Eye of the Moonrat

Eye of the Moonrat What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands His only goal in life has been to ente

  • Title: Eye of the Moonrat
  • Author: Trevor H. Cooley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands His only goal in life has been to enter the academy and become a powerful warrior like his father Unfortunately, he has failed the entrance exams multiple times He is given one last chance, but there is a condWhat if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands His only goal in life has been to enter the academy and become a powerful warrior like his father Unfortunately, he has failed the entrance exams multiple times He is given one last chance, but there is a condition He must undergo a year s tutelage under a fierce warrior woman from a far off land Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is transforming wild creatures into an army of monsters Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls Eye of the Moonrat is part one of The Moonrat Saga and the first book in The Bowl of Souls series The Moonrat Saga Book One Eye of the Moonrat Book 1.5 Hilt s Pride Book Two Messenger of the Dark Prophet Book Three Hunt of the Bandham Book Four The War of Stardeon Book Five Mother of the Moonrat The Jharro Grove Saga Book Six Tarah Woodblade Book Seven Protector of the Grove Book Eight The Ogre Apprentice Book Nine The Troll King 2015

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    1. Eye of the MoonratThe Bowl of Souls, Book 1By: Trevor H. CooleyNarrated by: James FosterThis book had me hooked right away and I couldn't stop. I loved the plot, the characters, and the fun of it all. Great fantasy, magic, and I like voting for the underdog. Lots of creatures, intrigue, adventure, and more. The narrator is wonderful at keeping the flow going at a perfect pace and the voices were great! Great performance.

    2. This book is one of my all time favourite book. It has a heroic fantasy story line in which the main character is weak but gets stronger and stronger and before you know it he is the guy who everyone turns to. Although this is how most heroic fantasy goes I really like the fact that it all makes sense. I mean yea Justan becomes stronger but it didn't take him a chapter to become from weak to he-man. No it happens slowly but surely. I like the fact that he got stronger by his own efforts first be [...]

    3. the premise of an incapable protagonist valiantly trying his best was intriguing, if not terribly inspired.It was completely invalidated when halfway through the book, the protagonist is suddenly (in the book equivalent of a "rocky" montage) transformed into mr. perfect. And no, it does not get better or more believable in the next books of the series.

    4. The Eye of the Moonrat, all things considered is a good read. I will say the book does seem to start off as a young adult novel from the viewpoint of a teen who thinks he knows better then all how to become a warrior. There is growth in the character but the first few chapters can be a bit hard to get through. Though the book starts out as a coming of age story you tend to loose site of that rather quickly. I thought the characters were well thought out. The showed growth and depth along the jou [...]

    5. ABR's full Eye of the Moonrat audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Look at that cover! How could anyone say that they didn’t want to know what this story was about after seeing that calm yet creepy cover. As soon as I saw it I needed to know more. Thankfully I am well aware of the narrator, yet the author is new to me, so I had some idea of what I was in for.This is a total unadulterated fantasy story. Full of all of the creatures one would expect, Ogres, Orcs, G [...]

    6. The review is for the Series so far Books 1-9 that I have read. I picked up the first book by a friends recommendation having never heard of it or the Author. I didn't really expect much as it is a self published author who hasn't really reached main stream channels. To my surprise I ended up really enjoying the book. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying or b0rrowing the rest of the books in the series available at the time and binge reading them. It did help they were only $2-4 e [...]

    7. About a week ago I was wondering what audio book to download. I had nothing planned, and so I used s list of which Kindle books you can upgrade to audible. Looked through the list, found Eye of the Moonrat. The cover looked interesting. The price was good. So i bought and downloaded it, not reading the blurb. I had no idea what the story was or even what genre (I read a lot of different genres so this could literally be anything). My records show I purchased the book in January, but I have absol [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book, and recommend with ease! As a genre I was getting a little tired of it, and so begun this with a sense of 'here we go again'. But I was pleasantly surprised.It wasn't full of the usual exotic and absurd names that you struggle to keep up with, get confused by and subsequently follow. The writing style has a nice simple flow to it and the author has done a great job keeping the story and character development going throughout the story.One big feature I liked, was the [...]

    9. This book was interesting, to say the least. Despite the corny title and even cornier pronouns that pepper the book, I found myself enjoying this book. It's by no means the pinnacle of modern fantasy but it is worth a read.The most interesting thing about this book is that it is Old School Fantasy through and through but unlike most Old School Fantasy, it is readable. The biggest problem with most Old School Fantasy is that the characters tend to be an afterthought to the world building. The wor [...]

    10. Full review and more available at: oneguysguidetosp*****My Thoughts:Ogres? Wizards? Dragons? Rats? Ethan are you sure you're okay? Rest assured friends, this is Ethan and I am definitely not ill. As you guys well know, Ethan here is not a fan of high fantasy. I don't do ogres, I only recently became a fan of dragons, and any rodent that isn't my guinea pig and I are probably not going to be pals. But have you met Trevor Cooley? While I'm not here to say that I'm now the biggest fantasy fan on th [...]

    11. We start out with Justan being portrayed as an underdog - brilliant at strategy, but unable to perform in physical combat. His second and last try at getting enough points in the entrance tournament to the Warrior's Academy fails, but he's given an unexpected chance to try one more time.As he begins his training, it's quickly shown that there's no disability or other physical limitation holding him back, simply the fact that he never pushed his physical limits and generally assumed that he knew [...]

    12. Eye of the Moonrat follows a young man that wants to master weapon skills like his father. At first glance it might appear as your run of the mill fantasy, but there are a number of things that set this book and series apart. First, the progression of the main character's growth is exceptional, and in many ways, unexpected. At many points he struggles a great deal before accomplishing anything. The author did an excellent job not making him too strong right from the beginning. Second, the villai [...]

    13. It was a pleasant surprise how quickly I was drawn into both the story of "Eye of the Moonrat" and the character of Justan. It had me hooked from the get go, with a rousing story of an underdog who is destined for great things.Trevor Cooley weaves a wonderful tale, filled with all the tropes that make up a good story. It has mystery and intrigue, swords and sorcery, with just a hint of romance. It's a recipe that will leave you hungry for more.I would recommend this story to any lover of fantasy [...]

    14. A great series!I started reading the sample thinking what is a Moonrat? The writing pulled me in so I read it as a KU book (really enjoy Kindle U), and quickly devoured it and went to the next, and the next, and all the way through book 8. I am happy I found the series where I did, not having to wait for the next one for awhile, but now I want book 9 right now lol. I found that the characters grow realistically through the series with unexpected twists making me root for my favs and hoping the b [...]

    15. Eye of the Moonrat is one of those easy adds to your "to-read" shelf. Its got a decent overall rating and the synopsis is intriguing. So it appears to have all the things going for it making 3 stars I give it a bit of a disappointment. But in some ways it has set up the books to come so well that it ensures you will continue with the series and that in itself is a job done. Trevor handles the multiple POV's nicely and each protagonist has been very interestingly crafted. You know these protagoni [...]

    16. This was one of the biggest surprises I've stumbled across in recent memory. I had a lot of fun reading this book. In many ways it is a standard coming of age fantasy but it was more than that. The author introduced many standard fantasy races (dwarves, elves, goblins, etc.) but he added his own little feel to each and made them fresh and exciting while at the same time comfortable.While the main plot line is great I find myself really intrigued by the secondary story lines (I won't spoil them f [...]

    17. I rather enjoyed this book and the remainder of the series so far. It's Young Adult, but there weren't many boring parts and I enjoyed the world building of the Author. The Magic system (at least the Spirit aspect) was rather interesting.I didn't give it a five though; it was still a little raw, IMO. Many of the characters were a bit flat, and while there was some growth/development, it wasn't enough for a five star book (or series). Some of the mythic creatures seemed a bit different than stand [...]

    18. Interesting readingI found this book interesting even though I rarely like stories of magic, wizards and such. The book is filled with goblins, orcs, elves, images and wizards. The hero is both a mage and warrior in training, but I found him to be disappointing, even though I cannot explain why.The characters are not fleshed out quite enough but that could just be me. I find it hard to dislike this book, yet I am not fully engaged by it. In many ways I was disappointed by the story line. Perhaps [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Eye of the Moonrat tells the story of a boy whose only desire is to enter to warrior school in hopes to follow in his father's foot steps. This was a fast fun read and though it follows a classic fantasy theme the author was very creative. I read all the books in the series as well as the novella Hilt's Pride written by Trevor H. Cooley ( a self published author ). I am anxiously awaiting the fourth book in the series and Trevor H. Cooley will remain on my reading [...]

    20. Very good the beginning was okay but luckily it progressively got better so far i'm am happy with this book i can't admit i would have done things the same way lol he was very complacent in my opinion but still i started on the second book so far it's pretty good can't wait to see what happens so many mystery's so many possible outcomes it keeps you guessing and i believe thats one of the things i like most about this book I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did :)

    21. Nice fantasy, written from several different POV and really well written and easy to read. It's quite interesting even if the main character is not really to my liking and the progression is a little bit too fast. He felt like that guy in my d&d party that was a power player and got super equipment at very low level: not fun.

    22. Super fantastic adventure . I absolutely loved this whole series so far . I still have to read book 5 and on. I'm excited to start them . I have put them off for awhile in hopes that audible would get off there butts and record these books Ah well. I guess I better fit them into my busy life and if audible ever gets around to it then I'll listen to them then too.

    23. Another great Indie read! I was initially a bit wary of the title and the fact a lot of readers were mentioning it reads like a YA coming of age story (first 15% was a bit worrying) but was very happy with how it panned out. It certainly kept me wanting to continue reading and find out what was next (always a good sign LOL)and I will certainly be reading Book 2!

    24. Another Bookbub deal sucked me in and I know I will be reading the remainder of this series. I really enjoy the world the author has created. Trevor Cooley has some engaging characters that I can't wait to learn more about. I am intrigued the same way Justan is, and I look forward to hearing more about Fist and Deathclaw. It'll be a good series, I know it.

    25. Great new book. At first glance this book seems much the same as any other epic fantasy, but its the author's delivery that makes it so addicting. I loved every minute of the book and can't wait to read the next!!!

    26. I like how the hero isn't naturally skilled or strong, he really has to work at everything. I also like that he has flaws, he's arrogant, full of himself, and unwilling to ask for help. It makes him human

    27. Dwarves, Elves, warriors, wizards, ghosts, kick ass chicks. Hoo baby was this book for me! I recommend!!!

    28. Really enjoyable fantasy. I loved the characters, especially Fist the ogre. Definitely reading the rest of the series.

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