Sweetbriar The Beginnings of an Empire and the Story of a Remarkable Love Louisa Boren journeys West to carve out a new way of life Out of her rugged determination and deep faith comes an enduring love and the f

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  • Title: Sweetbriar
  • Author: Brenda Wilbee
  • ISBN: 9780890813362
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Beginnings of an Empire and the Story of a Remarkable Love.Louisa Boren journeys West to carve out a new way of life Out of her rugged determination and deep faith comes an enduring love and the founding of one of America s greatest cities Seattle, Washington.

    One thought on “Sweetbriar”

    1. As a Seattle native who grew up near Seattle's Musesum of History and Industry, I found this to be an enjoyable story of the first white settlers we often call Seattle's "pilgrims." One of my favorite spots in the museum was the diorama of the early settlers on a rainy-looking Alki Point with their roofless log cabin.As an elementary school librarian, I have recommended this book as a read-aloud to our fourth grade teachers, where the history of Washington State is covered in our curriculum. Wha [...]

    2. I really like this series. The writing is simple. Sometimes too simple. Since I live in Seattle it was interesting to read about the people who left everything behind to come to this unknown territory. Knowing it's not all true, it is still a nice glimpse on what 'could' have happened. This is the second time I have read the series, the first being back in high school shortly after moving to the Seattle area. After I was done reading the books I went to the cemetaries to visit the families (the [...]

    3. This book was kind of dull. I read it because I have #2 and #3 int eh series and I try to never own books that I haven't read! So I got this one from the library. Its historical fiction (based on a true story) about the people who founded Seattle, WA. It was kind of boring at time though.

    4. I read this series many times when I was in high school. Such sweet Christian based love stories. I still have the books on my shelf for my daughter to read when she's ready.

    5. The main character seems to be sobbing about something each chapter and running into some guys arms for comfort and kisses. In the first part there was no rest between dramatic happenings, but the second half allowed for some breaks between them. The writing is simple, and there are a little too many underdeveloped characters to keep track of.The 3 stars I gave this story are for the overall story material. As a Seattle native, it was a lot of fun hearing about the local history through this for [...]

    6. I picked this up because it was a historical fiction, which I like, about the founding of Seattle, which I love, currently being a Washington resident. Most of the story was fun, I loved reading about the areas I know and love so well, and what they were like in the 1800s - the author did a ton of research and much of the story was based on direct quotes from the settlers in their own journals or autobiographies. So that was fun. What I didn't like was how much of a 'romance' it ended up being. [...]

    7. Loved this! This is the start of a book series set in the 1800s. Louisa Boren has eyes for only one man, David Denny. She is in love with him, despite her father's disapproval. He thinks that another man would be better for Louisa than him.David's brother, James, also wants to marry Louisa, even though she doesn't love him. Louisa and David end up going on a journey west, along with Louisa's family, to find a new land and a new life. Throughout the journey, the two only end up falling in love wi [...]

    8. I never knew the history of the founding of Oregon and Washington states. This is the first of a 6 book series and they are amazing documents of the Boren - Denny families; first settlers for Seattle.

    9. Miss Wilbee remarkably described the journey and settling of Seattle in the 1800's. I clearly visualized every place described along the journey and especially the various places mentioned in the Seattle region, since I live just north of Seattle. I found the story to be an easy read, engaging, and a interesting historical fiction novel.

    10. The beginnings of the city Seattle as gleaned from the intimate and heart warming journal entries of Seattle's earliest bride and pioneer, Louisa Boren Denny. I liked the author's effective use of weaving fascinating historical facts with fiction into a inspiring protrayal of an extraordinary pioneer woman.

    11. My grandmother recommended these historical romances to me on the basis of pretty solid hitorical research and enjoyable-enough plot. I agree on both counts, and the main reason I read the whole things (and might read the other two) is that I'm recently very interested in the history of Seattle, my grandmother's home city which has been calling very loudly to me.

    12. This is a really good book! It is the love story of Louisa Boren and David Denny (one of the founders of Seattle). It is a sweet, appropriate love story. My only complaint is, in true romantic comedy fashion, they don't get together until the last page! Good thing there are more.

    13. I did not enjoy this book. While the historical elements were interesting and new, I foun the characters irritating, the story progression confusing, and the drama unconvincing. Not a good one for me!

    14. This book was soooo good. The heroine was a little bit of a cliched "crier" but all in all, this book was a great read. Apparently, this book is the start of a five book series! I am looking forward to reading the rest of them.

    15. I had read this book before, but forgot how well written it is. It's a love story but also the story of how Seattle was founded. Definitely very interesting!

    16. I love this book, such a simple, inspiring story about the settlers of the Seattle area. I love driving around Seattle now and feeling a connection with the people that used to live there.

    17. Love this 1st one! Louisa is very likable and I am excited about getting to know her. the story has lots of details, which I love and its just a wonderful book.

    18. I loved this book cause it was full to the brim with romance and excitement and it made me almost fall off my chair I was leaning forward too much

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