One thought on “Sweetbriar Bride”

  1. The second book was much better than the first - the first ended with David Denny marrying Louisa Boren, so in the second there's not so much kissy kissy. It's really more about their first year of marriage together, focusing on many of the dangers they faced as settlers in the Puget Sound before Washington was a state. This book also had a focus on what childbearing was like in this time and place, as Louisa gives birth to their first child at the end. Again, the author has pulled upon tons and [...]

  2. Ugh. Read this as a primer on how husbands and wives should not communicate. The main character and her husband spend the entire novel avoiding real conversation, and feeling resentful toward each other because of the misunderstandings their lack of communication creates.

  3. Ms. Wilbee's sequel was an easy read, and yet, an equally absorbing tale of the challenges faced by the pioneers who founded Seattle. The story pivots around the tension of balancing human relationships in this primitive land and the strengthening of Louisa and David's love as they overcome their fears.

  4. Love the details of the story, and learning more abnout Louisa and David and the rest ofd the families, very curious where its going to go with the new preacher! on to the next one!

  5. Still enjoying the fictionalized history of early Seattle, but the characters, writing style, and relationship-focused plot are starting to grate on me.

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