The Marriage Trap

The Marriage Trap To satisfy his late father s wishes hot and single billionaire Michael Conte must find a bride someone who will fit into his traditional family back home in Italy and fast so his engaged sister will

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  • Title: The Marriage Trap
  • Author: Jennifer Probst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To satisfy his late father s wishes, hot and single billionaire Michael Conte must find a bride someone who will fit into his traditional family back home in Italy and fast, so his engaged sister will be allowed to wed With no intention of being tied down, Michael proposes to fiery, free spirited photographer Maggie Ryan if she will play the part of his fianc e duringTo satisfy his late father s wishes, hot and single billionaire Michael Conte must find a bride someone who will fit into his traditional family back home in Italy and fast, so his engaged sister will be allowed to wed With no intention of being tied down, Michael proposes to fiery, free spirited photographer Maggie Ryan if she will play the part of his fianc e during her trip to Milan for a photo shoot, he will keep away from her married best friend, Alexa, and stop making Maggie nuts with their too close for comfort flirtations.But once in Italy, sexual tension sparks the hottest no strings attached arrangement on any continent Could marriage be the most enticing trap of all

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    1. This was OK. Good. I liked it.But it didn't rock my world. This is the kind of book that you can read anytime, a sweet romance and an interesting plotSo my rec goes to those who like their dose of happy and mushyMe, I have a problem with too much mushyness, so that's why the three starsThe story is pretty simple - the hero and the heroine fake the marriage because of some family problems, the hero and the heroine marry for real and fall in love, the hero and the heroine have a fight and get sepa [...]

    2. There is a rumor going around thatThe Marriage Trapwill follow another story with different characters (*cough Maggie cough*). I hope not. I have grown too attached to Nick and Alexa.

    3. Italian billionaire and business man Michael Conte is in a bit of a fix. His sister is wanting to get married, but tradition dictates that Michael must marry first before his sisters. To placate his family, he devises a plan to present a fake wife. Photographer Maggie Ryan has known Michael for a year ever since her friend, Alexa had set her up on a blind date with the handsome Italian. But Maggie is convinced Michael is in love with Alexa who happens to be married to Maggie's brother, Nick.This [...]

    4. You know, this trope is so common, yet Jennifer Probst still made it a fun and entertaining read.Last book, it was mentioned that Maggie Ryan went on a blind date with Michael Conte but something happened and there was tension between the two. It was uncomfortable and didn't seem that is was a good match. Until book 2.Maggie was a nice character who had a defense built around her heart to keep everyone out. Michael Conte seemed like a bossy jerk but it quickly became clear that he was the opposi [...]

    5. "Of course love spells didn't work. She may as well look up hero in the dictionary and wish for Superman to appear outside her condo window."Ah Maggie, how happy I was to see you and the good Count again. I was so excited to start this book. The Marriage Bargain is one book that always stays hidden in my heart to pull out when I need comfort and what better comfort comes from that book than hiding dogs and the sexy scene that follows.I have waited to see what happened on the blind date between M [...]

    6. A man with a sense of loyalty.A man with a sense of family.A man who is a good lover.A man who can be my friend.A man who can challenge me.A man who I can confess my secrets to.A man I can trust.A man with confidence.A man with an open heart.A man who will fight for me.A man who can love me exactly as I am.Every item cried out for someone who could complete her. Michael. Earth Mother had sent her Michael Conte."Uploaded with ImageShackSquee! It may sounds like fairy tales, love spell & witch [...]

    7.  “Let me be clear, la mia tigrotta. I'm taking you to bed. I'm going to strip off your clothes, bury myself inside you, and make you come so many times the only word from your lips will be my name, begging me to do it all over again.”There are some romance authors that get it right every single time and Jennifer Probst is one of those authors. Her delicious stories tantalise your senses, they keep you in a constant state of arousal and cheeriness, the only dilemma in your mind being - wine [...]

    8. Questo romanzo mi ha fatto profondamente incazzare. Così, senza tanti giri di parole. E ciò che mi ha fatto incazzare non è il fatto che sia incentrato su un'usanza vecchia e profondamente ingiusta. Ma cominciamo dall'inizio. Michael Conte deve sposarsi perché mammina vuole (o meglio, pretende) che il primogenito uccel-di-bosco si sposi prima della sorella minore innamoratissima-e-isterica.Ora, a quanto mi si dice, questa usanza esiste davvero in alcune famiglie italiane (per il bene dei lor [...]

    9. 2.5 starsMeh. (*shrugs a shoulder*)IF……you can get past the ridiculous and overdone premise of “marrying to fool my family”…you can forget that this SAME premise was used in book 1 of the series, not with strangers, mind you, but with the brother and friend of this book’s MC’s…you can get past Maggie’s utterly annoying “walls” she puts up which makes me not give 2 cents about what happens to herTHEN……this book has some enjoyable moments…you can get fired up w/ some ho [...]

    10. “You will serve your husband dinner tonight by your own handt because you are beneath hime you are more.” UmmI will allow my husband to be more than me.He can be the one making and serving dinner for the rest of our marriage.This is one of those books where I get attached to the supporting characters more than the principal ones.I absolutely loved Mama Conte. she's one of those fierce, hard working women who care about her family and made sure everyone was happy.I loved some of her advice to [...]

    11. Como já tinha lido o 1º livro, já sabia que estes dois tinham tido um encontro anteriormente mas quem não leu o 1º certamente irá perceber o contexto em que este romance acontece. Embora sejam livros singulares todos com um casal diferente, a autora interliga muito as personagens portanto eu aconselho mesmo a ler tudo por ordem. Mas regressando ao livro, acho que a autora conseguiu desenvolver melhor a Maggie do que a Alexa. É obvio que já não me lembro de tudo do 1º livro mas fiquei c [...]

    12. Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThe Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst is passionately sexy and emotionally compelling. Mia Amore! It sure did surpass my expectations.I won’t reiterate the plot; I think the synopsis does a fine job of that. I loved the characters in this book, Michael is the kind of guy dreams are made of; Handsome, loyal, family oriented, compassionate a guy with a big heart. Maggie is my kinda girl; strong, independent, feisty and sassy to the end. Together Michael [...]

    13. I really enjoyed Jennifer Probst first book but I think I like The Marriage Trap a bit better. Maggie Ryan is the photographer sister of Nick(the hero in the previous book), who is smart, successful and independent and great at hiding her feelings after the lonely childhood she and Nick had. Her best friend and brother's wife set her up with Michael Conte a year back and she felt a spark but was rejected so she convinced herself that Michael was in love with Alexa.The reason I liked this book wa [...]

    14. **3.5 stars**This is the story of Nick's sister, Maggie, and Alexa's friend from Italy, Michael. Michael's family is very traditional and his sister wants to get married but can't until Michael is married. Since Maggie is already planning on going to Italy for a photo shoot, Michael decides to see if he can rope her in as his "fake wife" and take her to meet his family.Okay, I'm kind of torn about this storyme parts were very sweet but others were too predictable and repetitive. I liked both Mic [...]

    15. Let me just start off by saying that I loooooved the first book of this series The Marriage Bargain. Ms. Probst did a GREAT job at creating such a nice and hawt (hot) buildup between the two characters (Nick & Alexa), that I was bummed when the book ended. That of course led me to want to read the 2nd volume, just hoping for a little more of a glimpse into their story again or atleast to recapture that feeling that I felt. Deep breath in, now exhale….“Ahhhhh.” Ok enough of that, moving [...]

    16. There is really a bad problem when an Italian woman (like me) is reading a book where one of the characters is depicted as Italian and instead he speaks a sort of Spanish/American Italian :(Italians don't say Dios, Spanish do it.Italians don't say bambinos, Americans do it (maybe, I don't know for sure).Italians don't say mia amore (really I don't understand if this a product of google translator).So, the bad use of Italian words really spoil this book for me, sorry :(

    17. 3-3.5 starI don't know what to say.Well This was a good read. Nothing special, but not that bad.I liked Maggie but the conflicts that she had with herself was really on my nerve.Contrary to my expectation Michael was more wiser and more easy going. He accept his flaws and start to change them.

    18. I loved Maggie and Michael from the marriage bargain So happy they got their own story! They had awesome chemistry, loved Michaels family and their interactions with Maggie Loved the sneak peak for the third book! Can't wait

    19. Un libro hermoso,fácil de leer.Maggie es encantadora con su sarcasmo y su manera tan comica de ser y Michaelque hombre!Una historia sencilla,pero muy bien contada y aunque cualquiera que la lea puede pensar que es demaciado predecible,para mi también lo es.Igual sigue siendo una historia que me gusta,tal vez por lo mismo,por su sencillez y pocas complicacioneso leí por ahí una Harlequin con más páginas,pero a mi las Harlequin me encantan.

    20. Nothing not to love about this easy-to-read romance. Heartwarming to the end with characters you can't help but fall for. Not epic but certainly one to consider - a good all rounder.

    21. 3´5 estrellas. Libro que se lee en un suspiro. Michael es un amor, ya me lo dejo claro en el primer libro. Estoy deseando leer los siguientes, las hermanas del conde prometen ser guerreras.

    22. «Se non posso sposarmi è tutta colpa tua.»«Perché mia?»«La mamma ha detto che potrò sposarmi solo dopo che ti sarai sposato tu. Non ti ricordi? Era una vecchia tradizione a cui papà teneva tantissimo.»Ma ragazzi siamo nel 2013! Come può risultare credibile che il protagonista di un libro si disperi a trovare una donna disposto a sposarlo per finta solo per agevolare la sorella? Mandare affanculo la madre? O meglio ancora, inventarsi una cavolo di giustificazione migliore? Ma parlami d [...]

    23. This is the second book of Probst's I have read and just like after reading the first novel I was asking myself the same question? How does she do it? How does she take a typical cliche (the pretend marriage and then falling in love with your fake husband/wife thing has been done a thousand times) and make me enjoy it? (I usually hate typical writing). After a few days of thinking I have come to one conclusion: The characters. Jennifer may use an old idea and plot line, however its the character [...]

    24. This was a sweet little story of frenemies to lovers. Maggie and Michael were both introduced in the first book in the series – The Marriage Bargain. Maggie is Nick’s sister and Alexa’s best friend, while Michael is the Italian billionaire working with Nick who befriends Alexa. I liked him from back then, so this book was an easy sell for me :) They went on a blind date in the first book, but nothing really came of it (or so we thought), but with them now entering into a pretend marriage a [...]

    25. I love love love this bookkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! I know the idea is cliché, but I still love it like hell! And it took place in Milan, Italy, the place I've been dreaming of visiting my whole life! :)))) Books that make me ditch my work and secretly read them during working hours totally deserve 5 stars :DThere is only one thing I'm concerned with the Vietnamese-translated version of this book. I don't know why but they censored all the steamy and beautiful sex scenes. I have never read a romance boo [...]

    26. Leia a crítica completa em oslivrosnossos/201"()O romance apresenta, além de protagonistas fortes, uma excelente caracterização dos princípios e rituais de uma família tradicional Italiana, onde a gastronomia local e a sua confecção caseira assume particular relevância. Toda a teia de dinâmica familiar e os seus pequenos dramas mostra-se descrita de forma cativante, transportando-nos, de facto, para o seio da família Conte, sendo o negócio de pastelaria familiar - La Dolce Famiglia - [...]

    27. It's not a bad book but i couldn't really get into it because1) The reason for the marriage felt more far-fetched than the reason in the first book of the trilogy.2) I felt the rhythm of the book wasn't very fluid. After every action there was an explanation about maggie's feelings (or michael's). I would have liked it more if the background and explanations were inserted in the narrative more fluidly or maybe be more subtle about it. Sometimes the readers don't need to be told every single feel [...]

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