Redlisted Kate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood of the man who shot her She can t remember who she is and her own face in the mirror is unfamiliar As she tries to unravel the my

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  • Title: Redlisted
  • Author: Sara Beaman
  • ISBN: 9781478324898
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood of the man who shot her She can t remember who she is and her own face in the mirror is unfamiliar As she tries to unravel the mystery of her own identity, she s swept along on a covert mission she barely understands.Revenants, a vampiric race of post mortals, maneuver for power in the world of plastiKate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood of the man who shot her She can t remember who she is and her own face in the mirror is unfamiliar As she tries to unravel the mystery of her own identity, she s swept along on a covert mission she barely understands.Revenants, a vampiric race of post mortals, maneuver for power in the world of plastic surgery, internet conspiracy theories, and information stifling media conglomerates Those who can control dream and memory muddy the waters as the mission converges on a underground bunker and the key to a source of eldritch power Kate must uncover her past and tease apart clues to her companions urgent mission so she can take a stand before it s too late to act.

    One thought on “Redlisted”

    1. Redlisted is an interesting take on the soon becoming boring line of vampire books that are being pumped out every second. This book takes the normal groups of romance/uninspired paranormal fantasy and gives it a fairly decent adrenaline kick. Adding in a more thriller/spy genre twist makes this book stand out from the ever increasingly large pack and should make it something you should consider picking up.All in all a good read and I'm looking forward to the next one

    2. Finally a Vampire Novel for Adults as well as TeensLately, it seems, vampire novels fall into three major categories, the quirky semi-comical mysteries (Charlaine Harris), the hardcore romances (Laurell K. Hamilton), or the overly moralistic teen love stories (Stephenie Meyer). And while all three types can be quite enjoyable, they tend to lack a certain amount of depth. Sara Beaman’s novel Redlisted (Volume 1) is an impressive exception to this growing trend. From the very first page, it is c [...]

    3. Disclaimer -- I do know this author; but it's from the context of a critical/critiquing forum, so it's a little easier for me to be objective. (In other words, she is not family, so anything critical I have to say will not result in lifelong banishment from shared holiday celebrations.)I think any author who can try something new -- and succeed -- in the crowded vampire genre is worth reading. I'm definitely a fan of this series start: I like the idea of what the author does with "revenants"; I [...]

    4. This story is very interesting. It is hard to describe how the story takes you through situations. The only thing that comes to mind to be a close example is looking through a mirror which is in turn reflecting more mirrors. It is definitely a unique point of view. I found myself wondering whose memory was I reading from time to time I lost track of who was who at times. The main character is unknown (anonymous). The story takes you through her experiences by reliving them through dreams and mem [...]

    5. First the disclaimer: I know the author, which is really why I downloaded the sample, since I'm all vampired-out and usually find fiction written in the present tense rather stilted. I was more than pleasantly surprised. This is a lovely debut novel, and it all worked! From the first page I was intrigued by the protagonist, and by the end of the first chapter I was hooked. I purchased the whole book before I finished the sample download, which is almost unheard-of for me. Ms. Beaman, I am lookin [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. This book manages to integrate conspiracies, media, vampires, mystery, dreams and even some psychological tricks into a story that pulls you from one supposition to the next, and then seeks to make you question them all. I enjoyed this take on a vampire story; each new revelation brought twenty more questions, and kept you reading just [...]

    7. I received this book from the Author for my honest review.From the very first page, it is clear that it is not an ordinary vampire novel. The novel weaves through time, not with flashbacks, but by having the main character dream the memories of other characters. And while this may sound weird or even confusing, in the context of the novel it does work, It actually creates a first person narration but from several view points along time. This books is full of strange delusions or dreams. It has a [...]

    8. Redlisted is about characters. That alone causes it to stand out in the genre of dark and urban fantasy - but let's back up for a moment. I don't believe that it's necessary or helpful to compare books to one another. A rating and review should be about the enjoyment one gets from reading something. Was it interesting? Did it compel you to keep reading and, at the end, leave you wanting more? Redlisted manages both of these feats. Does the book present characters who become real to you? Do they [...]

    9. Redlisted was nothing like I thought it would be, it was so much better! I loved how the author provided many details of the story through various dreams/memories of the main characters. At times some parts of the dream sequences were a bit confusing but in the end everything came together nicely. One of my favorite aspects of this novel was the many different groups of Remnants (vampires) included, each having specific abilities. This story took me on an action-packed journey I will never forge [...]

    10. At first, Redlisted tok me a little while to get used to with all the dreams/memories going on from different perspectives, but eventually it starts to make sense the more you read. I don't want to give away details of the story like most people do. It seems to take the surprise factor away if you basically know what will happen. So I will say this This was a completely different writing style that I have yet to come across, but it definately worked out. There were so many twists and plots that [...]

    11. Wow! What can I say?This book was awesome! It is very fast-paced, the storylineis definitely unique, and it kept me guessing at each turnof the page or twist of the plot!! I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the sequel that I'm sure will be coming in the future! LOL! :)I also love the writing style of this author and look forward to reading more books by her!

    12. I Can Tell You I Loved This Book. There Is Nothing In This Book That I Have Ever Read Before In A Vampire Novel. You Time Travel From Memories It Is SO Awesome. I Really Recommend You To Read This Book. I Really Love It.

    13. Wow this book was really good. I was kinda confused at first but, then it all clicked in to place. If you enjoy a different kinda vampire book I would check this out!

    14. This story is unique in it's own way. It's different from any other vampire book. They are flashbacks. I love Adam and Kate. I'm giving this 5 stars.

    15. If I were rating this only against other indie/self-pub'ed books it would definitely have gotten 5 stars.Redlisted is a book that features strange delusions, dreams, forgotten memories, and mind control. It presents an engaging puzzle of plot lines and back stories that the reader gradually deciphers. The vampires in this book are neither depressingly Gothic nor sickeningly romanticized. They're both modern and timeless, and deal with contemporary problems while juggling ancient powers.Best of a [...]

    16. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your face was changed to look like exactly someone else? What about your voice and your eye color? What if your memories were stripped away and replaced with the person’s face you replicated? What if your dreams weren’t your own but showed you another person’s life? What if vampires were the ones behind the control of memories and dreams?That’s the basic premise behind the plot of Redlisted.Sounds really interesting, right? Sounds like a cr [...]

    17. I picked this novel up because I saw a blog written by the author on how to be a good belly dance student. :-) It intrigued me to get a chance to read a fantasy novel by a fellow dancer. First -- it took me a very long time to get interested enough in the storyline to spend more than a few minutes at a time reading. Believe me, I'm well known for staying up for hours on end, taking only food and bathroom breaks, to read a book that thoroughly grabs my interest. So why couldn't I connect with thi [...]

    18. Reviewed by Kristi on My keeper shelfHello Sara Beaman! My first order of business is to say "thank you"! I will admit, I love a paranormal novel especially when vampires are involved, I've read a wide variety from YA to adult vampire novels however, Redlisted takes it all the way for me!!!This book is one to read slowly and savor every moment. Once I started reading Redlisted, I wanted to devour it quickly. However, I forced myself to slow down and take it all in. This vampire world is so uniqu [...]

    19. Loved the style of the writing, including the alternating POV and alternating present/past tenses.Loved the way the story is unfolded.Love the world-building and "lore" of the story.Enjoyed the different take on vampires; I'm very fond of the different types of vampire lore.There were a handful of typos, most of which were at the end of the book. Nothing major; usually a missing word (pronouns especially) that slightly distracts from the story.My biggest problem, which had me contemplating a thr [...]

    20. Well written. The style of relating the back story through flashbacks (dreams) kept my interest up, and kept me questioning the reasons behind the "current" state of affairs. I still have many questions, and hope that there will be a sequel available.

    21. I really enjoyed this book, although I have to admit that I'm biased since I know the author. If you like modern fantasy/paranormal books, then I recommend this interesting take on vampire mythos.

    22. Do to my review policy, this book will have no rating or review. This does not mean this book was bad or good. If you want my opinion on this book, feel free to message me.

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