Dark Dealings

Dark Dealings There are monsters in the city And one of them is herAva Kalle s empty soul devours magic And her hunger is deadly She s sharp quick and can live in shadow making her work as a spy for the Mages a n

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  • Title: Dark Dealings
  • Author: Kim Knox
  • ISBN: 9781426894688
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • There are monsters in the city And one of them is herAva Kalle s empty soul devours magic And her hunger is deadly She s sharp, quick and can live in shadow, making her work as a spy for the Mages a natural choice She lives on the fringes of society and likes it that way.When the man she loves takes another woman for his mate, the darkness in her heart unravels andThere are monsters in the city And one of them is herAva Kalle s empty soul devours magic And her hunger is deadly She s sharp, quick and can live in shadow, making her work as a spy for the Mages a natural choice She lives on the fringes of society and likes it that way.When the man she loves takes another woman for his mate, the darkness in her heart unravels and she ll do anything to get him back She makes a dangerous deal with a fire elemental, Heyerdar, who has a vested interest in agreeing together they ll use forbidden magic, harnessing their sexual energy to drive the couple apart.But soon their pact pushes them both into a dark sexual obsession One that Ava may not be able to control

    One thought on “Dark Dealings”

    1. Man this one was a WILD ride. I loved loved LOVED the world-building, and there's no denying that it was steamy, but there were a few things that made me want to punch the characters in the face (or at least throw the book against the wall).Plus, the hero's name is "Heyerdar", which I kept pronouncing as "Hurrderr" in my head, which made it hard for me to take him serious as the big bad alpha that he is :PAnd even with those things I HATED, it's still a solid 4/5. Very well done. Full review to [...]

    2. One of those books that's really hard to find - a meaty fantasy with complicated characters that's sexy as hell.

    3. Originally Posted on: Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek3.5 StarsFavorite Quote: He died in a way that befitted his audacity.When I finish reading a book I immediately open Microsoft word, Tumblr or even notes on my iPod touch to write down my thoughts. I always find that my immediate feelings are my most honest and sincere. Not this time. After reading “Dark Dealings,” I needed to take an hour or so to process what it is I read.I have to give author Kim Knox credit for how different th [...]

    4. I'll give Kim Knox credit for this: Dark Dealings is definitely different. It's dark and edgy a little disturbing and not always pleasant to read, but strangely compelling at the same time.Ava is a thief -- though not in the traditional sense of the word. She hungers for flesh and bone, and for that, she is an anathema to the Mages who surround her. All expect for Reist. He took her in when she was just a teen. Took care of her. Made her his protege. And she fell in love with him. But the feelin [...]

    5. I listened to this on audio and it was great. I really enjoyed the story of an unrequited love. This was my first novel from Kim Knox but it won't be the last.Excellent writer.

    6. The reason I personally enjoyed this book was because this was a new concept for other worldly characters. The deal with magic, but our leading female is a thief who eata her victims to fill her empty soul. It's a refreshing new type of character. And it has some really good sizzling parts to it as well.

    7. Before I begin my review, let me begin telling you my journey with this book and Jimmy Fallon. I first encountered Dark Dealings on NetGalley where the cover blew me away and I just had to read it. Well wouldn’t you know it, the publisher (or whoever is responsible for putting it on NetGalley) didn’t think along the same lines I did. I was told my blog wasn’t a good fit for their book.LOL I thought it was a joke or I thought perhaps I had done something wrong, so I sent in the request agai [...]

    8. 3,5 - 4 / 5 starsThis is the kind of story which has me confused. Meaning, I don't know if I loved it or just thought it was below average.You have two plots: First, Ava teams up with Heyerdar to use sex magic on her friend Reist and his ex Fallon. She's been friends with her "master" Mage for ten years and in love with him just as long but never said anything. Heyerdar was in a relationship with Fallon up until the moment she dumped him and got with Reist.Ava is a "thief". She has no soul but s [...]

    9. Originally posted at Novel ReveriesThis book is truly unlike anything I've read so far. I loved the fantasy world the author has created, as well as the characters and the roles they play. The story developed wonderfully as a mystical fantasy mixed with a sex drenched sci-fi becomes a book that's hard to put down. Ava Kalle's character is very likeable, even with all the animalistic deeds and primal urges."She was a stealer of life energy with nothing inherent in her soul. Thief. The nicest name [...]

    10. This book caught my attention with the blurb. It sounded pretty interesting and I hadn’t read much paranormal lately, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m so glad I did! This book had everything I could want. world building, well drawn characters, suspense, sharp banter between the main characters, and strong sexual tension with a fantastic payoff!The world includes magic, elementals, mages, thieves, civil servants, and humans. Mages are not fond of thieves and since thieves can eat you unti [...]

    11. **This review can also be found at readinginthewindowseat.blo**Can I just say holy wow? I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, and I never expected to like it THIS much! I seriously couldn't put it down! I was pretty much up all night just reading it, and then the second I finished I went online to look up more of Kim Knox's work! That's how good this was. Really. I mean it. So the main character Ava is this creature called a thief, and what they do is suck the mag [...]

    12. betweenthelines-withk Judging by the cover I expected this book to just be all about steamy, steaminess. But let me tell you it was, yes it was steamy but there was also an interesting story as well. Which I have to say made it ten times better. This book has a lot more to offer than its cover.First off let's start with Ava. She's what's known as a thief, what they do is usually suck the magic out of people by eating them, yepp eating them. But Ava learns, after years of denying her hunger, that [...]

    13. The reviews for this made me both intrigued and hesitant about reading it. I have enjoyed other stories by this author so decided to give it a chance, and am glad I did. I really enjoyed the heroine. She's not nice, but I did find her a very sympathetic protagonist. I liked that rather than endlessly whining about her relationship difficulties à la the heroine in the last romance I read, she tried to change her situation. Her methods may be questionable, but at least she didn't sit around wring [...]

    14. From the description, I thought this book might be all sex. But it's not. It's darkly erotic, but sex doesn't overpower the story. So this story is dark fantasy romance/erotica. Ava is a Thief. She devours magic, mostly through cannibalism. She keeps her hunger under control, though lately it has been getting harder and harder. She's in love with the mage, Reist. He found her living on the street and took her in at the Institute and now she works as his spy. But lately she has had to watch him f [...]

    15. In keeping with the fantasy aspect of this dark romance if I had a handful of stars I would fling them up into the atmosphere to proclaiming the arrival of this talented author.Usually I devour a book not because it makes me hungry to finish but because I just want to gulp it and move on quickly onto the next one.This novel I wanted to savor every word,yes I was eager to know the end but not out of boredom.If you have had your fill of standard vampire characters or whiny heroines than here's a d [...]

    16. Summary: There are monsters in the city. And one of them is her…Ava Kalle's empty soul devours magic. And her hunger is deadly. She's sharp, quick and can live in shadow, making her work as a spy for the Mages a natural choice. She lives on the fringes of society and likes it that way.When the man she loves takes another woman for his mate, the darkness in her heart unravels and she'll do anything to get him back. She makes a dangerous deal with a fire elemental, Heyerdar, who has a vested inte [...]

    17. I had not read anything by this author before, and I know she has written several books. While this is a stand alone book, I am not sure if she has written books that take place in this world. If she has it would explain things, if not, well… There are three key types of magicians or wizards of this world. Mages, Elementals, and Thieves. Unfortunately they were never clearly explained. Their differences are alluded to, they and their origins are never clearly explained. To me that took away fr [...]

    18. I adored this book. It's wicked, sexy, and full of all the twists and turns that I love in a great Dark Fantasy. In Kim Knox's world magic is balance. Ava, as a thief of magic (one who consumes magic in order to survive), fights constantly with the ravenous beast within her. Capt. Heyerdar is a fire elemental mage (as rare as Ava in their world). His own power is nearly unstoppable. Both have to team up to stop a group of Thieves. Others who have let the beast within consume their humanity. Time [...]

    19. Ava is a thief that has been taken in by the Institute of mages, ten years earlier. She has been claimed as being property of the right hand, Reist. Thieves are a feared breed They are banned from the area unless claimed like Ava was. Reist sends Ava to join forces with Heyerdar, who is the left hand and Captain of Guards due to some thieve somehow managed to get in and were causing some havoc.Without being a spoiler, this book had some twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting but it was all g [...]

    20. La storia in sè è particolare e mi ha catturata quasi da subito: il mondo descritto è accattivante. Vi vivono maghi, elementari ed effimeri (gli umani) ma poi ci sono i ladri, i divoratori di anime. Categoria quest'ultima in cui rientra anche la nostra eroina. Innovativo il concetto che sia la controparte femminile il "cattivo" della situazione che cerca di riformarsi.I lati negativi: la sintassi non proprio scorrevole ed elegante, e la mancanza di un vero rapporto emotivo fra i due personagg [...]

    21. I think this book had great potential and would have made a great fantasy read with a possible series in mind. I just wish the focus had been more on content rather than sex because the concept was great and as a result looses out on 4 stars for me. Dark Dealings

    22. So close to being awesome. Liked the couple and liked the idea of the world but some details in the worldbuilding were lacking.

    23. Steamy fantasy twist on the let's-make-our-exes-jealous trope. Cool magic and a main character with a dark power who's struggling to control it made for compelling reading.

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