The King's Pleasure

The King s Pleasure When a French woman is married off to the handsome Scot who conquered her town she is determined not to let him conquer her heart as wellThe English army s siege of Aville has ground to a standstill

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  • Title: The King's Pleasure
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9781453259467
  • Page: 240
  • Format: ebook
  • When a French woman is married off to the handsome Scot who conquered her town, she is determined not to let him conquer her heart as wellThe English army s siege of Aville has ground to a standstill until a ten year old Scottish lad masterminds a breakthrough The castle falls easily, giving glory to the king and a place at court to young Adrien MacLachlan But his greateWhen a French woman is married off to the handsome Scot who conquered her town, she is determined not to let him conquer her heart as wellThe English army s siege of Aville has ground to a standstill until a ten year old Scottish lad masterminds a breakthrough The castle falls easily, giving glory to the king and a place at court to young Adrien MacLachlan But his greatest reward is still to come Years later, the king decrees that Adrien shall marry Danielle d Aville, a maiden of the town Adrien helped conquer She loathes the strapping Scottish knight, but his strength stirs something inside of her a passion that betrays everything her vanquished people stand for As Danielle s hatred for him pushes her towards treason, her budding love is the only thing that can pull her back from the brink This ebook features an illustrated biography of Heather Graham, including rare photos from the author s personal collection.

    One thought on “The King's Pleasure”

    1. Well. I did not love this one. In fact, I struggled with it a LOT. I must have put it down three or four times, and had to force myself to pick it back up. It isn't that this is a bad book, it's just that I didn't like the way it was written.Let's start with the pros:● You get a lot of English and French medieval history, which actually is rather interesting. Heather Graham, writing here as Shannon Drake, writes the Social Studies portion of the festivities in an entertaining fashion, not dry [...]

    2. A Very Worthy Medieval set in the time of King Edward IIIA worthy read from an icon of historical romance. Graham’s stories are well researched and well written and immediately draw me in. This one begins in 1336 (there is a prologue set in 1357—a great tavern scene), and covers several years as we travel from England to France and Scotland. It tells the story of Lady Danielle D'Aville, a countess who is loyal to the French King Philip (and later, King Jean) but has become the ward of King E [...]

    3. Honestly, I didn't enjoy this book very much. Felt more like a history lesson most of the time than a romance. Too much info! Not enough loveliness between the H/H. The girl was pretty unlikeable to me and the guy was a prick because he was always having to deal with the shrew of a girl. It was a DNF for me. I gave it two stars because the author did obviously do her history homework but I made it about halfway and put it in the Friends of the Library pile.If you are into actual history and roya [...]

    4. The Good:Danielle's personal history was very interesting. The action scenes were written pretty well. And the ending almost made this book worth reading. I like how she stuck to her guns when it came to the vow she made to her mother, but also tried to be a loyal wife in the meantime.The Bad:This book heavily promotes marital rape. I mean just because it's your husband doesn't make it ok. No means no people! I also thought the fact that he did force her went against his overall character.He wan [...]

    5. The story was good, but I couldn't get over the main character acting like a spoiled brat all the time. It really brought the whole experience down a bit for me.

    6. I didn't love this book. It was exasperating with their constant misunderstandings. Left me feeling flat.

    7. If I could give this book zero stars I would. Rape is rape, and it doesn’t matter if it’s committed by a stranger or a husband - no means no. It’s really not a hard concept. The issue I have with this book is that it romanticizes marital rape in such a way that it’s intended to be appealing. And I’m sure it is, and I’m not here to kinkshame anyone, but I started reading romance novels as a teenager and I would never want teenage me to finish this book and think that is romantic behav [...]

    8. One of the most awful book I ever read. Disgusting. The main guy is fine. The main girl is a brat who only now scream, She dont talk at all. She only shut up with sex. I wanted to kill her, she was histerical.

    9. Author: Heather GrahamPublished By: Open RoadAge Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanBlog For: GMTARating: 4Review:"The King's Pleasure" by Heather Graham was a good historical fiction romantic that I found very interesting as well as a entertaining long read. "The King's Pleasure" can be found to be well written that will keep you reading till the end. This hero Adrien and the heroine Danielle were really made for each other but will this work out? Be ready for a 'tug of war' that seems t [...]

    10. Danielle D'Aville was the ward of Edward III, sworn to obey the King's order to marry her enemy Adrien MacLachlan, the legendary Scot who masterminded the fall of her beloved home. Suddenly she was the arrogant knight's reluctant wife, pledged to a marriage neither desired. But swept off to his castle in the Scottish highlands, and into his strong embrace, Danielle was soon possessed by a raging passion for the husband she had vowed to despiseAdrien MacLachlan couldn't afford to trust the emeral [...]

    11. Retro Reads ReviewJust an informal review on this one. I rather enjoyed it - loved the historical details, really got Danielle's motivation, and got a kick out of the tension between Danielle and Adrien. Actually, Danielle was a thoroughly enjoyable character, for me. Why am I surprised? Experience, I guess. But yes, it was one of those historical romances that made me want to learn more about the history behind it: the circumstances of Edward III's rule over bits and pieces of France, the reaso [...]

    12. This book is between 4-5 stars. I really enjoyed it and found it hard to put down. It is a story that spans over two generations but mainly focuses on the second generation. Adrien is a Scott who serves King Edward III. Danielle is a woman torn by her loyalty to both France and England as she is both. As a young boy, Adrien came up with the idea that caused the fall of Danielle's home. Because of this, Danielle considers Adrien her sworn enemy. She also promised her mother to be loyal to the kin [...]

    13. Great read. Transforms the reader to another place in time and takes your breath away. You can feel the anguish of war, sickness and the pain of having no one to trust. Our hero and heroine refuse to acknowledge their love for fear of letting go of their own independence. Both of them live by the motto: "never surrender!" At times it is frustrating, at other times it is heartbreaking. The author includes much historical data making it a love story occurring during a very confusing time in histor [...]

    14. This is a first time book from this author for me and it was not really what I was expecting at all for a romance novel. For over the first half of the book it actually reads more like a historical then a romance. But the characters are likable, believable and the history woven in is done so in a way that it gives a lot of really interesting detail without it feeling like it was a textbook. Over all I really enjoyed reading this one and recommend it for anyone who wants a bit of brains with thei [...]

    15. Hott Review:The major theme of this book is a girl/woman who fights against herself. She’s fighting her love of an Englishman to keep a deathbed promise – or is she?This book almost deterred me because it’s huge and I generally do not like long books. However, Ms. Graham drew me right in and gave me the romance of a lifetime. It was humorous, authentic, and adventurous.More…Author: Heather GrahamSource: Open Road Media via NetgalleyGrade: BSteam: Adult — Not too descriptive.Setting: En [...]

    16. I enjoyed Danielle and Adriene's story. He is a hard core warrior and it seems the last few books I've read you get to see the pinnacle moment and then you go back to the past to see how they met and where they end up. They are angry and full of pride, again another character that doesn't want to give up but at least she can see reason and she so doesn't want to betray her SPOILER**Husband but she does end up giving him the run around. I have saved this I will re read it in a few years and see i [...]

    17. This was an interesting novel set in the court of Edward III with settings of France, England, and even some Scotland. more of a romance set around war, the prologue was a flash forward. While relationships probably better accurate to 1350s, I did not find them as enjoyable, but others might. At least there were not long lulls in the story plot telling and the romantical side of things. my rating more of a 3.75.

    18. I fell in love with this book back in '98. It's one of those stories that I can't even explain why I love it so much, only that I do. The original mass market paperback is out of print, but the story has been re-issued on Kindle (same title, but under Heather Graham instead of Shannon Drake - The King's Pleasure)

    19. DNFThe book seemed like it might be fairly interesting in time but there was too much politics to wade through. If you find all that information interesting than you'll probably like this book. I find that stuff boring. I also didn't like what happened with Danielle's mother. Even though it was appropriate for the times. I felt really sorry for her. I also wasn't keen on Danielle from what I had seen of her. She was annoying.

    20. The King's PleasureThis is a very good story! It covers a time period of several decades, following Danielle from babe to adulthood to having her own baby. The English are Waring with the French. The male lead is Adrian who is a Highlander raised as a ward of King Edward of England. The King arranges a marriage between Adrian and Danielle and boy do the fireworks fly. I enjoyed this book!

    21. This book had very little romance going on, seriously, nothing happens until almost the middle of the book. By this time, you're either bored out of your friggin mind, completely fed up with the H/h because all they do is argue, or you're thinking this is the greatest book ever because of all the (unnecessary) historical details. Zzzz

    22. I always feel I have to give at least one star and that indicates my not liking the book but for this one, I am giving it zero stars. Who reads this stuff?! Not me. [Later--OK, so I gave it one star so it wouldn't show no rating, as though I'd skipped it, but still did not like it--note it is on my "loathed" shelf.]

    23. Pretty funny, I appreciate women with a little bit of spirit even if Danielle seemed to have too much of that from time to time.The history was well depicted and even the historical background was okANKS TO NETGALLEY AND OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA FOR THE PREVIEW

    24. it was an ok book however the prolog is from just past the middle of the story. So if you want to read this book I would recommend that you skip the prolog and just start at chapter one, I'm sure that had I done that I would have enjoyed this book much more than I did!

    25. Stopped reading it almost halfway thru. Didn't care for it & it wasn't getting better so why torture myself? My copy of this book has the author as Heather Graham. I think Shannon Drake re released it under another name for a reason. Original story is from 1998.

    26. Historical fiction at its bestThis was so entertaining and sexy! I loved the dynAmic between Danielle and Adrien throughout the many years. I will definitely be picking up more from Heather Graham.

    27. I liked Danielle's fiery attitude! I would have given 4 stars if certain sections weren't so verbose. I prefer a faster paced book, but, this was good compared to many others I have read.

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