Taken ABDUCTIONHe steals her away to a deserted island to the one place she s dreamed of being the one place she can t go He s used to buying whatever he wants but he can t buy herDUCTIONHow can she resis

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  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Kelli Maine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ABDUCTIONHe steals her away to a deserted island, to the one place she s dreamed of being the one place she can t go He s used to buying whatever he wants, but he can t buy herDUCTIONHow can she resist the magnetism of his body, the longing ache deep inside her She wants him to take her on her termsSPERATIONEvery attempt he makes to love her only hurts her HowABDUCTIONHe steals her away to a deserted island, to the one place she s dreamed of being the one place she can t go He s used to buying whatever he wants, but he can t buy herDUCTIONHow can she resist the magnetism of his body, the longing ache deep inside her She wants him to take her on her termsSPERATIONEvery attempt he makes to love her only hurts her How can they go on like this This is the story of how she wasTAKEN

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    1. Take Fifty Shades of Grey, stir in a little Captive in the Dark, add a dash of Comfort Food, sprinkle liberally with Bared to You, simmer gently for 300 pages………. Hey Presto – TAKEN!Sadly, it’s not as special as any of those books and it never quite came together for me. It’s too full of contradictions and I just felt nonplussed reading it – it never seemed to quite add up.I think this book is trying to ride the crest of the Fifty Shades wave and it’s not quite working, at least [...]

    2. Also find this review on Don't Stop Readin'ARE.YOU.FUCKINGDDING?SERIOUSLY?SOMEONE WROTE THIS?AND SOMEONE AGREED TO PUBLISH THIS?AND SOME PEOPLE EVEN LIKED THIS?!Just imagine if Gemma in Stolen: A Letter to My Captor had lost every ounce of her dignity and had forgiven her abductor.If Ty and Gemma had jacked-off together in the beginning, then made provocative passes on multiple occasions, then Ty had oral sex with Gemma vicariously through another woman and finally sent her home because she woul [...]

    3. Unfortunately, this is a DNF for me- a did not finish read.I wanted this book to work, truly I did. I kept pushing at it because it has an intriguing storyline that made me extremely curious, but I felt no connection to the characters at all. I love dark reads like this, I love the abductions, stalkers, alpha men with attitude and all that is associated with dark erotica, but there were a few things that put me off:The writing: Right from the beginning I was thrown by the point of view. I don't [...]

    4. Yep, this sums it up!! As a critique partner of the fantabulous Kelli Maine, I had the distinct pleasure of reading the mastery that is Taken before it was unleashed on the world. I was Team Merrick from the moment he locked eyes with Rachael in the club. I'm willing to do anything to see him unleash those dimples well as his other assets! I'm also a big fan of Rachael. I feel a natural affinity with her after sacrificing for my own family. Unfortunately, a hot billionaire hasn't shown up to whi [...]

    5. Team Merrick! That man does IT for me!! After reading this novel I feel a lot like thisMust read!! Merrick is so damn sexy it hurts!

    6. Definitely better than Fifty Shades of Grey—from the plot to the romance to the steamy scenes. This book has it all and will leave you gasping for air.When Rachael DeSalvo is drugged, abducted from a night club, and wakes up in an unfamiliar room, she’s immediately on high alert. Who could’ve done this to her? More importantly, why? Her kidnapper has a motive—and it’s not what you think. He previously spoke to Rachael on a business call, a call where she turned down his offer as projec [...]

    7. I sent my DH a link for this book a few days ago, letting him know that hey, this is the book I'm reading right now.A. He should have paid attention.B. He should have NOT gotten mad last night because I didn't want to go shopping.c. He should most definitely realize that I have just bought the short story that accompanies it.His loss if he doesn't because hey, I'm a big girl and I don't need a guy to keep me entertained. *wink wink*Needless to say this book wasHOT!HOT!!HOT!!!! Kelli Maine weaves [...]

    8. He wants HER to take the lead romantically?It's very UN-alpha male! It begs the question - "How do you have a NON-alpha male who kidnaps someone?"-----------------------------------------------------------------------The only thing that saves this from being a Stockholm Syndrome story, is the fact that this is told in '2nd-person' narration and that the struggle to trust and forgive continues throughout the ENTIRE book. Literally. The ENTIRE book. After all the fucked-up-ness that 'Captive in th [...]

    9. Kelli Maine's book, Taken, was a first for me in two wonderful ways. Not only was this the first book I've ever read in 2nd person POV, but it is the first book I've ever read in the erotica genre (NO! I DID NOT READ 50 SHADES, SUE ME!).Also, I have not read an "adult" book in a long time (I read mostly YA), so it was quite refreshing to be in the head of grown-ups, dealing with grown-up issues in a very grown-up manner. As for the book itself, let me just say…WOW. I'm a huge fan. The author's [...]

    10. So back in the 1920s, when Florida used to host super-wealthy people who would come down and spend the winter months, there was this one really nice hotel kind of isolated on an island. Sadly, it was pretty much destroyed in the 1928 Hurricane and never rebuilt.Until now. Merritt Rocha, Billionaire Real Estate Developer, has bought the place and wants it restored. So he interviews some candidates and settles on Rachael DeSalvo. He offers her the job and she turns him down. She just wasn't ready [...]

    11. I could not put this book down. It grabs you from the start and never lets go. It is very well written. Even though it's a novella, you don't feel like too much intensity has been crammed into too few pages like you do with some novellas.

    12. 3.5 StarsI was looking for an awesome dark read, something like CITD or something really dark and messed up I mean, it IS a kidnapping story right?!?! Well, thats not exactly what I gotMerrickRachel Merrick Rocha, 32 years old, is a billionaire CEO of his real-estate company. He is a good looking guy, but feels like no one really see’s him. Only the billionaire. Rachel is a 25 year old new grad. She does an phone/video with Merrick for her dream job. Overseeing a project in the everglades. She [...]

    13. Oh how I adored this book! Kelli Maine's first book in the Give & Take series is one hell of a ride and boy is it HOT!!!!Rachael is out with her best friend Shannon for a girls night out when "you" catch my eye. He's watching her with those dark-eyes and kick ass body! Rachel accepts the offer for a drink and thus begins her introduction, so to speak, to Merrick Rocha!Rachael is with Merrick at the secluded Turtle Tear Hotel and fighting the the attraction she feels towards him is not going [...]

    14. I'm so glad I read Kelli Maine's novel Taken. I must admit the second person style took me a little while to "get into" but once I did -- I enjoyed it! I'm not sure I've ever read a book presented in that style before.I expected a darker "kidnapping" story. Hmmm, wonder why? But that isn't what Kelli gives us. This is fun and light I enjoyed the ride and want to know if I can be "TAKEN" like Rachel was??? Oh yeah, I'm married, with kids but, so what? I definitely recommend TAKEN as a fun getaway [...]

    15. This one was defintely a page-turner for me! Captivating from the start, a few unexpected twists and turns, and sooo steamy!!! There seemed to be no emotion left unturned by the time I was finished. Although I couldn't relate to what happened to Rachael, I could completely relate to Rachael, herself. She was someone you could root for-a good head on her shoulders, yet struggling to figure out her heart. I enjoyed the author's use of the 2nd person point of view. It gave great insight into why Ra [...]

    16. MOVE OVER 50 SHADES!!! TAKEN is amazingly written and free of whimpy heroines. This girl knows how to stand on her own two feet! And the romanceTAKEN is as romantic as it is steamy!!! Which is saying quite a bit. So rich too! I found myself sinking into the wonderful language and feel of this. Captivating! Where is this island, cause I wanna go! And then there's Merrick *fans self* Be watching this Kelli chick. She's about to take over!!!

    17. I loved this book! The beginning disturbed me, which was the point, so well done, Kelli! I loved the setting, the sexual tension, and most of all, the characters. Ms. Maine paints a beautiful picture. I found myself rooting for BOTH of the characters, and even wanting to smack the hell out of them at times. If you enjoy a sexy, angsty read, this one is for you!

    18. Team Merrick??? Yes, Please!I loved the story line of TAKEN. The idea of a misunderstood abduction screamed must read to me. While I admit, at first I was like who is this Merrick creep and why in the heck did he kidnap her, I grew to understand him—just like the main character, Rachel did. The idea of a lonely billionaire with a closet full of emotional baggage may fit the same profile as my beloved Christian Grey, but Merrick’s skeletons were different. They were not as twisted as Christia [...]

    19. AWESOME!!! Fabulous summer lovin' read. Great and inventive premise. Loved the romance at Turtle Tear Island, but most of all Merrick!! :) A great, tortured LI, and he meets his match in Rachael, who is a tough and strong MC who deserves some happiness in her life. And there's hot, hot, hot scenes!! Can't wait to read more from Kelli!!

    20. Wow, is all I can say. Ever wondered what the love child of 50 Shades of Gray and Stolen would be like?This is it.Hot from the start and never stopping, this book will keep your pulse racing and your stomach fluttering. A great debut and a realistic erotic romance from Kelli Maine.

    21. Why didn't I like the book? There was no connection, other than purely physical, between the two main characters. Obviously since it was written in 2nd Person, the reader has to take everything Rachel sees, hears and interprets. But even so what was the point of kidnapping Rachel? From what I understand, Merrick kidnapped her because he'd been obsessed with her for 3 months. Okay. I get that Rachel turned down the job and that pissed him off, but instead of kidnapping her, why not proposition he [...]

    22. Now that my room has sufficiently cooled down, I can write a review of Taken by Kelli Maine. Reading it got hot. Really hot. Can a man that has stolen you steal your heart? That is the underlying question of this story. Rachel, must ask herself this question when thinking of Merrick. He abducted her. Yes. However, as the story progresses, we learn why.During the first half of the book, I was on pins and needles. Ms. Maine does a great job with keeping the reader vacillating between giving in and [...]

    23. Just finished and boy was it hot! It’s written in the 2nd person so at first it was a little confusing since I’ve never read a book written like that. Loved the story line. Merrick is a young billionaire who owns an island with a run down resort. After meeting Rachael for a job interview he is obsessed with her and will do anything to get her , even kidnap her, which he does.Rachael wakes in an unknown room and figures out she’s been drugged and kidnapped. Her life changes in a huge way fr [...]

    24. Rachael DeSalvo is so close to nailing her dream job as project manager for the renovation of historical Turtle Tear Hotel on Turtle Tear Island, in the Everglades of Florida. She's sure she's impressed the CEO of Rocha Enterprises, which bought the island, during her final interview. And when she's offered the job, she's ecstatic. So when she has to turn it down because she can't leave her overbearing, widowed mother - who's never been alone - it's the end of her dream. Or so she thinks.While a [...]

    25. I accepted this review request because it intrigued me. Then I started to see some reviews from friends and fellow bloggers that were mixed, so I wasn't quite sure what to think going into the book. To top it off, the story is written in second person. Interestingright? It really was and I'm glad I took the chance and dove in. In all honesty, it did take me a bit to get used to reading the book in second person, but I have a theory. This book is only the first in the series and I have some ideas [...]

    26. I have to say that I really enjoyed Taken. This book is written in second person, which yes can make the journey slightly unusual to begin with, however this Author pulls you straight in with the depth of the characters and the storyline that it actually adds to your reading experience making the atmosphere eerie and highly emotional.I found this story to be captivating, intense, emotional and sexy. Can a stolen heart love its captor?It is so easy to give spoilers in this review so I won’t go [...]

    27. Solid 4.5 stars.Wow. is all I could say. The plot is similar to Fifty Shades - but written well in a second POV. Merrick is 49 Shades of fucked up def not 50 shades of fucked. I will not spoil the plot for you. I couldn't put Taken down. Read it in one day! Very much like 50/Christian without all the fun red room props ;) Great story Can't wait to read #2 and see if I still want to hug or bitch slap Merrick.

    28. Only thing about this book worthy of two stars is the sex scenes. It was so far fetched I was like "Really?" from literally the second chapter on Who falls in love with a person who drugs you within like 48 hours? But she is great with erotic love scenes. Not liking the first person much either. Didn't flow like Fifty Shades did in that writing style. I bought it under book blog recs so I made myself read it. Wouldn't put it high up on my list to recommend to friends

    29. Great book. I was torn between loving him and hating him just like Rachael. But I did end up loving him just like her. I liked how the book was written like it was her telling the story to him. Looking forward to Taken by Storm and Given.

    30. Reviewed by Kristi at My keeper shelfWhere to start with this book? Let me preface by saying, I am brand spanking new to the whole kidnapping concept and I honestly wasn't too sure how I was going to feel about it. However, once I got there, it's all good! The whole premise of being kidnapped scares me to death. But when you throw in a hot man that really just wants to give me everything in the world including himself, I may just be okay!Rachael DeSalvo is our leading lady. She is pure vanilla w [...]

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