Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising A PurebloodJulien Gasquet belongs to the notorious Lycan clan the Gasquet Pack based in New Orleans After a vicious argument he storms out of the compound and decides to spend the night with his sis

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  • Title: Darkness Rising
  • Author: Elle Chardou
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A PurebloodJulien Gasquet belongs to the notorious Lycan clan, the Gasquet Pack based in New Orleans After a vicious argument, he storms out of the compound and decides to spend the night with his sister, Jolie, in Baton Rouge.A Half breedMartina Beauchamp is considered an abomination to the Lycans as she isn t a pureblood and doesn t have a pack to call her own ShA PurebloodJulien Gasquet belongs to the notorious Lycan clan, the Gasquet Pack based in New Orleans After a vicious argument, he storms out of the compound and decides to spend the night with his sister, Jolie, in Baton Rouge.A Half breedMartina Beauchamp is considered an abomination to the Lycans as she isn t a pureblood and doesn t have a pack to call her own She meets Julien after a horrifying incident forces her to flee her home and her car breaks down in the parking lot next to his truck.DestinedThe attraction Julien and Martina experience from the moment they meet isn t about lust or a one night stand However, when the pack is involved in every decision a werewolf makes, is a happy ending at all possible WARNING This is paranormal romance novella with sexy good times, smokin hot werewolves, toned bodies and explicit language Blood, gore and closed door sex scenes Not this time Novella Word Count not including excerpt 23,000 Includes an excerpt from The Dawn of Darkness, book two in The Supernaturals series, out now

    One thought on “Darkness Rising”

    1. I don't like to write bad reviews but there is no getting out of it with this book. The characters are boring most of the time and they remind me of the back woodsy type of people that were from Hotshot on HBO's series True Blood. Maybe it was the way the author tried to write with southern dialogue or maybe they really were like that, I don't know. It just made the book awful! And OMG the hero and heroine were so bad about contradicting themselves. One minute Julien is telling Tina how much ha [...]

    2. Seriously why was this book only 106 pages long?! I enjoyed it so much it felt like it was a much longer read it the story really sucked me in. You see, lately I've been trying to branch out in my reading and I'm starting to delve more into the world of novellas and novellets so when I saw this one come up as available for reviw from Innovative Online Book Tours I thought there was no better time to start that process than the present.Now, since I haven't had the best streak with these sorts of [...]

    3. Shifters and Lycan aren’t exactly the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s but they’re close. They don’t shoot at each other over property lines. In fact, they try to avoid one another altogether. Alpha Heir Apparent Julien stops for pizza on his way to his sister’s in an attempt to avoid his step-father and finds a distraught and stranded Martina. Martina has grown up not being accepted by Shifter’s or Lycan because she is a mixed breed, Lycan and Shifter. Tonight her step-father tried to rape [...]

    4. Martina and Jules both have craptastic lives and both for very different reasons. When a chance (or was it fate) encounter throws them together, everything they thought they knew flew out the window. Elle's world throws a twist into the shifter/were lore I often read and it really changed the typical "destined mate" story into a bit more. Not that I am not completely addicted to the "destined mate" story line, but it was nice to see the added challenges they faced because of the Shifter/Lycan/Va [...]

    5. This book was a very fast read. I read the whole book before going to sleep one night after work. I will admit to reading a different book by Danielle. Although it was a good book it just was not something I enjoyed. However, this book was just great. I do not know if I will be able to write a well-rounded review however I will try.Julien is a pureblood. He still lives with his mother and stepfather, while his stepfather is leader of the pack. Julien fights to help put his sister through college [...]

    6. Apparently this author thinks it's acceptable to use the word "as" in place of "because" or "since" DROVE ME UP THE WALL! Stupid book. She's a half breed like half Lycan half Shifter right??? Then why on EARTH do they keep saying she's half human??? Does she have 3 halves???? Totally ridiculous And uh So she's a virgin and sleeps with Jules the first night. Just accepts that he marked her without permission or explaining anything This book made me so angry. SHE JUST LEFT HER HOUSE BECAUSE SHE WA [...]

    7. I found a new author to add to my list! Elle Chardou kept me interested in this whole book. When I got the tour I thought I might have a hard time finishing the story on time, but luckily I couldn't put it down. Move over Christian Grey and welcome Julien Gasquet. This book does have of steamy erotic scenes that will keep you wanting more. If you are fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, this book is sure to please. When reading this book I instantly liked the main characters. Sometimes it can tak [...]

    8. Who wrote this? A 14 year old? One of the worst books I've read in a while. Bought the Supernaturals Omnibus 2 to get four stories in one- what a waste of money! The writing is VERY childish and has no substance. I am wildly disappointed and can only image the 4 star rating is because friends of the author have posted reviews in support. Spend your money elsewhere, even the few dollars I spent were not worth the torment of trying to get through the first story. I couldn't even get through the se [...]

    9. Meh kind of a 1.5 stars just really messed up total info overload on so many details on so many Supernaturals that are not or barely in the book. sex scenes pretty meh hero & heroine pretty meh most of the secondary characters were asshats not going to have any interest in reading about them thats for sure.had potential didnt live up to it just crammed too much and too much info all at once.

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