The Walk-In

The Walk In Lexie Ross is a professional organizer to the mega rich but she s never had a boss like this Mr Thorne smells good or at least his clothes do Lexie doesn t know what he looks like because Mr Thorne

  • Title: The Walk-In
  • Author: Mimi Strong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lexie Ross is a professional organizer to the mega rich, but she s never had a boss like this.Mr Thorne smells good, or at least his clothes do.Lexie doesn t know what he looks like, because Mr Thorne s staff is doing everything they can to keep her from meeting him.Over three days of organizing at the Thorne mansion, she gets herself closer and closer to him, until at lLexie Ross is a professional organizer to the mega rich, but she s never had a boss like this.Mr Thorne smells good, or at least his clothes do.Lexie doesn t know what he looks like, because Mr Thorne s staff is doing everything they can to keep her from meeting him.Over three days of organizing at the Thorne mansion, she gets herself closer and closer to him, until at last it seems they might meet, face to face But is the sexy stranger with the fiery eyes who he seems to be Contains erotic sex scenes with two hot characters M F doing wicked things to each other 18 Adult eyes only Note this is an erotic short story, one episode within a larger story arc.

    One thought on “The Walk-In”

    1. DNF at 54% Heck, maybe it's just my mood, but I could not get into this story and Lexie's horny and rude behavior. Stripping and getting off in people's homes is so not okay!! Rationally, I know it's meant to be hot and put the reader in the mind of a sexy, working-for-the-rich girl, but I can only fixate on coming home to find someone's been coming in my home!! I don't want to smell someone else's privates on my private things. Why does she think this is okay? It's yucky on so many levels. And [...]

    2. I couldnt even get through 15 pages of thie crap. Its as if the author decided to force a story into some poorly written erotica. I really tried to get interested, but all she kept doing was molesting herself in strange places. So Not Interested.

    3. I really liked it. 4 stars!erotica~Magickal Graphics~This is a series of 5 short-stories. Somehow, I got book number 4 as a freebie. I read it, I really liked and in the same day bought the other 4 and read the entire series.SummaryLexie works with her best-friend Suzanne as a personal organizer for the rich. She is hired for a job at a billionaire's house by a bit weird lady. On her first day at work she came straight from a bad night and she was really horny. The billionaire, seems like a real [...]

    4. With the first installment of the Borrowed Billionaire we meet Lexi, she is a professional organizer that seems to have a little fetish for masturbating in odd places.Hired to organize three rooms in the mansion belonging to Mr. Thorne, Lexi is drawn in by the secretiveness of his staff. She will organize his closet, office and bedroom - but the trick is to avoid Mr. Thorne seeing her odd request, but Lexi wants the bonus.But there is something about Mr. Thorne that causes Lexi to become a littl [...]

    5. OMG! For those of you who loved WALLBANGER you will just fall in love with this book. Lexie is a smart, sexually adventurous day dreamer. Her creative approach to life will make you laugh. Suzanne's relationship with Lexie is endearing. Mr Thorne is definitely a contender for boyfriend of the month. HOT scenes warning!Mimi Strong's characters are alive and totally believable. Great book, totally recommend you start reading this series early in the day, You will not be able to put it down!

    6. Man oh man, this part in this series had me laughing so hard I had to stop reading because 1 I was at the gym and didn't want people looking at me like I was crazy for laughing at god knows whatd 2 it was just so funny at parts that I had to stop and regain so semblance of seriousness to continue reading.I am SOO happy I decided to read this series next, Mr. Thorne had me in stitches throughout the whole book, so did Lexie. I can not WAIT to read the next part in this series.

    7. Part one was a good start to the overall story of the characters.This was hot and makes me want to read the other books in the series.I don't have much to say about this one because it was so short, but it is still a good start to the story.4.0 star rating

    8. I probably liked the banter between Lexie and Grace more than the rest of the book. It was just ok. I would read the rest to find out why she has to hide from Mr. Thorne, but I wouldn't pay money to read them. I could also live without ever finding out.

    9. Book 1 of 5 Great Series following Lexi Ross an organizer and lover of sex! Lexi Ross is atracted to Billionaire Luthor Thorne. The Walk-In - Lexi is hire to organize Mr. Thorne's closet but not to open to door he can not know she is there but he senses her. Lexi is hire organize Mr Thorne's home office she hides under his desk to keep her presence secret. She organizes his bedroom and meets the "Gardener". Luthor has a bet with his housekeeper that he could go 3 months with out sex but Lexi is [...]

    10. I didn't find that any of the characters were very likable and the story was quite odd, almost pointless. It kind of reminded me of one of those 70's porn movies featuring the lonely housewife and pool boy, where really the story has no purpose, it's just an excuse to have two (or in some cases more) people f*cking. This is my first time reading anything by Mia Strong, although I have her Peaches Monroe series on my to get to list. Rather than let this series cloud my judgment of her writing I t [...]

    11. Not going to lie, I find Mimi Strong's books to be deliciously addictive. Lexie and Mr. Thorne are no exception. She's perpetually horny, he's attempting to curb his bad boy ways (at least for the next few months). She takes care of herself in his walk-in closet and under his desk and he's kinda, sorta unaware that she's even in his house. (That sounds stalker-y but there's a reason for it, I SWEAR!)Then we get a glorious explosion of parts. All is well in the world.Mimi Strong give good sexy ti [...]

    12. Lexi is a horndog. Her character is like a randy teenage boy. She is a professional organizer (dropped out of college)and she does her own professional handi-work at her jobs including getting herself off while working in organizing a billionaire's closet and then under his desk and then when she is rearranging his bedroom furniture. Luthor Thorne, said billionaire, seems like a sex addict. He promised Grace (not quite sure who Grace is except his housewoman - it is not spelled out in the series [...]

    13. A cute short erotica romance. Lexie is a very lusty young lady and doesn't apologize for her sexuality. Talk about getting turned on at the drop of a hat. I didn't expect much from this one, but surprise! No editing problems and the writing actually flows nicely. There is even a bit of a mystery with the Grace and Mr. Thorne roles. So all and all For a short read in a 5 part serial, I recommend it. This one is #1 in the serial The Walk-In But, the entire 5 parts are Borrowed Billionaire FREE rig [...]

    14. Well this was a free download, I'm not sure about it really probably because I'm a romantic and can't understand Lexi being so sexually hungry. She is like some sort of addict and does some very strange things to get herself off. Don't get me wrong i enjoy the erotic aspects in the books i read but they are usually park of a romantic relationship. She has sex with anybody without any thought for the risks. I'm not sure about reading the follow ups although there are 5 books in this series, who k [...]

    15. How to describe this bookridiculous. Lexie, the main character who is always horny. So horny she gets off during her job, while wearing a shirt of her employer and hiding in their closet. No big deal. Luthor, he has super senses; aka he can smell Lexie and her juices whenever she's in the house. This story is so ridiculous, that I couldn't stop laughing. Good for a chuckle and short enough to not be annoying with all its mega oddities.

    16. Wow this book started out with a bang. This is a hot quick read about a girl trying to make something of herself. She's a professional organizer who gets hired for a job that turns into so much more. This book is packed with erotica, this book was actually a major turn on. Most erotica books seem to be written from a male perspective, this one was filled with dark desires. great read , my only complaint is that it ends abruptly.

    17. Um dos PEEEEEEEORES livros que eu já tive a infelicidade de ler.O tipo de livro que merece estrelas negativas.Imagine que você contrate alguém para arrumar o seu closet, e essa pessoa vista uma roupa sua e ainda se masturbe do lado das suas roupas. E para piorar, depois de se masturbar e ter um orgasmo de sujar as mãos, essa pessoa ainda arrume as suas coisas com a mão suja!!!!! Sério, Lexie é doente!!!!!Aaaargh, disgusting!!!

    18. This is the third short story that I've read from Mimi Strong. All of them were with erotic theme, but in this one the main character has SO dirty thoughts just like some horny teen boy. All she thinks about is sex and masturbating. As a part of a series, if I have chance will read the other novellas, just to see what happens with Lexie and Mr. Thorne. If you don't want explicit and dirty language, than this is not for you.My actual rating is 2.5.

    19. The Walk-In is for people whoow what it's like to be horny all the timen't mind masturbating in places that aren't yours with clothes that aren't yoursn't mind watching someone else masturbate (when they don't know you're there)wanna ride the cock underneath a mirrorlove Mimi Strong booksThe Walk-In was a free Kindle book I downloaded on December 10, 2012 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge. Because who doesn't love Mimi Strong and horny characters?

    20. The book wasn't what I expected but it wasn't bad either. Lexi is asked to come organize a rich billionaires closet, office and bedroom. The way the housekeeper acted and the way the scene played out on her first day on the job, I expected something supernatural to happen even though no one had mentioned it. To me it would have made the book better. I may come back and read part two later but not right now.

    21. I read this in like 30-40 minutes last night as some bedtime reading.Lexie (main character) is a complete whore. The whole thing is like 30 or 40 pages, and in that time she manages to get off like 5 times?? (Sounds hot, but I don't really know anything about her, just that she likes to get off!)It's one of five in a series of short stories about Lexie and Mr Thorne I am going to read on because the other character (Mr Thorne) is a horny ole bastard lol!

    22. Wow! I hadn't read anything from Mimi Strong, but I think I'm sold, I'll probably read every book she hasz ever prublsihed.It's like Fifty Shades meets Ninety Days Genevieve. I loved it!It was freaking hot. And the weird thing is that I liked the voyeuristic stuff the best. I actually thought that the scene where they were together wasn't needed. But this book made me fall in love with the books if Mimi Strong. I give this one 4 stars!

    23. Very short, humorous, sexy read. I'd love to meet Housekeeper Grace!!!!To enjoy, one must suspend reality -- the housekeeper locking a hired organizer in the closet within which she (said organizer) dons his worn shirt to misbehave in the closet. This story is a hoot; too bad a few of the other reviewers couldn't just take this short story as it was written. Now, on to the next installments!

    24. For the full review of the series, go to Miss Boxy Frown!This erotica series was a Kindle freebie that I decided to give a read, since I have read some erotica by Mimi Strong before. I decided to review them all as a whole body of work, and I'm glad that I did. The heat is turned up to 10 here, and if you are looking for a kinkalicious diversion, this serial is it.

    25. Nice little quick read. I can honestly say that I have no love for Grace whatsoever. To me, she came off as a controlling, possessive girlfriend or a mother not quite ready to cut the apron strings. Lexie seems to be oversexed. I've never seen someone get hot as easily as she did. Mr. Thorne is as strange fellow as well. I'm honestly not sure how to take him.But I did enjoy the book, and will try to come up with the money to get the entire series.

    26. This is a very fun, rapid-pace, light book with sex in the oddest places. I had to laugh watching Lexie get herself into binds--getting off in a closet, hiding under a desk.This is a great comic series and a nice change after reading a lot of heavy stuff. You really never will be able to guess what Lexie will be up to next.

    27. I was a bit disappointed to find out that these were all separate stories not related to each other. I that it was a complete series, only to discover at the end of the last book that it was the first in yet another series. I did end up purchasing the other Peaches Monroe books because I enjoyed the story and the characters and I just had to see how it turns out!

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