Anything He Wants 4: The Rescue

Anything He Wants The Rescue She never expected her new life would be so deadlyWhen Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton she had no idea she d be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire Bare

  • Title: Anything He Wants 4: The Rescue
  • Author: Sara Fawkes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • She never expected her new life would be so deadlyWhen Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton, she had no idea she d be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire Barely surviving poisoned champagne, she is whisked away to a beachfront estate in the Hamptons that is fortified like Fort Knox Safety comes at a price however even as sheShe never expected her new life would be so deadlyWhen Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton, she had no idea she d be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire Barely surviving poisoned champagne, she is whisked away to a beachfront estate in the Hamptons that is fortified like Fort Knox Safety comes at a price however even as she learns about her enigmatic boss, the billionaire s refusal to let her in on the investigation confuses the still recovering Lucy To compound matters, family members seek to drive them apart, straining their tenuous relationship to the breaking point All the while, a deadly threat lurks in the backgroundwaitingAslo published as Collateral Damage

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    1. Twenty minutes of enjoyable reading? Well, this serialized story is getting to be more frustrating than enjoyable. and yet another cliffhanger ending

    2. So in book 4, we pick up where things finally started getting interesting in book 3 --- Temp got poisioned.It really wasn't a surprise -- I mean, it was bound to happen, right? WHY would you drink something brought to you by a complete and utter stranger who isn't a waiter or a bar tender? But, I guess if you let strangers sexually ravish you in public, you probably let them poison you too, right?Anyways, Temp has been in a coma for like three or four days and we learn that she almost died. When [...]

    3. Well that was predictable, but exciting still :) In this book, Lucy wakes up in the hospital. She is still a little out of it, but anxious to get back to normal.After a few days of getting back on her feet, she is ushered off to Jeremiah's home.Jeremiah is determined to keep her safe and find out who is responsible for the champagne. And he wont let her outside of the house. But taking off for a day or two at a time in order to follow a few leads but still coming back with nothing new. Lucy is g [...]

    4. Story picks up where Lucy wakes up in hospital after what happened to her. Her and Jeremiah fly back to the States and he takes her to his Hampton home. He is pulling away from her for her safety but Lucy hates the rejection. She's become a "prisoner" until the threat is taken care of.Of course Jeremiah can't stay away from her and they get back to the chemistry that burns between them. There's handcuffs, whips, toys and ass play. My kind of night. LOL!Leaves off where Lucy "escapes" but someone [...]

    5. Just too darn short ,,,, glad I was able to get it for $.99. well now we wait for the next 15 minutes of the book to come out :) Does anyone know when part 5 will be released?

    6. Plus on avance dans le récit, plus je me dis qu’on est dans Dallas ou les Feux de l’amour. Il y a une intrigue qui vous maintiens mais en force!!! C’est hallucinant!Dans les épisodes précédents : Lucy rencontre celui qui pourrait être l’homme de sa vie et décide de travailler pour lui, exauçant ainsi les moindres désirs de son patron : le richissime Jérémiah Hamilton. Lors d’une soirée de gala, cette dernière fait la rencontre d’un membre de la famille qui n’est que Luc [...]

    7. Ok, so the series is starting to get better. We are learning a little bit more about Jeremiah, but for the most part he still remains a mystery, at least to me. I find myself getting frustrated with Lucy because she doesn't stick up for herself. She made some smart ass comments about Jeremiah's mom which made you say "Yaye, Lucy!" but then you're disappointed because she said it in french and no one knew what she said except for her. Lucy is holed up in Jeremiah's house and she can't leave. Of c [...]

    8. Quick and easy and great read again. It turns out that Lucy has been poisoned from the wine and she is hospitalized. The poison had been meant for Jeremiah. When she is better Jeremiah moves her to his family home where he can give her the best protection possible. After there a while Lucy starts to get bored and wants to go out but he says she must stay inside where she will be safe. Meanwhile Lucy meets Jeremiah's mother, who is plastic and quick to harshly judge her. Lucy also learns more abo [...]

    9. Hmmmmasuki buku ke 4, ada kemajuan berarti [image error]Cukup menegangkanPercobaan pembunuhan yang di tujukan buat Jeremiah, ternyata malah kena si Lucy.Lucy pun nyaris mati karena keracunanDan gw suka dg posesif si Remi selama proses pemulihan LucyHe's good alpha man indeedMeski lagi2 endingnya menggantung, that;s oke lahju ke book 5. [image error]Oya, krn gw suka ma cerita yg ini, so gw kasih bintang 3, pemirsa [image error]

    10. Well, well, wellI could see it coming : cliffhanger after cliffhanger, we're led to buy one small part of a book after another, and when it ends, how much will that have cost ? This must seem like a too down-to-earth observation, but hell, what started out as a free read is getting expensive ! This is not a bad story, but it could be better, I'd like to know where it leads but I think I'll wait for a more substantial book with a definite price.Plus I'm not into flogging, though I get that in a b [...]

    11. ACTUAL THINGS HAPPENS. THERE'S TENSION.And what the eff, somehow the EVIL OLDER BROTHER WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO INHERIT EVERYTHING'S NICKNAME IS Loki.Seriously. Seriously. That's the best you can come up with? Jeremiah's nickname is REMI. LIKE FROM X-MEN? I forgot what his brother's actual name, oh wait there it is, Lucas.Seriously Loki. All I picture is Thor and Loki now. ThanksRE PEOPLE SHOW UP. THEIR MOTHER! RAWR. Stuff happens. DANGER.And no he'll not let you out of the house. Not even if [...]

    12. Lucy hasnt fully recovered but its not her health that's bothering her. She wants to know what is going on but no one will tell her. Jeremiah whisks her away from any and all prying eyes. His number one priority is to keep her safe and with that a peace of mind for his sanity. But now he's acting distant and Lucy wants their connection back. That comes in the form of his domineering act. Jeremiah introduces her to exploration of areas she's never thought to expose. is that enough for them to be [...]

    13. Dibagian keempat, Shock hampir kehilangan nyawa Lucy, Jeremiah berusaha menyelidiki orang orang yg berusaha membunuh dirinya. Dalam usahanya melindungi nyawa dan kesejahteraan Lucy, Jeremiah membawa Lucy untuk tinggal dan dijaga dirumah keluarganya. Disana Lucy bertemu ibu Jeremiah dan Lucas yg tidak menyukai dirinya. Dan Jeremiah terpaksa harus mengusir ibunya karena kata kata kasar ibunya terhadap Lucy.Walau semua kebutuhannya tercukupi dirumah itu, Lucy merasa dirinya terpenjara. Dirinya tida [...]

    14. In this installment, Lucy Delacourt barely escaped death by poisoning. Finding out she died twice, was not an easy pill to swallow. She has been whisked away to Jeremiah’s home in the Hamptons to recover. Sara Fawkes did an amazing job captivating me with the story. Jeremiah is beside himself because someone is out to kill him and/or Lucy and doesn’t know who it is. You have know idea what is about to happen until it is too late and you know someone - not naming names - Loki is gonna get it. [...]

    15. More or less the same ole deal. Continues a few days later where book 3 left off********Spoilers*********So Lucy died twice while dealing with being poisoned. Only alive due to a very bossy Jeremiah it would seem. Well her get well present was meeting Remi's bitch mom and the gift that keeps on givingal sex. Book 4 closes with Lucy not obeying her master! She tries to leave her protection and gets snagged by the bad twin! Remi brother

    16. This episode has quite the claustrophobic feel to it as Jeremiah locks up Lucy to keep her safe. We get to meet the Arch-Bitch that is his Mother. Jeremiah and Lucy forge a deeper emotional connection but, as his personal assistant, she really hasn't done much assisting apart from in the fucking department!I'm finding it very visual - can readily see in my mind's eye the house and the gardens.Again - we're left with a massive cliffhanger.On to book 5 with a full review to follow.

    17. Predictable but still good. Jeremiah rushes Lucy back to his home in the States after taking her to the beach she mentioned once in Paris. Now she has become a prisoner in his home and he constantly rejects her to keep her safe. We have bad mother 101, and Lucy testing boundaries like always. Even though this is short, there is some hot sex still like the others but just not long enough.

    18. Still as exciting and sexy as ever. Sara Fawkes never failed to amaze us with her provocative writing filled with carnality and suspense.Thumbs up for the intriguing relationship of Jeremiah and Lucy!Sexually provocative and undeniably temptingUR stars.

    19. ulalaaaa ulalaaa akhirnya, nyampe juga ke buku empat! *lap keringat pake kolor Kyuhyun* di buku ini, ada beberapa hal yang saya suka. adegan piip yang yeah make me feels so hot. kkk. and, then adegan kejar-kejaran dengan pembunuh bayaran. nah, loh. mungkin hal inilah yang membangkitkan gairah(?) membaca saya. Jadi, saya beri bintang 3 deh. :3

    20. So we get to meet Jeremiah's mother and seems she to be quite the bitch and a big reason why he is the way he is. It was nice to read in this book more about his past and the relationships that he has with them now. Plus this assassin that is trying to kill Lucy at every turn what more can a girl take?

    21. Sara Fawkes is a huge cock tease, honestly, she writes these amazing chapters and decides to give them to us so bloody slowly. I don't know if she's trying to make us appreciate what an author and editor does in such a time, or squeeze as much money out of this as she can. Anyway, the story line is good but I just hate that we get short instalments. Pretty sure I'm not alone on this.

    22. Finally it seems like we are getting into the meat of this story. This segment takes place after Lucy's poisoning, at Jeremiah's Hampton house. He's being gruff and standoffish while he attempts to figure out hat happened. You can guess he has started having feelings for Lucy and doesn't know how to deal with them, hence Lucy's confusion.

    23. This chapter (I am now refusing to call these books) was just as great as the prior ones.even more so now with the added thrill of the "who-done-it" storyline in addition to their continuing blossoming "relationship."Wow, could I have written a better example of a run-on sentence? Guess that's why I'm a reader and not a writer! :)

    24. Fourth installment and this allows the reader to see that Jeremiah is not the stoic man that he seems to be 24/7. Making Lucy the inevitable victim allows Jeremiah to show that he actually seems to care about his "personal assistant" and goes to great lengths to ensure her safety. Hmmm Is there actually a possibility that a "happily ever after" awaits this couple?

    25. Meh short, not much going on really. Not as good as the others which I find frustrating especially as each one is only a few chapters anyway. There isn't enough development happing here, yes its like fifty shades but a much older story and defiantly not as good. I do think it could be great though if it had more depth

    26. Buddy Read with AlyThe cliffhanger it´s like soap operae bad brother seeking revenge through the good brother´s loverrrUnivision, you may wanna check this for rights? LOL

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