Elly in Bloom

Elly in Bloom There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN here What would you do if you had to design your lover s wedding Surrounded by lush flowers and neurotic brides chubby year old Elly Jordan has

  • Title: Elly in Bloom
  • Author: Colleen Oakes
  • ISBN: 9781477514122
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 here.What would you do if you had to design your lover s wedding Surrounded by lush flowers and neurotic brides, chubby 32 year old Elly Jordan has carved out a sweet little life for herself as the owner of Posies, a boutique wedding florist in St Louis It s not bad for a woman who drove away from her entire life just tThere is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 here.What would you do if you had to design your lover s wedding Surrounded by lush flowers and neurotic brides, chubby 32 year old Elly Jordan has carved out a sweet little life for herself as the owner of Posies, a boutique wedding florist in St Louis It s not bad for a woman who drove away from her entire life just two years ago when she found her husband entwined with a red headed artist Sure, Elly has an embarrassingly beautiful best friend, a terribly behaved sheepdog and a sarcastic assistant who she simply calls Snarky Teenager , but overall her days are pleasantly uneventful As a bonus, her new next door neighbor just happens to be an unnervingly handsome musician who has an eye for curvy Elly Just when she feels that she is finally moving on from her past, she discovers that an extravagant wedding contract, one that could change her financial future, is than she bargained for With the help of her friends, staff and the occasional well made sandwich, Elly bravely agrees to take on the event that threatens to merge her painful history with her bright new life, and finds herself blooming in a direction she never imagined Elly s voice, both charming and hilarious, will appeal to those readers who have been looking for a new voice in chick lit, and will give women of all sizes the realistic heroine they ve been waiting for.

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    1. Very cute story. Glad she got her revenge in the end! Also I started reading the author's blog yesterday and I have to say I'm kind of a little in love with her now.

    2. For someone who loves a good chick flick, this is a must-read. I love that Elly’s character is so relatable to the readers- she goes through heartbreak and struggles with insecurities, but at the end she finds that she is stronger than she ever knew. Elly has a few times where she breaks down as she struggles to deal with all that has happened in her life, and it is in these moments that those around her show their support and encouragement- the help even sometimes comes from the most surprisi [...]

    3. This was surprisingly a superb story of a Big Beautiful Young 32 year old young woman. Who kept falling for the wrong gorgeous men. She finds that after her mother has passed & she is finally coming out of her tail spin & she feels confident that her new marriage is back on level ground. That all is well, she surprises her artist husband by coming home for lunch to find him in their bed with a younger much thinner red head. Her world goes spinning out of control. She kicks him out then s [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written, funny, and inspirational story! The vivid descriptions of characters, flowers, food, and maybe a few kisses were more than enough to keep me trucking through the chapters, determined to finish before sleeping!

    5. I really loved Elly in Bloom. It was charming and engaging and I loved the heroine. Despite her insecurities, she forges ahead to make a nice little life for herself after her divorce. It is a funny and delightful read, and a refreshing change of pace from the formulaic chick lit novels.

    6. WOW. Talk about internalized fat-phobia. "Sarah Jordan had been an anomaly in many ways. First of all, she was both strikingly beautiful and quite plump. Elly had seen men gaze at her, totally confused, wondering why they were drawn to this woman who was fleshy and soft, not unlike their own mother." SERIOUSLY???? I mean, to be fair, so far I like most of the characters, and the plot is good if a little draggy, but is it really necessary to point out that the protagonist is sweaty every other ti [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading Elly in Bloom, this was the first time in a long time that I laughed out loud while reading a book. Elly is very charming and I want her to be my friend. What a fun person she would be to hang out with! I really enjoyed the way Ms. Oakes described the flowers and the people with such detail that you could almost smell the flowers. I loved the "Snarky Teenager" and I hope she gets a name in "Elly in Love". I can't wait for the next Elly to come out. What a delightful book [...]

    8. This is a funny, insightful, realistic story about a woman (who is far from perfect, therefore easily relate-able) who picks up the shattered pieces of her life and overcomes her past to become a better person. While that story line may seem like many other books, this one had me hysterically laughing one minute, and crying the next. I can see many pieces of Elly in myself, and the author does a great job of leaving the "gore" out of many novels that seem so popular these days. Fantastic read - [...]

    9. This was a fun and quick read. I loved that Elly was as fun as a chick lit book, but with more substance to her character and no need for "sleeping with" the guy to know when it was right or when it was wrong. This is a lovely, fun read with messages about being yourself, forgiveness, and healing that come through naturally with the story, and are not preachy.Go out and read it! It's too fun to miss!

    10. “Have you ever slapped someone with a broom?” Great interview question asked by the heroine of Elly in Bloom, a charming, off-beat novel of love, loss and learning. Elly isn’t the typical girl you find in novels these days. She is inept in love and in climbing ladders. She isn’t slim and she doesn’t wear Prada. For me this makes her easy to identify with in her misadventures, her loves, her hurts and her joys. One of the reasons I read is to get away from the challenging characters I i [...]

    11. This novel was like a breath of fresh airor fresh flowers. It was a very light read, meaning you don't have to think about it, you can just sit back and enjoy it. I think there's a little bit of Elly in all of us and we can all relate to her in some way. Whether it's a weight issue, a relationship issue or you just want to run away from your life, this book makes you feel a little bit better. There were some funny parts that actually had me laughing out loud. This book also shows us that no matt [...]

    12. Elly is a character who is easy to love: imperfect, caring, funny, realistic as a character and about herself. Her friends are also well-developed characters, and it's easy to understand why she wants them in her life. There are some fantastic moments of humor, in Elly's flower-delivery foibles and with some wacky side characters. The story of her past made me care about her and want to know what happens, and the plot really picks up once the groundwork is all laid. As a romantic comedy, there a [...]

    13. A relatable story for anyone who's ever been cheated on or had their heart broken by a lost love. Elly Jordan's marriage suffers a nasty breakup when she catches her husband cheating on her. Overcome with grief she flees her home and her broken life to start a new life in a new town with a new career as a florist. While on her path to relationship redemption she is booked as the florist for the towns biggest wedding and that's when her past catches up with her. This is a great rainy day read.

    14. Good try, and I think the author has talent that could go somewhere with a decent editor, but whoa. Big plot holes, and omfg the fat jokes. Seriously, I like a plus size heroine more than the next person, but: a) size 14/16 is not really plus size, b) constant commentary on how much a girl eats and how often she sweats and how she can't walk a full city block are not charming, they're mean. Even though I know it wasn't meant to be mean, it was mean. I received this book for free on for my Kindl [...]

    15. What a delightful read! This beautiful story made me laugh out loud, crave deli roast beef, and finish off my Christmas box of Russell Stover chocolates while I was reading it! Ms. Oakes has crafted each character of Elly in Bloom as perfectly as a master florist designs each blossom in a bridal bouquet. Elly in Bloom is only the beginning for this new author! It definitely deserves its standing as the #1 Kindle bestseller in contemporary fiction!- Bette Maybee, author of Phoenix: The Rising

    16. I really enjoyed this book. There were some laugh out loud moments. Although some of the story was predictable, there was one part towards the end that I didn't see coming. Even though I am not a florist, I could appreciate Elly's passion for flowers due to the authors very descriptive explanation of the arrangements being made. I am looking forward to the sequel.

    17. I absolutely loved and devoured this book! I immediately fell in love with Elly and all her friends! Can't wait for Elly in Love!!!!!!!

    18. „Erst die Liebe, dann das Vergnügen“ hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Elly habe ich sofort in mein Herz geschlossen. Ihre Geschichte ist sehr berührend und auch ihre Erlebnisse rühren den Leser zu Tränen und lassen ihn eins ums andere Mal lachen.Mir gefiel der Schreibstil von Colleen Oakes sehr, Ellys Story lässt sich leicht lesen und die witzigen Begriffe bzw. Namen, die die Autorin erfunden hat, haben mich schmunzeln lassen. Vor allem das Thema Blumen ist ausführlich in die Story integrier [...]

    19. I'm sorry to say that I was bored out of my mind with this book. Generally I like the format and genre of chic lit, but this for some reason was over the top too cliche for me. I guess I'm tired of reading about overweight, insecure women who get jilted and have trouble getting over it and moving on. And why is it that these characters always seem to open a store with an apartment above it? Maybe that's part of the fantasy for many, but how realistic is it that we have all these stores with apar [...]

    20. I had been looking forever for a book that I could just enjoy reading and get lost in the character's world for awhile. Elly was perfect for this! The author is so visually descriptive it was like I almost knew exactly what all the places looked like! I also just loved how things worked out for Elly in the exact same way I would have wanted them to work out! I enjoyed that Elly was just full of personal flaws, a real person (a reason why Bridget Jones is so endearing too)t some perfect woman who [...]

    21. this was SUCH a good book. not a romance per se, and no HEA with a hero, but a heartwarming story to be sure. the heroine is short, cute, and chubby, and her world is destroyed when she comes home to find her husband in bed with a tall, thin redhead. our heroine kicks them out of HER house and bed, then justleaves. she leaves her house, job, friends, everything behind, and drives aimlessly, ending up in a part of st louis, and finding a new purpose to life. she thought she had left her past behi [...]

    22. Elly in Bloom was a great book! I don't read a lot, but I got through this book in a few days because I couldn't put it down. Elly, the main character, is funny, quirky, and sweet. This book made me laugh in some chapters and cry in others and I didn't want it to end. The beautiful and detailed descriptions, character development, and plot of this book are amazing. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a great read that keeps your interest - I cannot wait for Elly in Love to [...]

    23. I only gave this book 4 stars because the 2nd half of the book made up for the 1st half. A lot of inner dialogue. The 2nd half is where the story truly starts. Cute and quirky characters. Apparently there is another book and I want to find out what happens to these characters, but hope I don't struggle with it.

    24. I picked this book up for free from ebooks/amazon. I really enjoyed the simple story and how everything was beautifully tied into the flowers and how we all can bloom into something beautiful. Good read!

    25. Even if chick lit is not your favorite genre, I recommend reading this! I do not have a laugh out loud personality, and I literally laughed out loud many times throughout the book. I throughly enjoyed this page-turning story.

    26. Loved this book couldn't put it down. Characters were great easy read reeled me right in. Great story. Can't wait for the next one.

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