Who is Audrey Wickersham?

Who is Audrey Wickersham I know everything that s happened is my fault I try to tell myself that it s okay I never wanted a normal life to begin with But then I think about who s been hurt and I wish that I could go back to

  • Title: Who is Audrey Wickersham?
  • Author: Sara Shrieves
  • ISBN: 9781479112357
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • I know everything that s happened is my fault I try to tell myself that it s okay, I never wanted a normal life to begin with But then I think about who s been hurt, and I wish that I could go back to the beginning Back to when I was just a nobody wandering the halls of my high school, alone and unnoticed Back to when I was completely oblivious to what killing somebodyI know everything that s happened is my fault I try to tell myself that it s okay, I never wanted a normal life to begin with But then I think about who s been hurt, and I wish that I could go back to the beginning Back to when I was just a nobody wandering the halls of my high school, alone and unnoticed Back to when I was completely oblivious to what killing somebody felt like.You have to understand though, I had no choice.

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    1. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.I gave this book 4.5 stars and here is why:'Who is Audrey Wickhersham?'is well written and extremely funny: it is perfect for those of us who love a little black comedy. I don't want to write to much and spoil it for other people but I liked the Supernatural/Paranormal side to it, you can't beat Zombies/Vampires/Magicians/Gypsy's especially when they're in the same book.All in all a brilliant read.I didn't know what to ex [...]

    2. A truly enjoyable and original perspective on the paranormal with an utterly empathetic heroine, a delightful sense of humour, and a cast of characters-both mundane and magical-that will keep the reader racing through those pages, “Who is Audrey Wickersham?” is a lively novel for YA and older readers. Free of explicit sensuality and only one instance of profanity, the only reason for the rating of 18+ would be-well, violence-lots of it. Audrey is fifteen and has a devoted Dad nicknamed “Hu [...]

    3. First off, I am not an avid reader. I don't read very often, but I am working on that. That's why I joined this site! This is one of my first reads in my newly discovered world of books. The last book I read was Stephen King's The Green Mile and I thought it was great.I received this book for free, like some of the others here. I thought it was amazingly great. It had everything I love in most of the movies I watch. It had a little gore, mystery, supernatural beings, and great comedic relief. It [...]

    4. This is definitely different from all the other stories I've read that fall under the 'supernatural' category. I mean, who has ever heard of a teenage girl almost turning into a zombie and then turning into some sort of zombie-vampire hybrid that has an urge to go around eating people? It's a unique story line. I like the creativity of the author.The characters of the story were also cool. I liked Bruce because he was pretty funny. I liked Agnes because she was sooo intriguing. And I also liked [...]

    5. WOW!! This is a great read and very well written!! The characters are well developed and relatable. It was very different to what I usually read but I loved it!! Definitely a page turner!! If you like the TV show “The Walking Dead” and like vampires then you will absolutely love this book. This story had a little of everything: romance, parts that made you laugh, OMG! I can’t believe that happened!! parts, and the gore. Wow!! Those parts are very descriptive!! I have to say that the author [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, finding it funny, unpredictable and gory in places. The characters were believable and built up beautifully as the story progressed. So much so, that i can 'see' what they look like. I especially liked Bruce. The language was easy to read and the story totally hooked me in. I would so love to be in that shop! It evoked lovely images of magical potions stored in jars. Sure lots of people will love this amusing book, I did and I have left my teenage years far behind [...]

    7. Wow I Have To Say At First I really Wasnt Into It But As I Kept Reading This Book I Was Amazed On How Really Wonderful This Book Is. Audrey Wickersham Is My Favorite In The Whole Book. She Blamed Herself For Something That Was Clearly Not Her Fault. Things Happen For A Reason ANd She Put Way To Much Blame On Her Self. It Is Really A Wonderful Read I Am So Glad I Read It. Another Great Read.

    8. Audrey is really interested in witchcraft and spells, and always has been. Upon entering a shop, she begins searching for ingredients for a possible spell. Agnes, who works there, takes her to a special part of the shop called the "annex". Audrey is drawn to a particular jar, and when surprised by a shout telling her not to touch it, she knocks the jar flying, and finds the contents are being thrown all over her, and even inside her. She is then told that the contents of the jar was in fact an i [...]

    9. Audrey Wickersham, like many fifteen (almost sixteen) year olds, doesn’t feel like she quite fits in. She is smart, makes good grades and liked by her teachers, has a good family, but she is searching for more. This leads her to The Magick Eye, a bookstore that specializes in all things of the metaphysical and enchanted sort. Looking for her first spell to attempt, Audrey stumbles into a strange jar with living contents, Zomorwai worms. So who is Audrey Wickersham? In a few days, she is going [...]

    10. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All thoughts and ideas are entirely my own.Think of the old cheesy, campy zombie movies from the 80s and throw in a little vamp-ness, and you have ‘Who is Audrey Wickersham?’. I honestly had NO idea what to expect when I began to read this book, but I guarantee that I didn’t expect what I got! Don’t get me wrong – this story was definitely cheesy and campy (see line 1, above), but it was also pretty f [...]

    11. (Book provided by the author through ARR #63 in the We ♥ YA Books! group, in exchange for an honest review.)This novel was a fast and funny read as far as I'm concerned; I wouldn't put it in my all-time favourites, but it definitely made me smile more than once, for its main character and her quirks first. Audrey's misfortune is absolutely appaling, yet she has somewhat of a humorous way of telling about it, when her attitude could've been much more angst-ridden (and thus probably more difficu [...]

    12. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and since I am being honest I really enjoyed this book.The main thing that I loved about this book was the clever concept. It is definitely not your typical zombie/paranormal YA book. Zombies are great but the idea has been used so much lately that it was refreshing to see that an author could still use zombies but do it in a way that was not cliché or boring. The story draws you in from the beginning and the action remains stron [...]

    13. First of all I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. Wow where should I start with this book? Well I must say, it is a first for me. I was surprised at how the story kept going and throwing curves at me. I don't recall reading a story quite like this one before. The story is related from a teenager's point of view so at times it is chaotic, frustratingly childish and annoying, but it fits the character perfectly. The character matches h [...]

    14. I did enjoy this book even though I gave it 3 stars. I liked how it was an unusual twist on a zombie story and the writing was good. It kept my interest throughout the book, but I felt the beginning did drag on too long and was kind of boring while we were waiting for her to change. The dialogue between the characters seemed a little dry and forced and at times didn't flow well with the plot. There were times I felt they just spouted off random things that kind of distracted me, but it wasn't en [...]

    15. I knew from the instant I saw this cover I had to read it! It had everything I would ever want in a book. (zombies, witches, vampires, an epic gay man, and humor) I loved how zombies and vampires come together in this story, giving the paranormal genre a refreshing change. My favorite part about this book was the humor, at many parts I caught myself laughing out loud or giggling to myself. (I'm pretty sure people thought I was nuts) I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick, humoro [...]

    16. After Audrey has an "unfortunate accident" in a magick shop, things quickly turn strange in her life.The story is about her struggle to do the right thing and figure out what happened to her. As she tries not to eat her family & friends, some things in her life,like her now-found instincts, seem to quickly go to the extreme. Is she a zombie? A vampire? A hybrid? You'll have to read the book to find out! LOL! :)Once I started this book I couldn't put it down!This was a really fun book to read [...]

    17. i want to thank one the groups i belong to The Paranormal Lovers Group for the Review 2 Read program for this book. I gave this book 4 stars though I just found it just ok. I was reading it on my phone and asked my 14 year old son what he was doing on my laptop. He said he was reading the cool book I had left open on my laptop. He loved the "Zompire" story. He said he liked the battles between the council and zombies and vampires and the wiccans. He also enjoyed Audrey's "coming of age", figurin [...]

    18. Well this was certainly a fun new take on the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Audrey is a young girl who loves everything supernatural and has a curiosity to explore. She meets an old gypsy woman at her favorite occult shop and oops accidents happen. Next thing she knows she is losing herself and starting to get hungry . . . This was a well written and unusual read that has everyone scrambling to correct the accident that started a major chain reaction. I did find it a little slow at times a [...]

    19. My first thoughts from the title is that it would be because she lost her memory or people started to forget her, too obvious. But when I read the book, dang! It was soooo far from it! I love the twist and the series of unexpected surprises that comes after each chapter. It is a world far from what I imagine, yeaaah it would show some basic fantasy, or you know the common types of creatures. But still, It was worth the reading. It was worth the crawling under the blanket with a blanket. (I did t [...]

    20. A fun and easy read! This was my first book about zombies. I like several things about this book, but my favorite part is the relationship between Audrey and her father. In most YA books, the kids leave their parents out of the supernatural occurrences. In this book, once Audrey starts changing she is scared and goes to her dad for help. I feel this is something a 15 year old would really do. And like most great dads hers is there with her all the way. No matter what he's there whether it's sear [...]

    21. This is a well written Young Adult novel. It us fun, well thought out, and the characters are great. It has a perfect balance of horror, supernatural, and comedic relief. The main characters are very entertaining. There is the protagonist (a teenage girl named Audrey), her best friend, her father, the flamboyant neighbor, and a mysterious older lady named Agnes. Once I started reading it, I could not put the damn thing down. It held my interest from beginning to end and left me wanting more. I a [...]

    22. I am 15 years old (almost 16), and an avid reader. I LOVED this book! I was unable to put it down, and I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. It's short, but has a great plot twist. It's one of the most fun reads I have had in a while. I have recommended it to all of my friends in school. If you want to read a funny, mysterious, and slightly gory booken this one is for you! I love the fact that the book was not focused on a "love story", even though there is a love interest. Audrey is an [...]

    23. Oh, Audreywhat have you gotten yourself into? I loved this character. She was quirky and funny and just a joy to read about. I would've liked a little more of Kirk though. A bit more development of his character before the bomb was dropped. And Bruce, wellwhat a hoot!Overall: a fun, quick read that I really enjoyed. A zombie/vamp horror/comedywill there be more to this story??? I certainly hope so!This book was free in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal Group).

    24. Ok definitivamente este libro es uno de los mas raros que he leido, primero tenemos una descripción muy empatica de la conversión de un zombie de un manera un tanto singular, en algunos momentos la protagonista se toma las cosas con humor y otras veces cosas como sentir antojo de comerte a tu gato le parece muy normal*duh es mitad zombie!*Es bastante entretenido y en su mayoria facil de leer :)

    25. Great story The story of Audrey was a great take on the usual zombie and vampire stories. I feel like it had a good pace with introducing the characters, and keeping the story interesting. I kept waiting for her father to be one sort of supernatural as well! :)I would love to read more about Audrey and Kirk!

    26. not my type of book but good if you like that kind of thing. Guess i would be sticking to my chick flicks:).

    27. I was originally drawn in by this books cover. It looked so cool, creepy, and dramatic. Let's say this is one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" moments.The book wasn't bad, it just wasn't good either. I was expecting so much because the idea of a girl turning into a zombie from her point of view could have been amazing. But Who is Audrey Wickersham? is more like a kids book with cursing. It tries to be hip with silly sexual comments (eyebrow wiggling?) and a couple curse words thrown in [...]

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