

    12. Originally posted at smexybooks/2014/07/review-Favorite Quote: I never forgot the gun anymore.Secret McQueen is in a dark, dark place. Still dealing with the psychological and physical damage from her capture and subsequent torture, she finds herself unable to catch even the slightest of breaks as she is tasked with recapturing Alexander Peyton. Secret’s investigation points her towards Paris so with the Tribunals’ reluctant approval, she and Desmond fly to the city of l’amour to take down [...]

    13. I was a bit reluctant to read this book knowing it was the penultimate one of the series and I just didn't want to let this series go, not just yet anyway! Secret has been one of my fave book characters for a while now and this one really made me feel for her. She is still recovering, albeit very slowly, from her ordeal at the hands of The Doctor and finds it hard to be physically close to the two men she loves so dearly. Her constant nightmares make it impossible for her to sleep with either of [...]

    14. Secret and Desmond have headed to Paris to find and get rid of Alexandre Peyton once and for all. And after some fighting that only Secret can do, she and Desmond have accomplished their goal. But there is some serious fall out, first off Desmond was harmed and the true background behind Secret’s heritage and her powers is on the vampire talking channels, the last thing she needs.Now Secret finds out, after talking with Sig, some truths that she might have been better off not knowing and begin [...]

    15. It is not exactly a secret that I have not been very thrilled with some of the books in this series. That have been to the extent that I was ready to give up on it. I am happy to say that this book is continuing the trend of being somewhat of an improvement over the more abysmal instalments in the series.The book starts of with Secret being in Paris trying to hunt down Peyton. I would say that Peyton have pretty much outstayed his welcome in these books. I have really never been much for stories [...]

    16. This is the first Secret McQueen book that I did not enjoy. It kind of felt like two novellas that had been shoved into one book. I was really disappointed by Secret in this installment, it felt like all the growing and learning she has done over the last six books has been thrown out the window. Additionally, the first few books always had this sense of fear/danger, we knew that Secret could be killed and the books had that tone to them whenever she was going into a fight. Now, for both halves [...]

    17. as you can imagine another book full of secrets :P, love, crime, deception and so on.oh how we love all that :PThe plot it's ticking, more stuff apear abput Secret, her family and her.latives :Pe finly makes a decision about her love lifen't wait for the next one- cartea incepe cu Secret si Desmon la Paris unde il omoara pe Alexander Peyton- inainte sa il omoare pe Alexander acesta spune mai multor vampiri ce este de fapt Secretiar astia apuca sa fuga si anunta consiliul vampirilor despre bine-p [...]

    18. Wow!  A lot happens in this book, but guess that's to be expected before the final book.I wasn't very engaged the first quarter of the book, mainly because there's a lot on introspection on Secret's part as she deals with the psychological trauma resulting from torture by the 'Doctor'. She's kinda screwed up, and per the title, a little colder & harder.  Fortunately Desmond & Holden are there for her, but the relationships are strained. Things do pick up after she seeks revenge on Pey [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After the difficulty I had with the previous book due to the gritty and dark subject matter, I was happy that this book was filled with resolution. There have been a lot of storylines that have been present throughout almost all of the series and we knock a lot of them out in one book here. Secret makes a lot of choices in this book, so be prepared for the good and the bad.We pick up this book with a pretty damaged Secret. After all [...]

    20. Not my favourite book in the series, but still good. It feels like the author came to this book and thought "I really need to start finishing up some plot points before the last book". So she wanted to tie-up two loose ends- Peyton and Mercy. Then she just put a storyline around that. I don't think it flowed well. It was like two stories mushed together. Yes there was lots of action and killing, but it would have been nice if the author could have taken her time a bit more. I was really sad to h [...]

    21. *The Secret’s out, and heads will roll. *Secret McQueen, Book 7Ever since her near-death experience at the hands of the villainous Dr. Kesteral, Secret McQueen hasn’t been the same. As in damaged almost beyond repair. But as usual, Secret has no time to lick her wounds. Armed to the fangs, she and Desmond embark on a whirlwind quest for revenge that takes them to the sewers of Paris to put an end to Alexandre Peyton. Instead, it’s almost the end of them, and before she can stop him, Peyton [...]

    22. 5/10: Finished the book and it was above average.Huge fan of the earlier Secret McQueen books, but not sure if Secret and I might be about to part ways.It could be that I simply didn't like her choice in the end. (You'll understand this once you've read the book). I would have gone the other way, but that's just me.Or it might have been the last chapter, which seemed tagged on the end and superfluous, other than to create a new scene and cut us off right in the middle of it. Cliffhanger crashing [...]

    23. COLD HARD SECRET has a TON of action in it. It starts with action and ends with action. There is constant moving with no time for rest. Enemies die, a lot is revealed including who exactly Sig is to Secret. It was not the news she wanted to hear.Secret is still having a hard time with what happened to her in SECRET UNLEASHED. Her relationship with both Desmond and Holden are suffering due to it but they are both very much trying to be there for her. Good news for those that don't care for the Se [...]

    24. I hate that she chose Desmond. I love him, I really do, but the whole werewolf side of this story lost all its sparkle for me when Lucas left Secret at the altar. I seriously cannot see her being happy in a pack, specially if she divorces Lucas and loses her position as Queen. She doesn't take orders well. She's always badmouthing people and she has no filter whatsoever. Choosing Desmond will also make her lose her position as Tribunal (which can only be truly lost with her death). Not a good th [...]

    25. I have to admit this was a hard one for me to read. What Secret went through in the last book took a lot of coming back from and she hasn't really yet. It was emotionally tough on Secret and the reader. It also felt like a lot of loose ends got tied up here and I can see how we are beginning to head to the last in the series (sniffle). This instalment felt a bit like a bridge, but then one where a hell of a lot happens! On the relationship front Secret makes her choice and I have to say I wasn't [...]

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