Vita segreta del signore di Bushu

Vita segreta del signore di Bushu Uno dei pi inquietanti romanzi erotici di Tanizaki che narra la vita e le passioni segrete del Signore di Bushu valoroso guerriero di grande intelligenza e dalle forti passioni Il volume contiene an

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  • Title: Vita segreta del signore di Bushu
  • Author: Jun'ichirō Tanizaki Atsuko Ricca Suga
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Uno dei pi inquietanti romanzi erotici di Tanizaki, che narra la vita e le passioni segrete del Signore di Bushu, valoroso guerriero di grande intelligenza e dalle forti passioni.Il volume contiene anche il Racconto di un cieco e La gatta, Shozo e le due donne.

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    1. My second big discovery in Japanese writing (after the short stories of Masuji Ibuse) was The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi, a lesser-known novel by this well-known author. If you've read much Tanizaki then you won't be surprised to hear there's a psycho-sexual element here, but nowhere else (that I'm aware of) does he take it quite so far as this. A samurai warlord with a fetish for 'woman heads' (severed heads with the noses cut off) and a complicated psychology that makes this fetish [...]

    2. Antes ya me gustaba Tanizaki, pero con esta obra ha quedado claro el gran maestro de la literatura japonesa que es. Mezclando una historia de samurais con el toque perverso que caracteriza todas sus historias, con un tono de crónica histórica, logra que quieras leer más y más. Una preciosidad de novela.

    3. Pirmais gabals bija ļoti forša vēsturiski sadistiska fantāzija, tiesa, bez nobeiguma, savukārt "Arrowroot" man tik ļoti pietrūka konteksta zināšanu, ka viss vienkārši aizlidoja pāri galvai.

    4. A Vida Secreta do Senhor de Musashi é minha coisa favorita do Tanizakijá Kuzu é um sacopeço perdão pelo vacilo

    5. Translator Anthony H. Chambers in his Introduction to The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi writes: Indeed, Tanizaki's fiction is far less autobiographical than that of most Japanese novelists. He preferred to use his imagination. "I have acquired a bad habit recently," he wrote in 1926.I cannot bring myself to write or read anything that takes real facts for its material, or that is even realistic. This is one reason I make no attempt to read the works of contemporary authors that appear in [...]

    6. Two works written in the early 1930s by Junichiro Tanizaki. The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi is probably best described as a novella, Arrowroot a short story. I have read two of Tanizaki’s earlier works, both worked within a realist aesthetic: rounded characters existed within a detailed and believable world, the story telling of recognizable events. Something different is happening in these two works. The Secret History of the Lord Musashi tells of a Sixteenth Century Japanese lord w [...]

    7. This was definitely interesting reading after "The Makioka Sisters." "Arrowroot" seems more technically interesting to me, but I enjoyed "The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi" much more. I just got into it more and felt like "Arrowroot" was always about to get started, right up until the end, though it had some beautiful moments. I enjoyed both, though. I'm just saying I preferred one over the other.

    8. "The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi" by Junichiro Tanizaki The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi by Junichiro Tanizaki (1935, 138 pages-trans. by Anthony Chambers) is simply an amazing work of art. Written nearly 75 years ago, it is my first preWWII Japanese novel, it feels like it could have been written last week or in the 18th century by someone with a very strange sense of humor and amazing talent. I simply loved this work. It is darkly hilarious. An acute psychological insight is [...]

    9. Memetik jelaiMemetik ApsintusDi dalam tangan kami ada sembilan kacangSembilan kacang, tetapi lebih dari itukami merindukan rumah orang tua kami.Jika kau merindukan akuDatang dan temukanDedaunan aroma Hutan Shinoda lambang kesedihanBuat saya, buku ini lebih menyerupai biografi, alih-alih novel sejarah seperti yang diungkapkan sang penulis. Buku ini berkisah mengenai Tuan Musashi yang dilahirkan pada abad keenam belas, saat sedang bergejolak perang saudara. Tuan Musashi merupakan seorang pemimpin [...]

    10. Sebagai bacaan kedua, pada beberapa halaman pertama saya mengira bahwa saya telah salah dalam memilih bacaan. Saya mengira bahwa buku ini berisi analisis atau bahasan dari berbagai kitab mengenai sejarah Jepang masa lampau. Namun, karena saya bertekad untuk menyelesaikan apapun yang saya baca, akhirnya saya terus membacanya dan rupanya tidak seburuk itu.Sebagaimana yang terdapat pada sinopsisnya, buku ini berisi dua kisah yang berbeda. Keduanya tidak berhubungan. Menurut saya, penulis hanya ingi [...]

    11. I don't think I read Arrowroot. I should, but the secret history is one of the most Japanese stories, and is sort of a literary version of the ero-guro genre of Manga ie something like Maruo or Saeki. The Lord of Musashi has an erotic frisson as an impressionable youth while watching young women of the court prepare the hair of severed heads of young warriors takenin battle. The care and fetishistic adoration afforded the heads strikes deep to the tingle root, and the young lord is never right a [...]

    12. Without giving too much away, this through a series of bizarre tales and adventures, develops into a full blown sexual fetish, which follows him and comes to dominate his life and his view of it, regardless of his ability as a warrior, what he becomes is as a servant to his warped appetites, all he does is in homage to that desire.This was one strange and yet strangely enjoyable tale, Tanizaki’s take on the idea of Samurai legends & their histories, is as though through a fairground mi [...]

    13. Rasanya kurang tepat jikalau menyebut dua karya Tanazaki adalah Novel, karena penuturan ceritanya bersudut pandang tepat pada si Penulis, maksudnya benar-benar berorientasi pada penulis yang sedang menuliskan sebuah kisah bersejarah, sebuah eksistansi penulis, ya anda akan selalu mengijaminasikan bahwa sang Penulis seperti bercerita kepada anda. Rasanya biar afdol biar kubahas satu-satu kedua karya yang digabung menjadi sebuah Buku setebal 305 halaman ini.1. The Secret History of The Lord Musash [...]

    14. Secret History of the Lord of Musashi: 3.5 Odd; sex death and some things in between. Only Tanizaki could write iten again very few others would probably want to.Arrowroot: 5 Word for word [only 57 pages] it might be the best thing I’ve read so far by Tanizaki. A subtle meditation on family, the past, art, nature, love, friendship, and how all these things interconnect in unexpected ways. It reminded me a bit of Natsume Soseki, maybe because it had two male charters walking through nature and [...]

    15. I think I have read this before, like 20 years ago, but my memory is so bad I didn't smell a rat until I came face to face with the thing about cutting off noses . As I had forgotten everything else I kept reading.Musashi's sexual perversions are not quite as perverted (albeit gross to our sensibilities these in these days of terrorism) or as sexual as you might anticipate from the introductory chapters, but still the fetish he develops (Freudians sit forward) is explained for his peri-pubertal [...]

    16. Bon alors, si vous avez pris ce livre certain de voir des samouraïs s'encanailler avec des jeunes éphèbes vous allez être déçus. le bandeau que l'éditeur à ajouté pour appâter le chaland est une honteuse arnaque. Pas de sexe ici ! reste que c'est un excellent petit roman qui se lit quasiment d'une traite, et que le parti pris de l'auteur (nous raconter une histoire soit disant tirée de divers témoignages et documents) est amusant et bien mené.

    17. Reading these two novellas by Junichiro Tanizaki was, I think, subtly mysterious and uniquely narrated, that is, with typically Tanizaki-style prose and dialogs that few authors could surpass him. From his preface, we may regard this sentence, "As Wang Yang-ming said, it is easier to subdue a bandit in the mountains than to subdue the evil in your heart." (p. 9) as a tip of thought.

    18. I found the concept of each story to be quite interesting, though the way they were written didn't quite seem to bring out the best. I would have liked them to be more fiction, rather than, what I felt, was non-fiction. There seemed to be a bit of the dryness that can be found in non-fiction. Despite that, the mythology of the stories was fun.

    19. I think it's suffice to say that I don't understand classic Japanese literature. The first novel The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi is downright disturbing and strange, but I actually think I preferred it to Arrowroot that seemed to end just as it was getting started. Maybe I'm just not used to Eastern literature, but I really did not understand these.

    20. The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi (and Arrowroot) by Junichiro Tanizaki. Musashi was typical Tanizaki, an arresting tale of sexual obsession: a boy, a girl, and a severed head with no nose. Arrowroot was much shorter and didn't make much of an impression on me. I am trying to read all Tanizaki's works in English and then I'll start writing a paper on one of his many themes.

    21. Awalnya aku lbh suka novela Secret History of the Lord of Musashi, soalnya naratornya sompral.Dan arrowroot sungguh berat!!!Tapi akhirnya aku lebih suka Arrowroot. Wakakak soalnya si narator awalnya udah sombong ke sana-sini, akhirnya dia mengaku kalah juga.Baca deh!

    22. Lama dianggurin, baru kelar sekarang~ Dari dua cerita di buku ini, Musashi sih yang menarik. Arrowroot membingungkan, mungkin karena legenda-legenda yang disebut-sebut tak satupun yang kuketahui. :(

    23. I loved the absurdity of The Secret History of the Lord Musashi and its manipulation of actual history into a weird story that revolves around noses. I didn't quite get Arrowroot as much. I might need to re-read the whole thing to muster up some stronger feelings about it.

    24. I confess I got bored and quit reading Arrowroot, but I really enjoyed The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi, a historical profile of a fictional Japanese warrior with a weird fetish.

    25. I love everything I've read by Tanizaki, the way he deals with perversity and sexual masochism in such a frank and disturbing way and wrote about it in the 1930's. This book is about how a samurai's hidden masochism inspires him to the courageous deeds that create his legend.

    26. Un noia mortale,con tutti quei nomi inpronunciabili e quelle tremende battaglie senza fine. Solo l'ultimo dei tre racconti mi è sembrato meno insopportabile,e comunque non mi è piaciuto più di tanto . La mia solita avversione per i giapponesi? Puó darsi

    27. disturbing, entrancing -- in other words, typical twentieth-century japanese fare in the best sense. i was surprised by the extreme darkness ofthe secret history,having read only the makioka sisters beforehand.hats off to the translator -- beautifully and sensitively rendered.

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